Broken Vows

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When he left I sat out on the porch swing for a few more hours wondering what was wrong with me, I had a perfectly wonderful guy wanting me and desiring to be with me and here I was keeping him at arm’s length because I had a piece of paper saying I was married? Yes I am married to a man who does not care, barely notices me so why am I bothering.

I was about to go inside when a car drives up the street like a bat out of hell and pulls into our driveway and Todd comes flying out of the driver’s seat in a mean mood not one I had ever seen in my life “Where is he”

I had no idea who he meant then it dawned on me one of my nosy neighbors must have called Todd on his cell phone and told him I had some guy over or something. I told him one of my co-workers named Brian had come by with some papers for my boss and that we got talking while I was checking the papers out then we sat out here with a pot of tea and talked some more. I asked him what the issue was and he told me that no wife of his was going to have some guy hanging all over her when he was not home.

“What the hell do you mean hanging all over me,” I was good and mad then since Brian was a perfect gentleman the entire time he was here. He went on to say that someone had called him and said that we were making out while we were sitting here and that when we were inside I had him in our room and we had sex in the bed that I shared with Todd.

“Hold on a minute here,” now I got loud and did not care since some good neighbor called Todd on his cell let them hear me. “Are you telling me that one of our neighbors claimed to have seen me and my co- worker making out on the porch and also have sex with him and then they waited till they guy left to call you?

Todd told me that they called him but he was unable to leave where he was at the time and as soon as he was able to leave he did. “Yea I guess your current lover would not like it if you left her mid screw would she” I was so mad that I let my suspicions out if you don’t trust me that much why don’t you go check the damn bed and see if the covers are messed up and see if there are any wet spots I can assure you there aren’t any.

As he walked away he mumbled under his breath “If there are they sure aren’t from me since you aren’t giving it up to me at all, you must be giving it to someone” I got so mad at that point I screamed at him packed up a bag, just a set of clothes for work tomorrow grabbed my car keys and left.

I checked into a motel nearby and cried myself to sleep, woke up the next morning with no idea what I was going to do but the one thing I knew that I would not do was tell anyone at all. I checked out and went to work acting as if nothing was wrong. I was at work for about an hour when I got called into Mr. Evans office and he told me to shut the door and I could have sworn I was going to be fired,

“Kristin I got those figures that you had faxed to me over the weekend” he said and then he shocked me by telling me that the figures were correct and that it was not him that wanted them but the president of the company and they were a test to see if I was willing to work on weekends even if it was just to correct figures and fax papers and if I was able to correct errors of others,.

“Mr. Evans to be honest with you I did not have a really great night, did not sleep all that great can you please put that in plain English” I hated having to admit because to me it was a sign of weakness but I had to find out just what he was saying.

He told me that I had the promotion and I was headed upstairs, I thought the opening was for a floor under us but it was a floor above. He told me that I could go and clear my desk and head upstairs, the shock must have been on my face. He then told me that I was able to leave for the rest of the day and go and pick out the furniture I wanted for my office. The previous manager who was in the office destroyed most of the furniture. They were not able to salvage anything so the company was allowing me to go and pick out what I wanted.

Mr. Evans told me that the only thing that they requested of me is that I do not make any drastic changes for a few weeks until I see how things go they did not want me to go in and start making changes and have everyone resent me. I had seen how that floor worked before and Mr. Evans knew it because I had been on loan to them as a temp when they were short a few months back and I was hoping they would remember that.

I went into the outer office and began to clean out my desk and some of my co-workers told me that they were sorry I got fired but could they have my spot? I told them that it was up to Mr. Evans and that I would be seeing them around I was sure. I walked out of there with my head held high like I had been fired and was trying not to cry. I saw Brian and looked away from him because I knew I would cry.

I got upstairs and as the elevator doors opened the secretaries that were on that floor all clapped and welcomed me to the floor and told me how happy they were that I was now in charge and they meant it. I was stunned and happy, I told them that my door was always open then I looked at where my office was and started to laugh because I had no door, no glass in the window to the office and not much else in the office.

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