Her, Me and Him: A Forbidden Romance

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“You were the ray of sunshine that made me melt but she was the darkness that made me whole,” He said as she dropped the knife that she had held Two wrongs don't make it right is what they were all told but. They believed two wrongs make the first wrong seem less wrong. With only 6 months of high school left Araiya focuses on her school work and nothing else. That is until Mr.White comes into her life and her friendships take a turn for the worst.

Romance / Drama
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Ariaya POV

I checked my horoscope the day I met him. my horoscope said you would start an adventure that would change you forever, and it did. I would never be the same. I would fall in love, I would lose a friend, and I would take comfort in the fact that I wouldn’t have to see any of them ever again.

I looked out of my window in my dorm room and smiled at the realization.

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