Broken Vows

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Chapter 9

“Yea whatever” I said cause now I was pissed I finally got the card out and I saw it was not someone in the building but one of the girls on my own floor, Kelly Davidson, who acted like she thought I was a good boss, and Brian saw and card and his jaw hit the floor and he saw my eyes light with fire and he knew I was mad as hell.

I hung up from Todd and flipped. “Ok she knows he is married and yet she still has an affair with him” Forgetting that is what Brian and I did, it was different though because I was developing true feelings for Brian and the fact that we were friends first made it different at least in my eyes it did.

“Kristin what you do is put the flowers on her desk with a little note saying “Sorry I got these by mistake and read your card, hope you forgive me and hope you had fun on your date” and sign it. Where is her desk going to go” he smiled with evil glee

I glanced at the arrangement I had made, “It is going right in front of my window because she is one of the ones who need the most guidance so I put her closer to me so it’s easier, now I can watch her face as she opens my note” I grinned back at him knowing this evil side of me was very nice

“I am still hungry and I want more cheeseburgers” I told him “Do you want to meet down at Chez Burger?”

“Sounds like a plan, then do you want do go to Chads for a drink? We can take separate cars that way it’s not like a date, date just two friends chilling” he knew how much I just needed a friend.

That sounds great; I have a pair of jeans in my closet here why don’t we meet downstairs?” I told him

“Just give me enough time to go get changed outta this suit too I do not want to be the only guy at Chez burger and Chad’s all dressed like a funeral director.” He laughed at the look on my face which was probably quite funny

We met in the parking lot and headed on the Chez Burger which had the greasiest burgers in town but the best, then we went to Chad’s which was not a good idea after we were in there for about 20 minutes just talking and drinking a couple beers, Who should walk in but Todd and Kelly they did not see us but she was talking to Todd about me.

“How did you get away from her?” she giggled as he blew in her ear and grabbed her breast

“Told her that we would go out tomorrow night”

“But you are spending that with me” she pouted her lower lip out more than a baby

“I’ll stand her up it’s not a big deal” he said “I know who will take her out and she will have more fun”

Brian and I looked at each other in horror because everyone in the office knows Brian is not gay. He has dated some of the women in the office and none of them are angry it was always mutual decisions to stop seeing each other so if Todd says its Brian and dummy says he is not gay Todd will know I am sleeping with him

“Let’s stop talking about Kristin and focus on us and what we just did, it was wonderful you rocked my world baby” she said as she cooed at him
“Do you want to leave?” Brian asked me

“ yes I do” I was about to cry knowing he was having them and seeing it were two different things but now I knew what I had to do.

As soon as I had enough money in the bank I was going to move out and get an apartment of my own and soon after that start divorce proceedings. I wanted this marriage to work out but he lied to me again and this time I had proof.

Oh wait no I did not have proof I put it back onto her desk. Well I would just go into work early and copy it. I got home about 20 minutes later and went into the spare room locked the door set my alarm and fell asleep.

Got up before the alarm got ready for work and was there before the sun was even up, Copied all the information I would need and put it back onto her desk and then went into my office being sure I could see her desk perfectly. Wrote a memo to all the staff about the changes and emailed it to them being sure to inform them that upper management was aware of the changes and approved. I also told them that the open door policy was still in effect.

I began my work and when the office began to fill at nine I saw she arrived around ten I made a note of this because one of the things that upper management told me I had to note was punctuality. Some of the employees were lack on this and they were noticing this more and more and I could not agree more. I was keeping a record even when they came back from lunch late, as that counted as well.

I watched as Kelly got to her desk and smiled as she saw the arrangement on her desk then when she saw the note I wrote she went pale and it looked as though she nearly passed out. She sat down on her chair very fast and put her head in her hands.

I casually walked out of my office with a bottle of water and two Tylenol and handed them to her which she took gratefully and looked at me with some fear in her eyes. I simply looked at her and the only thing I said was “You should not drink so much at Chad’s if you have to work the next day” if anyone could get any paler it was Kelly

“I am really not feeling well, would it be okay if I left?” she said in a small voice

“Meet me in my office in ten minutes “ I told her “I need to run downstairs and speak to Mr. Evans about an issue that just came up, while I am gone you print what you were supposed to do today and that you are now going to stick me with” I turned on my heel and flipped my hair.

