A Love For Words

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Heartbroken jock, Abel Tasman, is forced to take his sister to a poetry slam having no clue that he is going to find a sweet girl named Corinna. We laughed together. Our laughs were in sync. "The way everyone looked at you was priceless too," I said and he chuckled. "I knew we had to snap but your poem made me feel... like someone finally understood how it felt to feel..." "Alone," we both said at the same time.

Romance / Humor
Anna 👾
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A Love For Words


Abel's Point Of View

I didn't understand why Sasha was acting this way. She was one of the richest girls in the neighborhood and she was acting as if she had never had everything she had ever wished for.

She had stolen her dads car and now she was driving like a maniac in it. For a fourteen year old, she drove pretty well. Until now.

"Sasha, slow down. You could crash."

"There is no one driving at this time a night," she laughed softly. Her laugh sounded like ringing bells that made my eardrums happy.

I let her do donuts in an empty parking lot. She wouldn't stop when I told her to. "Sasha. Stop the damn car," I snapped getting slightly annoyed.

She stopped and turned towards me. "What the hell is your problem? I thought you were having fun. I thought you were happy."

"I was. But you take things too far. I get that you're mad at your dad but I think you should return his car before you take things too far. Or worse."

She gave me a hard glare and I never looked away, which only seemed to piss her off because she scoffed and slumped back in her seat. She put the car in drive and sped out of the empty parking lot. She was speeding so fast, everything was blurry.

"Sasha! Stop-" was the last words that came out my mouth before a car came from nowhere and crashed into us.

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