The Roman Family

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Only a few people know who they truly are. Once feared in the underground world, Lucas and Mikhail starts living their life normally, building a family and in isolation, away from the dangers for the Mafia. What seems to be like a perfectly normal life, something they have been dreaming of for a long time will be turned upside down when a certain kid finds his way in, bringing the two infamous people of the Russian mob back to who they are.

Romance / Action
Elle Sugi
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“You’re fucking crazy, the two of you.” I looked at Matthias and saw the fire in his eyes as he throw Earl’s bag beside. It almost hit me but I didn’t flinch. “Where is he?” Matthias asked.

I leaned my back against the couch and hugged the pillow. It’s been two weeks after what happened with Valentin. Only a few people knew Mikhail and I were alive. Maxim, Alexandra, Ivan, Edgar and of course, Matthias, Earl, Edward and Harry. Edward and Harry helped us with our disappearance. They took care of our passports, the plane we used to escape Russia and go into hiding. Matthias found us a temporary place to stay and it was their villa in New York where of course, only selected people could go. After they came back from their vacation in the Philippines, Matthias and Earl immediately went to us to see how we’re doing.

The bombing happened with Mikhail to conceal his death was a huge success. Faking a body, spreading the fake news, Mikhail and I planned this all out without hesitation. Of course, I was afraid that this might fail and we might really lose our lives but it’s better to take the risk. I wanted to get out of the Mafia as soon as I killed Valentin. There’s no more reason for me to stay and I knew Mikhail felt the same way as well. He was just waiting for someone to take him out of the game and it was me who did it. Maxim was more than happy to know Mikhail was leaving the Mafia. He knew, out of all the people in the world that it’s about time he retires. But after everything he had done, it’d be hard for Mikhail to live a normal life. The only way for him to get it was to fake his death.

Mikhail’s arm was around my waist, supporting me. He raised a brow, bemused to why I was suddenly here when I’m supposed to be doing something else. “What’s gotten into you, Lucas?” he asked.

“I love you. I love you so much, Mikhail,” I repeated as I kissed him in between words. By the time I backed away from him, his lips were swollen.

He got up, putting the his hand behind my head and bringing me close to him to kiss me. It wasn’t the usual rushed kiss we were used to.

It was a gentle and passionate kiss.

I closed my eyes and savored every second. Mikhail’s hands were cold but for some reason it felt warm against mine. I tilted my head to deepen the kiss, hugging him tight as I bring myself closer to him that I already was.

“Really, what happened?” Mikhail asked.

We stared at each others eyes. I took his hand and kissed the back of it.

“I want to marry you.”

Mikhail’s eyes widened in pure surprise. The look on his face was hysterical, with the comical eyes and the mouth gaping open, I couldn’t help but laugh at it. He looked like a child who was told Santa wasn’t real. “What?” he asked, his voice cracking for a second.

“I want to marry you. After I kill Valentin, let’s have a family. You and me, Mikhail. Somewhere far away.”

He blinked at me. I could see how he was registering the words I had said to him. It wouldn’t be easy, to build a family after getting out of the Mafia. We had to make sure we’re truly out of the game. I was expecting Mikhail would brush the offer away. I was shocked when he smiled. A rare smile that made my heart skip a beat. “Okay.”

“...w-what?” I stammered. “You’re okay with that?”

“It’s been too long, Lucas,” Mikhail said, leaning his cheek on my hand, his thumb caressing it. “Too long.” I understood what he meant. Nodding, I smiled back at Mikhail. He’s been in this game for too long. After he avenged his family, he stayed because he wanted more but now, Mikhail already got what he wanted for the longest time. “I don’t deserve a family,” he said.

I scowled. “Mikhail,” I warned.

“I have killed hundreds of people to get to where I am. I thought I’d be here forever but ever since I met you, I’ve been thinking about stopping.”

I gaped at him. “You…are?”

Mikhail was a greedy man. He wanted infinite money and power and he got it. To think he would throw it all away because of him warmed my heart in an instant. I tried stopping the tears incoming but I couldn’t anymore. The past few days had been hard. I steeled myself from any emotions but right now, it doesn’t matter. Mikhail’s the only person I allow to see my weak side. Nobody else.

“It’s true that I don’t deserve a family. I destroyed countless ones before and I accepted I don’t have the right to be happy,” Mikhail confessed. His eyes wavered for a second and I thought he’d cry. “But you proved me there’s still hope. You are my happiness, Lucas.”

I bit my lip. I hugged him tight, ignoring the fact I was soaking wet. “I love you, Mikhail. I want to be happy with you.”

I could feel Mikhail burying his face on the crook of my neck. His warmth ignited a fire in me. I had to do something, for the sake of our happiness, we had to die.

“He’s in the bedroom,” I tiredly answered.

Matthias noticed my exhaustion and raised an accusatory brow at me. “You fuckers…did you -- ?” he asked and he was fuming in anger.

“Calm down! We cleaned the room!” I defended before Matthias pull a gun to shoot me.

Earl finally arrived and he had dark bags under his eyes. He was carrying a sleeping Hiro in his arms and the first thing I noticed were his swollen eyes.

“What happened to him?” I asked in concern.

Earl sighed, replying, “he couldn’t stop crying in the plane.”


Matthias rolled his eyes and said, “apparently, my son fell in love with someone he just met.”

I made a face. I thought they were joking but the look on Earl’s face proved me wrong. Earl sighed again.