I went into the elevator and pressed down, I really did not have to go anyplace but I figured I’d run down and get a soda from vending machine on that floor and then go back up and see if I scared the hell out of Kelly yet.

I ran into Brian at the machine, and told him what I did and he looked stunned but happy. “You have joined the dark side; Actually Mr. Evans does want to see you”

I knocked on his door trembling because I knew I had gone too far but I was so mad I thought maybe she called him and apologized for being late or whatnot. He told me to come in so I did not knowing what was going on.

He was sitting there with an envelope in his hands and I thought it was my termination papers because he had no smile or anything on his face. He told me to sit down so I sat. “Kristin I was reviewing the video tapes of the last few weeks and I have noticed something you are staying late or coming in early, I saw you and Brian talking one evening and it looked pretty serious and the one night you stayed late you were just sitting at your desk crying, is everything okay at home?”

“Mr., Evans is I being fired for problems at home?” I almost cried right then and there

“No Kristin, you are one of our best employees I am asking because I am worried your job is not suffering at all. The reason I was asking is the company has an apartment building downtown that a lot of our employees live in.”

“How much is the rent?” I had to know

“Kristin the rent is non-existent the building is owned by the company we give the apartments to our employees” that made me think if Brian is not paying rent why was his furniture such a mess, was he not telling me something

“We started to that when Brian first started to work for the company his younger sister needs all sorts of medical treatments and he pays for them all and he was having trouble paying his rent so we gave him the apartment and the furniture” Mr. Evans told me to keep that information to myself

We talked some more then he handed me an envelope with a key and an address on it, told me the apartment was mine and that it was furnished, it was not fancy by no means since all the furniture was donated but it was clean and mine for as long as I wanted it. He also told me that I had a bonus check in there because of all the times I come in early and stay late and for all the extra work I do. I was also given a read out of divorce lawyers that the company knows are reputable and would not cost too much money and the company was willing to help me with the cost if I needed it because I had been with them since I was an intern and that was over twenty years.

I went back up to my floor and luckily Brian had taken over for me, he did not address Kelly he was waiting for me to do that he simply held down the fort and helped a few of the secretaries out when they needed help and I could tell a few were totally enamored of them. I asked him to come back around five and he asked if I wanted him to coffee or something cold. I told him something cold and food since Kelly was planning on leaving because she was hung over and did not care to work that day, of course I said it loudly, I was going to be stuck doing her job.

Kelly came into the office still pale and she simply handed me the print out and I knew I was going to be there until at least nine at night. “How did you know I was drinking at Chad’s last night” she quietly asked me as though scared I had a tail on her or something

“I was there and heard you and Todd talking that is how”

“Oh” she said in a small “May I go now?” not a single word about her affair with him nothing

“Fine just be sure you will be written up for this”

She left and I had to do my work and help the others before I even think of starting on hers but to keep me going I had the thought of the apartment. I knew I wanted to talk to Brian and see what he thought and I knew if I was going to move out it was going to have to be on a night that Todd was not going to be home all night and the sooner the better.

I took a ten minute break and ran to the bank to deposit the check and when I looked at it to deposit it I got a shock it was almost six hundred dollars and I was overjoyed since I still had not gotten paid that week, if I moved out in the next day or two id see what the apartment had and id be able to get the things it needed and still be able to get food.

My mind began to whirl but I cut off those thoughts and got back to work, I was surprised when Larry one of the secretaries that normally keeps to himself offered to stay and help me get her work done, I knew Larry was gay and that his partner was away at so I figured he was lonely so I agreed figuring it would be faster for us to work together.

I called Brian and told him about Larry staying and he brought up enough food for three and since Larry was a vegetarian he brought up the vegetarian lasagna from the corner place where we normally got our sandwiches whenever we worked late.

I told Larry that I needed to talk to Brian and he asked if it would be okay if he called his partner as long as he used the headset and worked, I told him that is fine. Brian and I talked while I worked and ate and I told him about the apartment that Mr. Evans offered me and Brian asked for the apartment number and I told him what was on the key and he told me it was one floor below him.

He asked if I was going to do it and I told him I was pretty sure I was, I had to wait until Todd was going to be out all and I was sure of it. I figured I would start to slowly move some of my clothes out, I did have some in the spare room and if I locked the door when I left he would not know.

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