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When You Kiss A Jock

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What happens when you kiss a jock? Love, humor, and steamy make out sessions. No one anticipated the tornado that was Dylan Fletcher. Not Beaumont High, and certainly not Parker Flynn. A surprise kiss, football game, and after party are all it takes for two people to connect in a way they never expected.

Romance / Drama
Mikayla Farrell
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Surprise Kiss

I looked up at the intimidating brick structure in front of me as people rushed inside.

Another year, another new school.

With one final deep breath, I pushed aside the anxiety of being the new guy and walked into the building. I heard whispers and felt eyes on me as I strutted down the hallway but I didn’t care. I was used to it.

I was good at it.

I pictured the school map in my head as I made my way to my locker, internally high-fiving myself for taking the time to memorize the lay of the school so I didn’t have to walk around with the map in front of my face. That was the biggest mistake people made when they were new to a school. It made it so obvious that they were new, and that was just embarrassing.

When I got to my locker I double checked that it was the right one before spinning the combination that I’d memorized. The second biggest mistake you could make at a new school was going to the wrong class or locker.

I’d done both.

Believe it or not, trying to get into someone else’s locker, and getting caught by them, was more humiliating than walking into the wrong class. Although it was how I met my last boyfriend.

I rubbed my newly buzzed hair with one hand as I stuffed my unneeded books into my locker and thought back to Garrett. A small smile played on my lips when I pictured how stupid I must’ve looked spinning my code into his lock. He took it like a champ though, instead of freaking out at me and making a scene, the guy just pointed out the vacant locker next to his and explained that I was at the wrong one.

The bang of a locker door slamming shut made me jump and broke me out of my memory.

I scanned the hallway to see where the noise came from, and about five lockers down from mine a guy smirked at the fright he caused me.

Annoyance boiled my blood until I really took him in. Although the smirk on his face made him look like any other cocky asshole, his shaggy blonde hair and playful blue eyes made up for it. Not to mention the muscles straining against his t-shirt. I could tell just by the way he looked that he was a jock. And the football jersey he held in his hand was only confirmation of my suspicions.

I slowly shut my locker as I thought about my next move. The best thing you could do when you were the new person in school was to make a lasting first impression, and as I watched this guy’s eyes scan my body, an idea crossed my mind. I knew just how I was going to make an impression on this school.

I confidently walked up to the jock, a smirk stretching across my mouth when I saw that his didn’t fall.

I’ll wipe that look right off your face I thought as I closed the distance between us.

I paid no attention to the curious looks his friends were giving me as I pushed the smirking blonde up against his locker and pressed my lips to his.

I bet he wasn’t going to be smirking after this.

I felt his body stiffen in shock against mine when the reality of what was happening sunk in, but he didn’t push me away. And just as I was about to end the kiss he pushed his lips harder against mine.

My breath caught in my throat when sparks spread through my whole body as he hungrily kissed me back.

But as quickly as the kiss started, it ended when he put his hands against my chest and shoved me away.

“What the hell man?” He yelled, anger and confusion darkening his eyes.

I looked down at my feet and smirked when I saw his football jersey. I quickly scooped it up and held it out for him, the smug look never leaving my face.

“Good luck tonight.” I drawled, referring to the football game I knew would be taking place this evening. Players only brought their jerseys to school when there was a game that day. It was one thing that never changed no matter what school I was at.

He snatched the uniform out of my hand, stuffing it in his backpack as he stormed away. And once he was out of sight I looked around at the crowd that gathered to witness the scene.

“What’s his name.” I asked a small blonde girl that was gawking me.

I chuckled as she silently blinked in shock before finally replying, “Parker Flynn.”

Hot name for a hot guy.

I began to walk in the direction of my first class when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see who was trying to get my attention and met the curious eyes of the girl I’d just spoken to.

“What’s your name?” She questioned.

The smirk on my face intensified as I realized just how well my plan worked. If I hadn’t pulled the stunt I just did, no one would care to know who I was.

“Dylan Fletcher.” I answered, saying it loud enough so everyone that was not so subtly listening in on the conversation could hear.

By lunch everyone was going to know my name.

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