Broken Vows

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It was after ten when I got home and as soon as I walked in the door carrying a briefcase full of work I still had to do. Todd was flipping out. “Where were you, Do you not answer your cell phone anymore I looked at him and told him the truth that he had stopped calling me and texting me months ago why should I worry about it. I know I had it someplace in my briefcase and it was turned off so the charge was still there. I fished it out and saw I had three missed calls and twelve texts all from Todd. I told him I was sorry but I was swamped at work and that I even had to bring some home to work on.

That was when I had to tell him about the promotion. He asked me why in the world I not told him before he would have been as happy for me as it meant more money.

“First of all the money should not be an issue as the money I get is going into a separate account that only I will access to, second if your current affair had not ended and I did not leave for three days would you have even cared.”

“What do you mean a separate account?” his face was thunderous as though he wanted to explode at the thought of me having my own account which would give me freedom. I told him that I had to have my own account just because it was something I had to do for me.

He sighed and said “Fine I guess you can have you own account and I will not expect to be on it” he still looked upset but resigned to the fact that I was serious

“Todd I was not asking your permission I was simply stating a fact. I get paid tomorrow and if I am able to take a break I will be going to the bank” he nodded but I could see his thoughts racing and for some reason something told me that was a very bad thing for me.

The next afternoon around lunchtime I realized how bad a thing it was, I had about fifteen minutes to spare for lunch which gave me enough time to it the bank which was just next door. When the elevator opened and Brian walked out my heart gave a jump and then I saw who was with him and I was shocked Todd was with him the two people I had never wanted to meet.

“Brian here was nice enough to show me where you work honey” he was his old jovial self which was so annoying that I wanted to vomit since he does that in public. He leaned over to kiss me and I avoided it by turning to Brian.

“Brian are you going back downstairs? I need you to please take these papers to Mr. Evans and tell him that I will be back in fifteen minutes I am going to the bank.”

“Skipping eating yet again Kristin?” Brian asked me “Did you want me to bring you up your usual around two along with a soda and rice pudding.”

I grinned at him for taking such good care of me “That would be great but no pudding I am trying to watch my figure. I was trying to give him an excuse to check me out as Todd did but he looked away.

As we left Todd started on me by asking me how I expected to get to our bank which was across town and back if my lunch was only fifteen minutes long. I told him that the bank I was going to was right next door and it was my choice and I was going to do it all by myself and he could just chill in the lobby if he could and if he did not like that then he could stay outside as I did not ask him to come to my job.

After we left the bank Todd started to quiz me about Brian, asking if he was single and if I ever saw him out with a woman, I asked him why and he told me that he was sure Brian was gay. Also he was sure of it because when I said I was watching my figure any guy would have checked me out but Todd said that Brian kept his eyes averted.

Then Todd shocked me by saying “Kristin if you ever want to hang out with Brian it’s okay with me, in fact I would rather you spend time with him than single ladies because with single ladies you would be more likely to get hit on my straight guys.” He laughed at his own small minded joke

“So you are saying I could go for coffee with Brian and you would be okay with that” I grinned to myself thinking of Brian’s reaction when he was told especially after the last time we were out for coffee.

“Of course in fact let us head back to the office and I will tell him myself. I will let him know that the two of you can hang out and go shopping or whatever you two want to do I trust you and since he is gay I trust him” he laughed thinking about being jealous of a gay man and his wife.

When we got off the elevator Brian was standing by his desk holding a bunch of papers and Todd walked up to him “ Brian my man can I talk to you”

“Of course” he came over to us still holding the papers which on top were balancing a bottle of water which he was trying to open and take a drink of. I grabbed the papers he was holding and put them on the desk nearby “would if not have been easier to leave them on the desk?”

“Sorry was reading and trying to figure how to take a drink” he chuckled

“Listen Brian” Todd hated to be ignored so he interrupted “Since I met you I have realized that you would be a good friend for my wife and she needs friends. “ Todd smiled as if he were doing me a favor by announcing to the world I have no friends. “I think it would be great if one night after work you and Kristin here went out for Coffee for a few hours and just got to know each other”

Poor Brian had just taken a drink of his water and when Todd had said that he spit it out and began to choke. I started to laugh even though my white silk shirt was soaked and my bra was showing I could not help laughing the look on Brian’s face as he averted his eyes was so funny. Todd gave me the thumbs up and left me on the elevator to head down.

No sooner had I gotten into my office and changed my shirt did Brian bring up my lunch. Everyone in the office was used to this as I worked through my lunch many times and they had seen him do this so it was no big deal and we would always close the door so we could talk. They assumed it was upper management things so they would leave us alone unless it was important.

“I nearly died when the two of you walked off that elevator” I told him while giggling since Brian still had this look of shock on his face

“Why in the hell does he want us to hang out” Brian said not knowing what I was going to say and it seemed as though he was mentally preparing himself for the answer

“Brian he thinks you are gay because you did not check me out when I said I was watching my figure and then when you spit the water out, by the way it was quite cold” I was still giggling

“What do you mean did not check you out when I spit the water on you? You were wearing a white silk shirt that turned transparent when the water hit it. Your bra was white and had small hearts on the top part and a small pearl right in the middle of your breasts and since the water was cold your nipples hardened like small pebbles, shall I go on?” He said this very quietly

“Uh no that is just fine” I could see from the window that Claudine was pointing at us and talking and I knew she was trying to start shit, I looked at Brian and told him to come around to my side of the desk and I turned on my computer and started to show him all I had on Claudine and wanted to know what he thought since I was still not allowed to make changes. I had no Issues with anyone else but her work was shabby and illegible and half the time I had to redo it, it was never turned in on time. I felt like a grade school teacher.

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