Searching for Love

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Flawless model and effortless beauty, Keji Dolapo, (Keji D), embarks on a journey with her guitar, her memories, her attitudes, and her self-respect as she runs away from marriage with super billionaire Ethan McKenzie. Deciding to take her life in her hands, she goes all on a search. Her mission is to find love. Her vision is to find the perfect man of her dreams. Coincidentally, Christian Rivera Santiago, bound with the responsibilities of handling a whole state, has to find himself a bride, in order to qualify for the post of governor, and to please his mother. The last thing on his mind is love, while the only thing on hers is love. When these two meet, under unfavorable circumstances, would they find what they desire or wander farthest from each other? In Keji's crooked, interesting, and adventurous journey, will she be able to find what she set out to? Or, will she settle for zero in the absence of her hero? Will Christian be able to convince her that he is the one she had been searching for, or will he lose her to the man from her childhood? Read on to follow Keji, Christian, and Enitan on their mission to find love.🌹 ||Mature Themes|| ||Interracial Romances|| ||Intertribal Lovers||

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The wind howled in the distance, echoing it’s howls over the splashes of the ocean waters as they splashed against the rocks. He reached for my hands under the glittering moonlit night. His dazzling orbs reflected the silver of the moon itself causing me to wonder into the oceans in them.

“Across the world, right?”

I nodded.

His lips curved into a dimpled smile.

“To find what?”


He moved closer to me, closing the little space between us, and I could feel the warmth of his body hover on mine.

“Well, have you found what you’ve searched for?” He whispered in a low voice, as his hands made way to my back, pulling me in even closer.


“Have you found love?”

I smiled, hesitant to answer.

This had been the very question I had on my mind which I always thought I had an answer to.

But, now, surprisingly, I wasn’t so sure anymore.


I looked up to meet his expectant eyes, and forced my lips into a smile.


He moved his face to mine, his lips only inches from mine. Raising his hand to my cheek, his finger traced the invincible line of my cheekbone; his gaze hard on me.


Maybe, but not yes.

This was the dilemma I had in my mind, but my heart had only one answer. I had refused to listen to my own heart all through my search. I always thought everything was about thinking, calculations, strategies, but no!

I was confused but the answer had always been buried away under the layers of my emotions.

His warmth pressed deeper into me, as his skin burned against mine. The pounding of his heartbeat mirrored his desperate want for my answer, but my lips remained closed.

“Are you still unsure?” He asked.

He cupped my cheek in his palms, as he kept his gaze with mine.

“Have you found the one you love?”

I took in a deep breath.

This was it. It was high time I agreed with my feelings, and acknowledge the truth.

Have I really found what I’ve been searching for?

Determined, I straightened up.

I had to come clean. I had to accept the truth of my heart and to acclaim the treasure of my love.

Parting my lips open, I answered, “I…”


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