Broken Vows

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Chapter 8

The next one whom gave me issues was Sherry she was good friends with Claudine who was why I think the issues had started, her work was done just never on time and always done with an attitude. She would just email it to me and at the attention line it would say: the big bitch Kristin.

“That is insubordination and immediate grounds for dismissal” he told me:” have you saved the emails?”

“Of course I have” and I showed him the files “Would you like me to copy it to disk or memory card?”

“Memory card please” and also include any files you have on Claudine” he said “I will get this to Mr. Evans and he will contact the Board of Directors.

“OK Brian, what are you not telling me?” I had a feeling he had moved up the food chain as well

“I am now the director of main operations; I just found this out today which means I am directly under Mr. Evans. I answer to him.”

“That is great and I answer to him as well I know and now it seems like I answer to you” I replied

“Actually we are the same but you are a bit higher on the food chain than me” he grinned “I will call you later for coffee” Later that evening he did, after I got home from work around six Todd told me that Brian called and wanted to know if I was free to go to a movie that evening around eight if I was I was to call him as long as Todd did not mind.

It was a romantic comedy and Todd hated them so he gave Brian his blessing, so I called Brian and said that I wanted to grab a quick shower and get changed then I would be free to go with him if he wanted I would meet him at his place if he would give me the address I would write it down. I wrote down his address on the pad near the phone even though I did not really need it but for looks it works.

I grabbed my shower and actually put on a skirt and sexy underwear that I had not worn in ages because I wanted to look good just in case. I wore an outfit that Todd hated a cute flouncy skirt and tight top and matching jacket with a pair of heels. I looked sexy but not overly so at least I hoped not I wanted to look good but not to the point where Todd would think I was going on a date.

I walked out of the bedroom expecting him to say something when I picked up my purse and all he said was he was thinking of going out to a bar and having a few drinks since I was going out, then he asked if after the movie if I thought we were doing anything else. I told him that I wanted to go dancing since I knew Todd hated to dance and Brian loved it. Todd laughed and told me to have fun at the gay bar.

He told me that he would probably be late getting home so I was not to rush; I had a feeling that instead of going dancing out we would probably end up back at Brian’s apartment but I was not going to count my chickens before they hatched. I drove to his place hoping I was not overdressed or dressed to sexy.

He opened the door took a look at me and dragged me into the apartment and began to kiss me. “Oh god you look so damn good can we forget the movie and just stay here” he said as he kept kissing me seeming to forget what we said about being just friends but as he kissed me I could feel my body leaning in towards him.

“Brian stop please” I must have sounded desperate because he stopped

“Kristin I am so sorry when I saw how good you looked I forget myself for a minute”

“It is okay, I should not have dressed like this it is just so long since I have went out other than work that I wanted to look good” I felt bad like I was leading him on

We decided we were just going to go to the movie and not think about it, we sat in the movies and laughed in the right places, looked at each other when the stars were kissing and holding each other and then when the movie was over.

We looked at each other and knew that the night was not over. “Would you like to come back to my apartment for some coffee” Brian asked me

“Are you sure?” I knew what I wanted and I was hoping he really did not mean coffee I wanted him badly and I knew tonight was the night originally I had not planned this but the more I was with him the more I knew I could not hold off more.

We got back to his place and walked in the door. “Did you really want some coffee” we asked at the same time”

I sat down on his couch and pulled him next to me and then kissed him with everything ounce of passion I had in my body. He kissed me back and soon we were lying on his couch with his hands wandering my body, fully clothed but moving as though we were making love.

Soon he took my shirt and skirt and he sucked in his breath when he saw my choice of underclothing, “Oh god you are so beautiful” and for once in years I felt beautiful.

He took of his own clothes and was sitting there in all his naked glory and I could not help but noticed how nature had treated him very well. He soon stripped me soon while caressing my breasts and sucking on my nipples making them hard aching pebbles.

His hands caressed between my legs causing an ache of another kind to begin and I knew that it was having an effect on him as he was sitting there naked and it was quite obvious.

”Oh Brian what are you doing to me?” I moaned. He took my hand and led me to his room stopping to kiss me along the way to ease any doubts I may have had. We landed across his bed, his hands all over my body and the ache in my body driving me to the brink and back again.

I was moaning his name as I climaxed over and over again before he even entered me; his hands and mouth were so talented. Then as he entered me I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I never felt this with Todd but I knew we could not take too long because I had to get back home. We let our passion free and before I knew it we climaxed together and he held me close.

“I have to get back home Brian” I told him

“I know, I hope we have not taken to long,” he suddenly checked the clock and started to laugh

“What is so funny?” I demanded to know

“It is only ten my darling we only got here at nine” we sure did not take long to fall into bed and I knew it was the right thing to do. I could not help but smile as I was putting my clothes back on and he kept trying to prevent me.

I got into my car and made a stop at a drugstore I knew I was protected since I was on the pill but there were other things I needed. I picked myself up some new makeup and some hair dye as I wanted to change my color.

