Broken Vows

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Chapter 3

He of course went out and I decided to be good and I told myself that I would stay home and read a book; I picked up the book and walked onto the porch to read since it was such a nice night. The moon was shining between the leaves setting off shadows that looked like small animals frolicking around the ground. It lit up the night sky as if the sun was out; the clouds just made the moon seem brighter.

I sat on the porch swing we had with my book, cup of tea and a blanket since there was a small chill in the air, I had brought the phone out in case I had a phone call. I had barely sat down when I saw car lights pulling up to the house. I was fully dressed so I didn’t have that concern but I wasn’t sure who was pulling up since I didn’t invite anyone over and did not expect anyone. Brian soon came walking up the walkway carrying a briefcase and looking very sheepish.

“What are you doing here?” I was totally stunned that he was coming to my house

“I had to come, Mr. Evans needs you to look over these papers and get back to him right away” he said loudly then more quietly “He asked me to come tomorrow but I had to see you tonight”

“Ok why don’t you come in and I’ll make coffee” then I blushed remembering the last time we had coffee together.

I made it all seem above board for whatever neighbors happen to have been outside or listening in on our conversation. We went inside and he told me how much he loved how the house was decorated.

I sat down and went over the papers that Mr., Evans needed me to go over and it all was in order but for the last page so I refigured his numbers, faxed him the changed numbers which was standard procedure then I looked at Brian who was staring at me the entire time I was doing this and it was over an hour or more that it took me to do all this.

“Why are you staring at me?” I was puzzled even though I realized that I had put my glasses on so I could read and I did not think Brian had even seen me in them at all.

“You look beautiful, I mean I knew you were sexy and smart but you are also beautiful and talented why haven’t you had a promotion yet?” he looked defiant as if he was going to go to Mr. Evens and complain to him or something.

“Can I tell you anything?” I did not even tell my husband about my possible promotion because the money that I made I was going to open my own account just in case something happened I would not be without money of my own.

“Of course Kristin after all that has gone on between us I hope you consider us friends and know I would never betray your confidence” he looked upset that I would ask that

I assured him that I did not give my trust to a lot of people because I had been hurt a lot of times by so called friends so it was tough for me to trust. He said that he did not know and he was sorry that he got offended. I told him what Mr. Evans said about the promotion and how he put me in for it and them was going to tell me and how I went to him for an in house transfer.

Brian stopped me there and asked me why I wanted an in house transfer, since that would take me off floor and we would not be able to see each other every day. I smiled at him and told him that is why. I said I want you too bad to see you every day and not act on it.

He smiled ruefully and told me that is why he wanted me on the same floor that maybe if we were in close proximity to each other that maybe the passion would grow to an inferno and we would not be able to stop it.

I shook my head and told him that it had to stop, I knew what could happen since just sitting there in there in my kitchen with all the lights in the kitchen and the lights in the living room on I wanted to grab his hand and lead him into my bedroom stripping his clothes off as we went. I shook my head to get that image out of my mind.

“I am sorry if my coming here was going to cause you a problem and you did not want me here at all but he really wanted those papers looked over” Brian said in a sad voice as thought his world had come crashing to an end

I then realized that as I was thinking about ravishing him in my room he was talking to me and when I shook my head he thought I was answering his question. “No Brian it is not that I was thinking something else and had to clear my head, please ask me the question again.”

He had asked me if I minded that he came over with the papers and if maybe once in a while when my husband wasn’t home if he could stop by just to see me or talk, he promised he would not try anything even though every cell in his body was screaming at him to at least try, he swore to me that he would not. When I had shaken my head he thought I meant no. I told him it was okay if he came over but we had to stick to normal talk that friends would talk about we had to promise we would do that or it was not going to happen.

We then went and sat on the porch swing, I took the blanket back inside and grabbed a sweater, I made a pot of tea and we sat there for about an hour talking about work and really just getting to know each other outside of work and found out we had a lot in common. We enjoyed the same kind of music and movies and loved to walk on the boardwalk at sunset. Loved the beach but hated during the day because of all people would prefer to go at night with the mood shining on the water and the sand cooler.

When the tea got cool we both knew it was time for him to go, that moment was awkward to say the least as we knew that we wanted to kiss each other goodbye but that was not part of the deal so I said “See you at work on Monday” and gave him a friendly hug and I do mean a friend like hug.

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