A Fera's Secret

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Lala was the wild card, much to Takeshi's dismay. Yet, he can't help being drawn to her despite the danger she brings. Lala has always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, and as a member of a shifter pack, being a hunter is in her blood. After a career of risky yet successful contracted kills, her cockiness allows her long-time crush Takeshi to follow her during her pursuit of her newest target, revealing her secret occupation. Takeshi, always prioritizing the safety of the pack that took him in, will have to try something a little different if he wants to keep Lala alive. Since he can’t really stop her, Takeshi creates a way to watch her back and maybe, with him there, they might just survive what’s coming next.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

A man sat alone at the bar waiting. Like those around him, he held a drink in hand and watched the program on the television above the bar. Despite that, the air of danger around him could not be mistaken and most kept their distance from the man. This neither bother him nor pleased him. It was something he had become used to over the years.

The bell over the door rang, signaling another person entered the bar. The man paid no mind to the door but was still aware of the newcomer’s movements in the bar. Of everyone’s movements. It was a skill that had kept him alive for the many years he been on the job.

The newcomer sat on the stool beside him. He put a manual envelope on the bar and slid it toward the man. “You have one month to complete the contract.”

The man picked it up the envelope, not uttering a word. He took one look at the man’s face before placing his untouched drink on the bar and heading out the door.

This was getting old real fast, Lala thought as she ran behind another tree to avoid a barge of bullets. She chanced a peek around her cover and saw she had two more guards to take down before she would reach her actual target. No big, right?

Turning around, she put her Glock in her sling and used her Fera ability to climb the tree, knowing her opponents would expect her to remain on the ground. Once she was high enough to avoid notice, she jumped to another tree just as one of the assailants came around the tree she previously been behind. Steadying herself on a branch, she retrieved her Glock and took aim. As he dropped, his partner released another flurry of bullets. Ignoring him for a brief second, Lala focused on the actual person she was supposed to take out.

Antonio Ramos. Drug lord, head honcho in Brazil known for his savagery, especially against women and children. She would take great pleasure in knowing the world would continue spinning without him. He was currently running for one of the many jeeps he and his men had used to reach this area of the jungle where they handled most of their shady business.

As his last goon took off after him, Lala used the moment his back was turned to put a bullet in his head. His body hit the ground an instant later with barely a sound. Her main target, however, was apparently getting away, she noted as she heard an engine start. Though, due to the wildness of the jungle, no road here traveled straight for long, curving and winding over some ancient trail the original tribes created over centuries.

At this point, it was best for her to shift. She was almost out of bullets anyways, given that she had to waste so many taking down ten extra men because her target apparently couldn’t go anywhere alone. The big baby. Because of that inconvenience, she was going to be a day late getting home and she could already hear her brother’s complaints ringing in her ears.

Expending the rest of her clip, Lala chucked the weapon and let her jaguar take control. Her animal was well aware of the situation and began leaping through the trees, tracking their target. Within seconds, she was on top of the man. Her jaguar quickly calculated the distance and trajectory she needed before jumping. The landing on top of the vehicle was shaky and the jaguar almost slipped. Quickly, she relinquished control back to Lala, who had opposable thumbs to grab hold on the bars.

The car swerved beneath her a bit but it seemed her target didn’t realize he had an occupant on his roof, probably assuming the impact had been created by a falling tree limb. Steading herself on the speeding vehicle, Lala maneuver herself so she was right over the passenger seat before swinging down and through the open window of the jeep.

Her target was startled by her appearance but reacted quick enough to aim his gun at her and get a shoot off. Using a move her brother taught her, Lala knocked the gun away from her seconds before he fired so the bullet hit the windshield instead of her. She punched him in the face and heard a bone crunching noise. He tried to strike out at her with his gun hand while maintaining control of the vehicle, but she disarmed him and without hesitation turned his own weapon on him. He swerved, succeeding in jostling her enough to buy him some time.

He cursed out at her in his own language and if Lala was a weaker soul she may have been hurt by his words. Too bad she loved herself immensely and thought she was the best damn shit on the planet.

Her new position was awkward, but she kicked out with her foot, catching his jaw. The man grunted and batted at her but given that she was naked, he didn’t have anything to grab onto to stop her attack but her ankle. When he did, she hauled herself up and chopped at his throat, cutting off his air supply long enough to partially shift so her hand was a claw and she ripped out his larynx. Blood squirted from his wound and onto her skin, but Lala ignored the warm spray.

“Know that your death was well deserved.” She told him.

He tried to articulate words, but it was apparently hard to do without a larynx.

Shifting form, her jaguar leaped from the car window and watched from a nearby branch as his vehicle crashed into a tree. Calmly, she padded up to the driver side and looked into the window. Her target was dead, having suffocated on his blood.

No, it wasn’t her cleanest job. Luckily, this was gang war territory, and no one would think too much of ten men associated with drug trafficking being dead in the jungle. No one would ask questions, and none would miss them. It was a sacrifice of their job, and something Lala used to her advantage in this situation.

His death confirmed, Lala’s jaguar turned and leaped into a nearby tree to make the journey back to town.

“Your business trip was supposed to be over two days ago, Lala. So, let me asks one more time. Where were you?”

Lala rolled her eyes at her older brother. “I told you. My flight got delayed. Then I missed it the next one while I was waiting at the bar.” Which had actually happened. Though, she hadn’t been simply waiting at the bar but having a good time with some new people she met in Rio.

Typically, Lala liked leaving the place she had carried out a job quickly but that was hard to do in South America. Not that her brother knew exactly where she had gone. She told him she was headed to New York for a conference for the psychiatrist office she worked at part time. A place she hadn’t worked part time since high school but that was another thing her brother didn’t need to know.

“I’m home, aren’t I? Stop stressing, will ya.” She stood from her seat on the couch and stretched nonchalantly as her brother continued to scowl at her.

Whatever. He’d get over his bad mood soon enough.

He crossed his burly arms over his broad chest and glared his green eyes down at Lala from his height of 6’3” with his lips set in a thin line. “Lala, I know you like to be wild and forget responsibilities, but—

Too tired to listen to anymore of his nonsense, she cut him off. “Yeah, yeah. I’m a bad child who grew up to be a bad adult.” She gave her brother a kiss on the cheek. “I’m headed to bed. Let’s continue this discussion at a later time, kay?”

Her brother clearly wasn’t pacified but didn’t stop her from going to her bedroom.

Despite being twenty-four, she still lived in her family home with her brother, which is why he knew about all her goings and comings. Though, she didn’t doubt for a second that he would still find a way to know about them if she moved out. But she didn’t plan on doing that anytime soon because as much as her brother like to think she needed him, he needed her. Like way more than she needed him.

Yet, she would do anything to keep him by her side. It was just to two of them left of their family and Lala didn’t think she would be able to survive the loss of him if it ever came. Not that Lala would ever admit that to his face.

Even at her old age, he couldn’t go long without contact from her. Gods forbid he go a week without seeing her face. She remembered the first time she stayed away from home for two weeks without contacting him. Never before had she seen him so enraged, but she also seen how the worried of her dying without his knowledge had driven him insane and promised she would never put her brother through that again. She made sure to call him once a day if they didn’t see each other and tried not to stay out of town for longer than a week, if possible.

That being said, she still enjoyed being her crazy self and causing mayhem everywhere she went. It was something about herself she could never change. Only being the way she was had kept her from curling up into a ball and crying for the rest of her life.

Her phone buzzed just as she climbed into bed. Glancing at the screen, she saw it was a text from her bank in the Cayman Islands. Money had been deposited into her account. Putting her phone down, she went to sleep with a smile on her face.

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