“Sorry, Lucas. I really need sleep. It’s been…a brutal flight,” he said, smiling in defeat.

“Sure. We’re occupying the ground floor guest room,” I informed.

Matthias and I watched Earl take Hiro upstairs to sleep. I felt bad for making them come straight here after their vacation. But Matthias insisted in seeing us because of the massive deal with left in Russia.

“Damn,” Matthias cursed, sitting on the sofa seat beside me.

“Did Hiro really cry all the way here?” I asked.

“Yeah, good thing he’s still not waking up. Do kids cry that much?” Matthias asked, shaking his head in disappointment.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t cry when you’re a kid.”

Matthias rolled his eyes at me and I snickered at him. I’m sure he had memories of him crying in the past considering what life he had. “Anyway, let’s talk business,” he said, drawing away from the previous conversation about Hiro, “you managed to take the Pakhan away from his position.”

“Yep, I did that,” I said, proudly.

“Everyone’s fighting for his position and all the territories under him already disbanded,” Matthias informed. “You’re going to make my life even harder.”

I smirked at him. “That’s what it was like back in the days before Mikhail became the Pakhan. He’s mine now. That’s all that matter.”

Matthias sighed in defeat. “What are you going to do now? Hide for the rest of your life? Mikhail’s been stripped off of his power and a lot of people will come after him for his head if they realize he’s alive,” he said.

“I’m very sure I can protect him,” I said in full confidence. “And I know you know that too, Matthias.”

I stood up and looked him in the eye.

“Besides, he’s not weak. He’s Mikhail after all.”


Amusingly, it was Mikhail who woke up late the next day. Even Matthias was already up at seven, carrying Hiro down the stairs to go to the living room and watch the news. Earl and I were busy in the kitchen cooking breakfast. He had to ask his men to fetch groceries for us.

“Did you rest well last night?” I asked Earl.

He rubbed his eyes and it was evident he was still tired. “Yeah, more or less. Hiro woke up crying and I had to comfort him because I couldn’t wake Matthias,” Earl answered.

“Sorry. I know we’re causing trouble…”

Earl cut me off. “You helped us a lot too, Lucas. Give and take, right?” he said, flashing me his charming smile that made most men fall for him. “Besides, we’re good friends.”

I fought back the tears. The past few weeks had been hellish and we haven’t had time to settle down but now that Matthias and Earl’s here, I felt good about things. Mikhail finally woke up. He didn’t made any sound entering the kitchen but I could feel his presence. I looked behind and saw him dressed lightly, wearing a white v-neck shirt and sweatpants. His hair was a mess and the eyeglasses he was wearing was covering his swollen eyes. He saw Earl and smiled courtly at him.

“Good morning,” Earl greeted, smiling back at him.

“’Morning,” Mikhail said with his dry voice that I just loved hearing.

“Did you see Matthias?” I asked.

Mikhail yawned, pushing his glasses back before walking next to me to get a cup of coffee. “Yeah,” he lazily answered. Turning to me, I saw his eyes gazing on my leg. “Sorry I fucked you too much the other night, I forgot about your leg.” I gaped at him and immediately faced Earl who stifled a laugh. I elbowed Mikhail on the side and he blinked at me in confusion. “What?” he snapped.

“Do mind we’re not the only people here, boss,” I said through my gritted teeth.

Earl tapped my shoulder and grinned at me.“It’s okay. My husband’s the same. Might be something in common about Mafia leaders, huh?” he teased.

I blushed from embarrassment. “S-sorry,” I said.

Mikhail went back to the living room and we could hear him and Matthias talking. After we finished cooking, Earl and I set the table. Hiro dejectedly walked towards me and all of a sudden, he hugged my leg.

“I don’t wanna eat,” he mumbled in a dejected voice.

It amazed me how mature and childish Hiro was. Sometimes he would say things an adult would say and sometimes he would act like the kid he was. He clearly inherited his parent’s personality and it was amusing.

I patted his head. “Hey, tell me all about this kid you met,” I said. I’m sure someone like him would rather talk about his crush than to completely forget it. Besides, no one should underestimate his so-called love for the kid he met. I’m sure someone from the Blaise family would be loyal to their first loves. Hiro lifted his head, a big grin on his face. “But after we eat breakfast, okay?”

I managed to convince Hiro to eat with us. Matthias was sitting beside Earl and across from where Mikhail and I were.

“So, what’s your plan now?” Matthias asked, looking straight at Mikhail. “Where are you gonna stay?”

Mikhail sipped his coffee before answering. “I own an island, somewhere in the south. Only Maxim knew where it is. I bought it when I was still starting as a mob boss.”

I raised a brow at him. “Why did you buy an island?” Does he like islands that much?

“Because I know something like this will happen in the future. I don’t intend to live my whole life being the Pakhan,” Mikhail said. “I need a place somewhere safe to settle down after I retire.” He looked back at Matthias. “And you have the same place too, don’t you Matthias?” Matthias smirked at him.“We have a lot of things to do. I know a rogue organization that can provide us fake identities,” Mikhail added.

“You really thought this through, huh?” Earl commented.

Mikhail looked at me and smiled. “Yeah, it was worth it.”

[A/N: You might not remember the flashback part but it’s from Sold to the Mafia: Book 2 where Lucas found out Alexandra was pregnant and he was envious of Maxim and Alexandra quitting the Mafia so he went to Mikhail to talk to him. It got cut off in book 2. The flashback scene here was their full conversation.Thanks.]

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