Searching for Love

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"fly around the world just for what? what do you plan to achieve?" he asked, facing me squarely and determinedly. "love" I blurted out. **** Keji Dolapo; young, beautiful, talented guitarist and cover page model embarks on a journey after circumstances forces her to. Her mission; to find love. Her vision; the perfect smoky man of her dreams. Her motive; Just find any fool to get hooked with...Find Mr. wrong and push the idiot to the right. In her crooked, interesting, and adventurous journey, will she be able to find what she set up to? Or will she settle for zero in the absence of her hero? Read on to follow Keji Dolapo on her mission to find love.

Romance / Adventure
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He reached for my hands under the glittering moonlit night, and gazed into my eyes causing me to wander into the depths of his savannah eyes.

“So, across the world to find what?”


He moved closer to me, closing in the space between us as I felt the hotness of his body warmth on mine.

“Well, have you found what you’ve searched for?” He whispered to me, as his hands made way to my back, pulling me even closer.

I gasped, and he faced me.


I smiled, ”Mmm, maybe”

His face came over mine; his lips only hesitating inches from mine.


He traced a finger around my cheekbone; his gaze still hard on me.

“Still unsure?”

I felt the warmth of his skin burning against mine, and the founding of his heartbeat. In his eyes, I saw the want, but I remained quiet.

He smirked and traces one hand down my chest; lingering on each spot that makes me gasp.

“Still not-sure?”

"Mmm" I bite down a moan as he nips at my neck; his lips moving in time with the tantalizing circles of his hand.

He slides his other hand to cup my cheek.

“Have you found the one you love?” He whispered to me. There’s heat in his voice as he breathed on my neck.

This was it. The moment of truth.
Have I really found what I desired?

I smiled to him.
I could never be more sure of anything else.


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