Broken Vows

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Chapter 14

My lawyer told me that he was going to push for the divorce based on the grounds of numerous affairs and the abuse and if his lawyer wanted to play hardball he would bring up all the damning evidence that we had on him and we had an awful lot on him and His lawyer had copies of everything as required by the courts when a divorce is first filed.

I told my lawyer that all I wanted was the divorce any way I was able to get it but I would rather it be fast since all I wanted was to get on with my life but it seemed as though Todd was not going to allow me to do that. My lawyer assured me that things would be alright and I believed him but I had a feeling this was going to take forever. However since six months has passed since we were intimate we were officially separated and I was free to date whom I wanted. I did not tell Brian as I wanted to surprise him in the best way and most surprising way I knew how.

At four when the secretaries were getting bored and talking about their weekend plans they asked me what I was doing figuring I would say the usual nothing when I said something that shocked them.

“I am going on a date as soon as I ask him and he says yes or no” I smiled

“Don’t you think you should call and ask him soon” Larry said as he gave me a huge grin because I told him but made him swear to keep my secret.

“Oh yea good idea” I reached for the phone and asked Brian if he would come to my office a minute he agreed puzzled but came up anyways.

All the secretaries on the floor gasped because they had an idea what I was going to do and they were in shock and now that the time had come I was actually nervous it was so long since I asked anyone on a date and was not really sure how to act and since we had kind of skipped the dating step this was like we were going backwards and I was not sure how I would ask him. Then I had a good idea. He got off the elevator and saw me standing there.

“Hey Kristin you called” he looked very puzzled since I normally only call him for business

“So what are you doing tonight?” I smiled

“Uh nothing”

“Do you want to go out with me tonight, say a movie then a bite to eat but no coffee, I am swearing off coffee for a while” I smiled at him hoping he would understand what I was saying

“That sounds wonderful as far as the coffee goes I understand I would rather to get to know the soda for a while and keep the coffee out of it”

Even though the secretaries were all puzzled they seemed so happy in fact each. The only one who did not seem happy was a temp who kept eyeing Brian and I and finally said very loudly “She is married she is not allowed to date and she certainly is not allowed to date a guy who is gay that is just wrong and really disgusting”

Larry turned around to her and you could tell by the anger in his voice even though he tried to keep his voice light. “Well first of all I am the resident gay man in this office and Brian here is not gay nor has he ever been, that is a something that Todd, Kristin’s soon to be Ex Husband decided so that must be you are his latest whatever he calls you.”

She looked very pale because as he was talking Larry had stood up and he was so mad he was shaking with anger and turning red and I had never seen him that mad ever. Nothing Brian or I had done to try to calm him down worked and he just kept going on the poor girl it got to the point where I had to get him into my office and give him a cup of coffee to calm him down and a lecture just to snap him back into place.

“I am sorry Krisitin but to see you and Brian that disrespected when the two of you have tried so hard to keep your relationship as businesslike as possible I just lost my cool”

“What do you mean our relationship?” I tried to look relaxed but suddenly I thought if Larry could see it maybe everyone could

“Krisitin do not fear I was the only one who could see what was going on, do not forget I was the one who helped him get you out of that house. I saw how scared he was for you and saw how he looked at you and held you tight when you finally got all your stuff out” he looked at me and smiled

He went on to say that he has seen us go from longing looks to sudden professional actions and only when he and I are alone and we think there is nobody around will we let the businesslike front go and act like the friends and lovers he knew we were. He thought it was great that we were finally able to let our romance start being what it was supposed to be.

I asked him if he thought anyone else guessed what was going on especially since it seemed that every time I turned around Todd had more and more spies on my floor and I was starting to wonder if the personal manager was one of his minions. He told me that from what he could tell nobody but him knew since the talk around the proverbial water cooler was I was going to be an old maid before this divorce was final and also afterwards.

We walked back out of my office and Larry apologized to the office for his outburst and said it was just a temporary thing, told everyone that he and his partner had a fight last night and he was upset about it. Brian told him to shake it off and before he went home to buy his partner some flowers it normally worked. Larry told him that it sounded like a good idea and also that it was a good idea to take a lady some flowers when he picked her up for a date.

