Broken Vows

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Chapter 5

“Well gee that gives open door policy a whole new swing huh?” I had to joke or I was going to lose it. One of the secretaries walked up to me and told me the glass smiths were on their way up and the maintaince man was coming to put a door on.

I put my box on the floor of the office. I told the secretaries that I would be back as soon as I was able to since I had to go out and get some office furniture since for some reason I was not one who enjoys sitting on the floor trying to do work. Mr. Evans also told me to get a computer since they guy destroyed that as well.

“Yea you will be back tomorrow” the only one who did not seem happy to see was the one who gave me the most trouble when I was a temp on this floor I was so hoping she would be gone but I guess I would have to deal with her now that I was her boss boy was this going to go over well.

I left and went right to Staples* where I knew they would have great office furniture and computers and that way I could get it all in one fell swoop. I picked out a regular computer and a laptop got the perfect desk and chair and it only took 1 ½ hours to do that. I went to Sears* to find the little things that every office needs like chairs for in front of the desk the comfy ones, a small couch, bookcases and so on that only took another 1 ½ hours and since the company has a small truck I was able to call them and have them pick it all up from both staples* and Sears*

I was back at the office by noon when all the secretaries were at lunch and by one when they returned I had my office all set up and I was programming the computers with the software I got from Mr. Evans. I asked each of them to give me a brief of what they were working on so I had an idea that way we all were on the same page, each one gave me a 2 and 3 page summary except for Claudine the one who took an instant dislike to me and I must admit the feeling was mutual.

I knew I could access what she was working on very easily but I wanted to establish trust between me and them since trust was a good thing to have, I should know since I lived in a relationship with no trust at all. I saw all the papers on my desk and knew that I was going to be pulling an overnight session as my first day as a boss which was good at least I will have somewhere to sleep tonight.

Around 6pm I left the office because I knew that Todd would not be home I grabbed a fast shower and packed a bag again and went back to the office. I read the papers late into the night and got caught up on everything that was going on in the office. It was after four am when I got done so I simply curled up on my couch set my set my alarm.

In two hours I woke up and went back to reviewing a program on the computer that I was to become familiar with. When the secretaries arrived at nine am I was full into what I had to do I received an email detailing my objectives for the day and I was half way done, figuring that if they needed help at all I would be able to help them.

Around ten in the morning a delivery man walked off the elevator carrying a huge flower arrangement and he asked one girl something and headed straight towards my office with half the floor following him. “Kristin, these are for you, please read the card”

“Congratulations on your promotions it could not have happened to a better person. Maybe we could go out for coffee to celebrate. From Brian” The crew thought it was a nice gesture when I told them it was a former co-worker from the lower floor but I knew he was thinking about me which made me smile.

I still had not told anyone that I had not been home for two days and I wanted to tell someone soon because it was eating away at me but I had no close girlfriends the only person I really had to tell was Brian and I was afraid that he would think I was leaving Todd for him and that was not the case I was just confused right now.

After work I went and found another motel because I was not ready to go home I still had some thinking to do, Todd accused me of having an affair in my own home because I had a co-worker stop by with papers, what would he have done to me if he had known what I did. I was getting to the point that I did not know anything anymore my life used to be planned out. I did what I had to do I called the only person I could trust. I called Brian and talked to him and told him what had happened the night he stopped by and how irate Todd was and that I left that night how I stayed in the office the one night and motels for the other two. He asked where I was and I told him I was not sure I wanted to tell him because if he came to see me I was scared of what could happen and I did not know if Todd had anyone watching me.

He promised me that he would not come, we talked for over two hours and I knew that I was off the next day and I told Brian that I was going to be going home the next day. He asked me how was I paying for the rooms since if I was using a credit card that Todd would be able to track it, I said I was using a card but it was one in my name that he had no access to.

I did not know if Todd would be home or not but it was time to put my big girl panties on and head home and see what he had to say. I knew I was not having an affair and if he thought I was then I guess I would just go out and have one just to make him happy. I drove up to the house walked in and saw clothes on the floor leading to the bedroom and they were only Todd’s clothes as if he just did not care and just dropped them as he went.

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