Broken Vows

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Chapter 2

I drove home wondering what was going to happen at work and what was going to happen next because I knew it was going to be hard to hide my feelings for him at work I seriously had a massive crush on him and my body seriously wanted him if things got any hotter in that parking lot there was a very good chance that I would have allowed him to make love to me right there in the backseat of his car. His car cause the backseat is bigger. I made a face at myself in the rearview mirror for even thinking like that but smiled because I thought about the kiss again and the heat that followed it.

My smiled faded away when I pulled up to a dark house again, only this time it was going on 4 am and he was not home, wonder which chick he was with this night. I got into the house got my stuff from work put away and got ready for bed and was in bed when the phone rang. When I answered it I was expecting my husband drunk telling me that as soon as he was able to drive that he would be home but I got a shock when it was Brian calling to tell me goodnight and that he wasn’t able to sleep until he said goodnight.

He told me he followed me home to make sure I got home okay and saw my husband was not home yet so he knew it was safe to call; he also said that he wished he was with me when I said that I was in bed. Of course that started us talking dirty to each other until I heard my husband’s car door then I told Brian that he was home and I hung up fast and opened up my book and put my head down like I fell asleep reading.

Luckily for me he came in and passed out on the downstairs couch I do not think I could handle him trying to touch me right then and there when I still had Brian’s fingerprints on me and the wetness I had between my legs was not from the thought of my husband but all the things that Brian said he wanted to do to me.

At seven am the alarm went off for me to get up for work so of course I was dragging but I got up anyways because I knew that he would be there and I was wondering how tired he would be as well. I dressed in pants because I well felt like it normally I would wear a skirt to work cause I think it is more ladylike but today I was tired so pants it was plus well the other factor if I wear a skirt and come across Brian in a secluded area who knows what would happen so pants were a good idea.

The first thing I saw when I got into the office was Brian sitting at his desk trying not to look my way, as everyone greeted me which was the normal around here. “Kristin you look tired couldn’t you sleep last night, was that sexy husband of your keeping you up last night?” The temp asked me trying to look coy.

Nobody in the office other than a couple of the girls right near me knew about what was really going on between my husband and I and I wanted it to remain that way until I decided what to do. I did not know if I loved him anymore but I was not going to throw it away yet.

I knew I needed coffee so I went into the break room and there he was standing there lost in thought while the coffee was brewing. My cup was over his head so I had to reach around him so I softy said “uh Brian could I get my coffee cup?” He looked up at me and the lust in his eyes shocked me to my core, I never got looked at that way in my life and it turned me on in a heartbeat. He would not move as if daring me to reach around him which would cause me to touch him, I took him on his dare but reaching around him and purposely brushing my breast against his shoulder and I could hear the catch in his breath as I moved away.

“Uh have a good day at work Kr-Kr Kristin” he stammered over my name and he was blushed so badly and I knew that I affected him even at work when I was not trying to. This was going to be tough so I decided that I was going to have to do my best to avoid him all I could. I knew that there was an opening on a different floor and it would be easy to transfer so I decided then and there that would be what I would do apply for an in house transfer.

I had gone to my boss and asked him for the transfer, what I did not know was it was an executive position and I would be in charge of an entire floor granted they all were secretaries but I would have my own office and a massive raise.

“Kristin I was going to call you into my office later and tell you that I had recommended you for that position and ask you if it was okay with you. I seriously think you will be good for that team. You are the glue that holds this office together and we will be sad to see you go but they need a good leader.”

I was stunned the man who I thought didn’t like me because I knew more than he did had put me in for a promotion then told me about it. He said I had to wait at least a week before I would know the answer and that I should not tell anyone so they would not get jealous and try to undermine my promotion.

When I got home for once my husband was there and we actually talked without fighting which was a shock, it wasn’t about anything important or anything just little stuff but we have not talked like that in ages. I was half glad we did half wishing we hadn’t because it made me feel guilty for what I had done and what I wanted to do with Brian.

I told myself that one conversation does not make up for years of neglect and just because I thought about it and had a small lapse in judgment does not mean anything I mean I found condoms in his jacket like he was not screwing around on me, then he was on the computer all night long with either an online game or internet porn or those damn movies he had downloaded so I am sure one of them if not all were porn.. Do not lecture me and say “two wrongs don’t make a right” and he is not cheating now he just never comes home and if he does he is drunk or has been drinking.

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