“Technically Larry old man she asked me so she has to pick me up so I guess she is bringing me the flowers” the office staff laughed at the picture of me brining him flowers but to me it sounded like a challenge and one I was willing to undertake

“Fine what time shall I pick you up, is seven a good time for you” knowing we got off at five and I knew I would need some time to not only get flowers now but get dressed. I was only going to wear jeans and a shirt but I had to do my hair and makeup and all the girl things a girl did for a date.

“Oh seven is great it will give me time to get myself all dolled up for you” he gave his best giggle which must have been pretty good because Larry turned around and joking said “Maybe you need to stop hanging around with me and my partner Brian you are starting to sound like him”

It made the whole office begin to laugh which is where Mr. Evans found us at four thirty which is not bad since normally on Fridays it takes a lot to get work out of this crew between four and five this time I admit I was part of the problem. Mr. Evans walked in and saw all of us laughing and he began to laugh and said “So this is where my right hand man is with all the pretty ones I should have known”

“Mr Evans you should know one of us pretty ones has been taken” Lilly said she was one of the temps that was hired six months ago

“Brian who did you steal?”

“Mr. Evans it was Kristin who stole Brian she asked him out and he said yes” Lilly told him

“Is that allowed” Mr. Evans asked knowing I was still in the process of a divorce

“Yes I am officially separated it has been six months since we were intimate so it is legal”

He was very happy for me since it meant one step closer to being divorced even though Todd kept putting it off we had already had one courtroom appearance which he got postpones due to illness of his lawyer. At least now Brian and I could date and I did not have to feel guilty for my feelings.

At five I left work and stopped and got the flowers for him. Actually I got him a plant that had the prettiest flower on it was manly enough for his apartment. Then I went home and got ready to go out. The jeans I put on were black as night and fit like a glove, I put on matching boots with slight heels and a hot pink T- shirt that was tight as sin then on top of that I put a black short jacket.

I got to his door and I guess I looked okay because when he opened the door and I handed him the plant and he got a good look at me he grabbed the door jamb for support. “Oh man do we really need to skip coffee? I laughed then I got a good look at him and wondered the same thing. He had on a pair of black jeans that fit him like they were custom made for him, green button down shirt that brought out his eyes.

We went to the diner and of course we ran into Todd who did nothing but speak in loud voices about a tramp and her stud. I did my best to ignore him, then we went to the theater and he was there again and instead of dealing with him again we left the theater and decided to stop by the local video store and go back to my place and watch a movie there.

We grabbed some snacks at the video store and watched the movie at my place and when the movie was over I walked him to his door, kissed him on his cheek and told him I had a nice time and maybe we could go on another date real soon. He then asked me out for Saturday afternoon for a day at the beach and a picnic that way there was no way in hell Todd could find us. I agreed because I wanted to spend time with him. It was too cold to actually be bathing suits or go swimming since it was fall but it was just unusual enough for me.

The next day our plans got messed up as it was raining but Brian called me anyway and told me to dress warm and he would be by to pick me up in an hour and to have a bag packed for overnight just in case. I packed a bag with just regular clothes and one semi-dressy outfit in case we hit a hotspot not knowing what was going on.

He picked me up and we drove for about three hours and he pulled into the Largerss Town Zoo, which was the city zoo, they just re- named it after the guy who donated a bunch of money to keep it afloat, we had so much fun. It was almost two in the afternoon when we went to lunch where we stayed for an hour then we walked in the local park holding hands and just talking about ourselves and he told me about his sister and told me he wanted me to meet her soon and I told him that I had no family literally.

Most of my family died when the family home caught on fire on Christmas eve when everyone was asleep I was the only one who got out alive. I went to live with a foster family whom I do not consider my family as they spent many hours telling me that the only reason they took me in I was for the money.

He was visibly upset by those words and I could see how badly it affected how much he wished it could have been different for me he promised that things would be different for me from then on. I almost wanted to believe that was true but a part of me was afraid to trust, afraid to believe in anything a man said.

We just kept walking in the park until it grew dark and the lights came on then we walked around the lite fountain in the center of the park until I realized I was cold and hungry. I told Brian that I was getting rather cold and hungry when he looked at his watch and told me that it was going on eight and I knew we would not be getting back until late and I was not only hungry and cold but tired also so I looked at him and asked if there was a place nearby that he thought we would be able to get a couple rooms from.

He told me that he had reserved a suite for us just in case we were running late. He did not expect us to stay so late but just in case he did it yesterday. I was glad because I was freezing by then and wanted a warm shower. We went to the little motel that he had rented the room from and it was cute and the suite was huge but nice.