I got home by eleven and Todd was not there so I was able to grab a shower and start some laundry and that way any evidence of what I had done was gone. After my shower I did my hair and then I was a red head and by midnight I was neck deep in my work that I did not even hear Todd get home.

“Hey you are home early, did you guys have a good time?” he asked me

“Oh yea” I replied innocently because we really did

“Listen I see you are busy, just do not stay up too late I know you have to work early tomorrow”

“I was up until about three doing the work then went into bed setting the alarm for seven. When I woke up there was a cup of coffee on my bedside table and a note from Todd telling me that he had to go to work early and he would see me after work.

It was though we spent the night and he was trying to keep the romance alive. I knew then that my feelings for him had changed but I did not know what to do. I did not want to end 10 years of marriage based on one night of passion but it was not only that it was so much more than that.

It was as though Todd did not understand me anymore and I was to understand what he thought and felt at all times. He was able to go out and have affairs and I was to sit home and deal with it. I was just getting tired of it all, I have been an understanding wife for way to many years and now that he sees I am getting out on my own more and having some fun and making more money and there is a chance I can get out on my own he is “willing to work on our marriage”

I was wondering when his next affair was going to start. I went to work with my head full of thoughts and even though I knew I should be paying attention my thoughts kept wandering to my failing marriage, someone would think it would wander to the fact I had the greatest sex of my life just the night before but no imp the dummy who thinks about her failing marriage.

I did manage to get all my work done and I was able to help the secretaries with their work only I did it all so fast it was before lunchtime that we all were finished except for Claudine and Sherry who spent most of the day chatting with each other. I made a note to myself to check with Mr. Evans if I was able to move to desks around into a more “feasible order” in other words split those two up.

I decided to skip my lunch I had to do some thinking and I was glad I did for Mr. Evans came into my office not three minutes after all the sectaries left for lunch.

“Kristin, the board and I have decided that you are doing an excellent job” he began” and your trial period is over”

“Sir not to interrupt but I have only been in this office a week how can my trial period be over?” I was quite confused as it was supposed to be two weeks before any decisions that I wanted to make could be made.

“Kristin this floor has never been more productive except for one or two of the persons on this floor except when you do their work. We would rather you make the decisions that you feel best the floor needs than have to pass it by them.

“There is a large issue here that has been a problem that I feel needs resolving if this floor is to progress.” I wanted to bring up the Claudine and Sherry situation and what I felt needed to be done.

“If you are speaking of Claudine Denjohnson and Sherry Jones those problems have been taken care of they have been called into personal and told to clean out their desks. They will be escorted by security to clean them out. Sherry has been fired for insubordination and Claudine has been fired because of the same.” Mr. Evans told me which made me very happy

I asked him about other changes I wanted to make and he told me that it’s my floor I could do what I wanted as long as I stayed within company guidelines. That totally made my day and the delivery I got around three all the guy was walk onto the floor and one of the girls did not even ask him who it was for just point to me and I was happy until I thought it was from Brian and it was from Todd then my day was shattered especially when the card said “Love you and cannot wait to see you, all of you tonight” Todd

I knew I was getting done on time so I sent Brian an email asking him to come to my office at five because I needed to talk to him and I was so hoping he would realize that I really meant talk because that is truly what I had meant .

At five he came into the office with two coffees and two cokes and two cheeseburgers,

As he walked in the door he shut it and said “hey Kristin, take your pick” I knew that was code, if I picked the coffee it was more than talk if it was the cokes and cheeseburgers I needed a friend so I grabbed the coke and the cheeseburger.

“Cool I was starving anyway” he smiled “Mr. Evans spent the whole the whole lunch hour cooped up in some females office going over what she can and cannot do and she had all these changes in mind that she actually had in her computer and when he went up to her office she printed them all out for him and he agreed to them all.”

“No way, he agreed to all of them” I was stunned

“Yes the desks will be moved according to your specifications tonight when the cleaners come in. Now what did you call me up here for not a run-down of the day’s events you needed someone to talk to now talk.” He demanded “You better talk or I ravish you”

I giggled because I knew he could but he would not take advantage of the fact that I needed someone to talk to and get things. I told him about Todd sending me flowers and what they said and how I knew what he wanted and how much I did not want that, especially after what had happened between the two of us, but Todd was normally a very sexual man and I knew he had been without.” I began to say as my office phone rang.

“Hello” I said knowing it could only be one person

“Hey Kristin, Since it seems you are going to be late tonight I was going to go out with the guys, we are going to pull an all-nighter, John imp sure you remember him is having problems with his girl so we are going to drink until they go away” he claimed

“Really” I said now I was wondering who the flowers were for and I reached for the card to see what florist they were from and what address they were to, and if there was actually a females name on the card.

“Kristin you there, I thought I lost you” He said in a hurry like he was rushed for time or something’

“Oh yea imp here sorry, Brian just came into my office with dinner and it side tracked me” I lied knowing full well he had started another affair and it was some girl in the building.

“Well I will see you tomorrow and maybe we can go on a date we have not done that in a long time” he said like I put up a fuss about him staying out all night

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