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The Devil's Huntress

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❝Queens do not bow to Kings❞

Romance / Fantasy
E.M. Harvey
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The Devil's Huntress

He stepped forward from the tight arrow he formed with his crew of three. He wasn’t shy as he stepped up real close, his chest touching my shoulder as he whispered in my ear. ❝Watch yourself there, Princess,❞ he purred. ❝You’re in our kingdom now.❞

He said that like he was the top dog of their kingdom, the King of Kings, all high and mighty as the heir to the throne, but he wasn’t the one that had been standing front and center.

The moonlight glistened through the floor-to-ceiling windows, igniting his sharp features and arrogant smile.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I looked him in the eye and glared. ❝I’m sorry, who are you?❞ I snipped, rolling my eyes at the obvious waste of my time. I knew exactly who these three were, but I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. Royalty or not.

In one quick movement, I lowered my arms and turned into him, pressing my chest fully against his. His body vibrated against me and I smirked, knowing I had him right where I wanted him. ❝Maybe you should learn who you’re speaking to before opening your mouth.❞

I reached down, not shy in cupping Vance Leopold’s length in my hand and squeezing. He let out a soft groan and I smiled as he twitched within my grasp. Leaning forward, I purposefully brushed my lips along his ear as I spoke.

❝Be careful, Your Highness,❞ I sneered. ❝A Queen bows to no man.❞

Scarlett Ambrose has lived in the Commons her entire life believing she was human, a scum in comparison to the Vampires that ruled their kingdom.

But not everything is as it seems- especially Prince Vladimir Cain Leopold III.

On the Eve of Prince Cain’s eighteenth birthday, Scarlett and every eligible maiden in the kingdom are invited to the Crimson Palace to celebrate.

When the announcement is made of the initiation of the King’s Blood Trial, the palace is attacked and Scarlett is kidnapped by the King himself. Thirsty for power, and itching for Scarlett’s bloodline, the King demands Scarlett join the Blood Trial.

Secrets are out, hearts are torn, and the Blood Trial commences with Scarlett as one of the thirteen women competing for Prince Cain’s heart, hand in marriage, and the throne.

All too soon, Scarlett Ambrose figures out that
the devil loves to come out to play at night.

Not suited for anyone under 16. Trigger warnings and adult content. If you don’t like alpha male a-holes, this book isn’t for you. I write about assholes who get knocked down by strong, sassy females that earn and demand respect from men. This is a dark fantasy, contemporary romance featuring one girl and multiple sexy, dangerous, and wild bad boys, but this is not a reverse harem. Explicit scenes of blood, violence, and intercourse.

This is a STANDALONE book.
This book contains scenes that may be triggering for some readers. Read at your own advisory, mature audiences only.

This is an un-professionally edited book, so please excuse any grammar mistakes. Also, please take into account how long each chapter is(2k-7k words). The books I write take a lot of time to write, so please appreciate the hard work put into it and keep any negative, non-constructive comments to yourself.


Can not be born, only bitten with venom willed into the victim’s bloodstream. At full strength once fed [on blood or raw meat]. Weakens after a week or so.
Difficult to control blood lust when hungry and after transformation.
Also referred to as “The Undead”.

Can be born and turned by a deep scratch or bite. At full strength once replenished with food or blood. Weakens [without food/blood] after a week or so.
Difficult to control transformation during the full moon, but one can resist it. (Except for the first shift).
Also referred to as “Lycanthrope”.

Can only be born, not changed. Extremely rare species. Most died out in the First Blood War. Can eat anything, even blood, and be replenished the same. Do not weaken unless powers are expent.Blood is poisonous to both Vampires & Werewolves.
Referred to as “Enchantress/Enchanter” when using dark magic.
Powerful Witches & Warlocks are called “Sorcerers”.

Can be made and born; extremely rare because of the extinction of werewolves.
Only the strongest bloodlines can make a hybrid.
Can consume anything; weakens after two weeks or so.
Can shift on command, a full moon does not affect them.
Also referred to as “Night Bloods”.

Can only be born from humans and vampires interbreeding.
Can consume human blood and food to survive.
Increased strength and speed, but no other vampire abilities.
Also referred to as “the damned”.

Rogue and starving vampires.
Look like a rotting corpse.
Vampire abilities increased for a limited amount of time, typically when hunting for food.
Perish into ash after 6 months without blood,
Or when their head/heart is removed from their body.

Much Love, Em


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