We got ready to go to the restaurant directly next to the hotel it was not real dressy or high class so we fit in with our jeans and fall shirts that we packed , I would have worn my dressy clothes but I was just still too cold after being out in the cold all day so I was so glad I had the foresight to toss a heavy shirt in with my stuff.

Brian had a heavy cable knit sweater on that made his body stand out in a way that made my mouth drool and a pair a blue jeans. We got seated right though it was a very busy night and I could have sworn it was because the waitress had a crush on Brian because she winked at him as we walked in and he gave her a secretive smile.

The bartender who happened to be an older woman came rushing over to him grabbing him in a huge hug telling him that they barely see him anymore and he really should come by and see the family more. When Uncle Morris told them that a guy with his name has rented a suite they could only hope and pray it was him but why would he rent a room when he could have just stayed in his old rooms.

“Mom at least come up for a breath please and stop embarrassing me in front of my friend Kristin” I did take note that he did not call me his girlfriend which made me happy at least I was not his property. “Oh Brian Honey I am so sorry, I will move away after I get you and your friend some wine” she started to walk away when she called to the waitress who winked at Brian “Bobbi get your cousin and his friend some bread and water”

She walked back to the bar yelling at the kitchen door as she went to the bar “Fred and Mark , Brian is here get your butts out here to say hi then hightail it back in there” You could tell who was the boss around here. Two men came out of the kitchen one said a breezy hey to Brian then mumbled something about his ribs burning. The other came out and sat down saying he had a minute or two. “Hi im Brians’ dad and you are?” I told him that I was Kristin and he said “Oh you are the famous Kristin he keeps talking to me about its great to finally meet you.” He suddenly got called from the kitchen and he said he had to go.

I asked him who else was he talking to me about and he told me just his dad and since his dad barely got out of the kitchen it was okay and he promised that he would not tell anyone and that included his mom which as we both could tell he did not since his mom was totally clueless about me. I felt better that Brian was not talking to his whole family about me and all that would make me feel weird especially since I just recently was allowed to date.

After that one date we began to see each other regularly and every other weekend because Brian felt that I needed some time to myself and we began to fall more deeply in love with each other than before. We did not do anything sexual with each other than to kiss at least for the first few months but it became harder and harder to resist the sexual attraction that we felt for each other.

Todd kept trying to postpone the divorce and I did finally end up getting a restraining order against him because he kept showing up every place that Brian and I did, I found a tracer on my car, well my mechanic did, I could not figure out how he kept finding us and so I had my mechanic check my car out and it was there.

Finally we did the divorce the judge got tired of all the post-ponements that his lawyer kept trying to get and the judge gave me everything that I asked for including alimony even after I remarry at least for a year. I got awarded the house to do what I wanted with it including everything inside the house. Todd walked away with nothing at all except his clothes which he was only allowed to get when he was accompied by a police officer and when I said he was allowed.

The money that Todd had to give me for damages which was five hundred thousand dollars I decided to redo the entire house and make it my own including getting rid of all the old furniture and getting new furniture. Since Brian and I were spending so much time together I asked him if he wanted to move in with me.

So after the house was done to the way we both wanted it, I did not just want to pick out the furniture I liked and make him live there as Todd did with me I wanted it to be for both of us. We started to live together and it was wonderful it was as though we were married we would go to work together and have lunch together then come home and it was great.

I had been divorced for about a year and Brian and I had been living together that long when I noticed that he was acting distracted and secretive and I could have sworn something was going on. I finally confronted him and he told me that there was something going on he was trying to figure out the best was to propose to me and that I ruined it. He then grinned at me and I knew that he was not trying to figure anything out he knew that if he acted that way I would confront him and he could act like it was all my fault.

I was shocked I never thought about getting remarried and I did not think he would want to marry me since I had such a bad track record with marriage. Brian was adamant about marrying me and so we set a date six weeks from the date he proposed to me.

The Wedding was beautiful even though it was in the courthouse. We had two witness with us, Larry and Mr. Evans they were the only ones who supported our entire relationship no matter how strange it started out they were there.

As I lay here in this hotel room on my wedding night with him holding me tight these thoughts run through my mind and I am so happy that I found my one true love, even though as some may say it was Outrageous.

The End

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