Romeo, Romeo

By Katherynnicole (Heyitsmekatie) All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other


Lucy Krim has a dream, a dream to be on Broadway. To sing and dance under the lights and to leave an after effect on the audience watching. However, when a role at her school is threatened by her ex best friend she fights to make or break it. In a quick attempt to practice the scene she throws her script at the nearest person and asks them to help her, forgetting two very important details. There is a kissing scene, and the script has landed in the hands of Zach Anderson.

Three, Two, one...prologue

"Mom please, I swear it'll only be for an hour."

She looks up at me her blonde hair cascading down her shoulders. "Why is the library so important right now? Can it not wait until tomorrow?"

I bite my lip, shaking my head as I bounce up and down impatiently.

Finally she gives in, taking my worried but hopeful expression as a reason to say, "Bring back the car by ten or you're grounded."

I smile, running around the kitchen island, keys in hand as I wrap her in a hug, "Thank you Thank you Thank you! YOU'RE THE LEGIT BEST!"

I hear her laughing, putting away dishes as I run to the garage. It doesn't take long for me to pull the car out and when I do I turn on the Wicked sound track, belting notes at the top of my lungs as I make my way down maple street.

Eventually I pull into the parking lot and when I do my mouth forms a smile. Across from me is a rusty red pick up truck, a very familiar face sitting inside.

She's looking down at her phone so I snicker to myself, texting her and watching her reaction.

Look up you goon.

The red heads eyes snap up to the car in front of her and I smile upon meeting her gaze.

Valarie was my best friend in the entire world and nothing could ever put to rest the beautiful bond we shared over dusty books.

We meet outside our cars and she fills me in on all her home drama. Apparently her little brother Nathan got into a fight and she was determined to figure out all the details.

I laugh and pull open one of the huge glass doors to the building. "Maybe he was standing up for himself. Bullies are mean."

She raises a brow, "Preschools not high school lucy."

I laugh and enter one of the quiet conference rooms used for meetings and students. We both throw our back packs down and turn to scope out the library.

No one was here due to it being late and it gave the isles of books an eerie feeling.

Eventually I come up with the fourth encyclopedia book and a romance. Then, I start my night by cracking it open.

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