A Bad Girl's Love

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Chapter 36

A blaring alarm is enough to make me jolt out of bed and nearly fall on my ass when the person at my side does the same. Wait, the person at my side? My eyes widen similar to how Aaron’s do when he’s taking in new surroundings, though this place is anything but new to me, it’s Shawn’s bedroom along with its half-naked owner that stands across from me.

His eyes fill with confusion before he lets out a roaring yawn, stretching his arms above his head enough for me to get a good glimpse at his v-line. I force my eyes away from the Greek God that stands in front of me to instead grab my phone which caused us to wake up in the first place.

That part actually aggravates me because that was the best sleep I’ve gotten in a long ass time and it got ripped away from me.

“How the hell did I end up in bed with you?” Not that I’m much opposed to the thought, I liked being wrapped up in his arms like the old times, not that I would tell him that though.

Shawn shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know.”

“I can answer that for you,” Xavier’s voice is on the smug side before I find myself jumping up and searching the room for a sign of him. “Jonah and I might’ve come up with a plan to get the two of you alone until about… 10, maybe a bit later.”

I pick up my phone to check the time, 2:15.

“Why the hell would you think that was a good idea?”

“The two of you have barely spoken to each other since he woke up from that coma and it’s starting to piss us off, especially with your big talk.” That was a direct jab to me, wasn’t it? “Get over yourselves and just be friends again, nobody’s asking you to jump each other’s bones and get hitched.” Damn, Jonah’s got some heat behind his voice today.

“How did she get in bed with me?” I glance over to Shawn, noticing the tint of pink that starts at his cheeks and lasts down to his pecks. He’s so cute.

“You guys fell asleep watching Home Alone, which one, is adorable, and two, allowed us to get you where you are now. Jonah carried Amaya up the stairs before I went behind him to carry you up.” I feel a sense of pride at Xavier’s answer as I think about Jonah’s accomplishment. It makes me a bit curious as to what went down to make him know for sure he had the strength in him.

“You know, that’s great of you Jonah, show off your new-found strength by helping to hold your sister against her will.” A laugh is bellowed out from the other line that sounds heartier than Santa himself.

“You can leave, you know?” Shawn’s voice gets small enough for me to tell he’s feeling a bit hurt over the comment I made.

I open my mouth, about to apologize. “Actually, no, she can’t. You can try to leave out of the door, but it’s not going to budge any, and the windows, well we glued those shut. You’re also welcome to try that out, but know we already warned you.” They've really thought of it all.

“What the fuck?!” a boom comes from behind me; I bite down on my lip before taking a seat on the bed once again. “What happens if we start to get hot or something? And what about water? Or food?”

“You can turn on the A.C., a fan, or start stripping,” Xavier snickers at the end. Really mature there, Ave, really, really mature. “For water and food, check your closet, you always have like two gallons of water in there and before the accident you were hoarding snacks in the closet. For lunch and dinner, well you’ll have to wait until we let you out of there.

“We plan on hanging out with the boys all day long as a Christmas Eve Eve present to ourselves. Mom decided to take a trip to see Uncle Jude and Aunt Ellie.”

“Where’s Aaron?” How sweet of Shawn to ask.

“He’s with us, and don’t worry, we’re taking really good care of him. Now if you excuse us, event number one is about to start, oh, and you won’t be hearing from us until the check-in at 6.”

Just like that, both of our shit-faced brothers are off of the phone, leaving me and Shawn in the silence that is each other’s company.

“Were you involved with this?” I ask, turning to Shawn to watch as his eyes narrow at the question as though it’s the most absurd thing he’s ever heard.

“Why the hell would I be involved in trapping someone in my room for eight hours when all said person wants to do is avoid me and pretend that we don’t have a history with each other.” Well that kind of hurt a bit, but I can see why he feels as bitter as he does right now.

“I haven’t been-”

“Don’t bullshit me, Amaya, you’ve been ignoring me as though I was going to kill you or something. It took me getting high off of my ass for you to really pay me any attention, you only want to be around me when I’m vulnerable. That’s the exact reason I’d rather not be trapped in here with you,” he sighs out before turning his back to me to grab a football from his corner and take a table at his desk across the room.

His eyes never leave the ball as he starts to throw the ball up and down, each time catching it when it gets close enough to hit him in the face.

“Shawn, I never meant to-”

“That’s the problem, Amaya,” he grunts out before making brief eye-contact. “You never mean to hurt me, but then you go and do just that. It doesn’t matter what you meant to do, it matters what you did and continue to do. I’m not even asking you for all that much, at least not in my eyes.”

“What do you want from me, Shawn Harper?” I ask exasperated.

He jumps up from his seat, dropping the football at his side, it takes three purposeful strides for him to get to me. Shawn pushes me back on the bed; I watch his jaw clench as those eyes run deep enough to make me drown in them. I can’t help but want to know that feeling. Drowning in the feelings he gives me doesn’t sound too bad.

Shawn’s eyes, the color of kryptonite, and ironically, that’s what he is to me along with Aaron. They’re my kryptonite.

“Shawn,” I drag out like it’s painful.

“Please, let me say this.” Shawn climbs into my lap so he’s straddling me, and for some reason, I let him. “I’m not asking for you to be someone you’re not.” A kiss is planted on my jaw. “I don’t want some fake fairytale ending.” He moves to my neck. “I want a commitment to the woman I love. You. Amaya Santana Wolff.” I let out an involuntary moan as he starts to suck away at my neck for a moment.

“I want to fall asleep with you in my arms. I want to go to sleep telling you that I love you and wake up in the mornings to do the same.” God, why is his voice so raspy? Why can a single guy be enough to make me lose my shit? A calloused hand falls on my cheek before he tilts my head up to him. “I want to raise Aaron along with this baby here.” We look each other dead in the eye, my jaw falling. How?

“How did you know? Did Xavier or your mom tell you?”

“Nobody told me anything, though I do wish you would’ve come to me, but I can see how our predicament wouldn’t be the easiest way to tell someone that you’re expecting their child, again.” The hand that isn’t on my cheek falls on my stomach before he’s caressing it. I bite down on my lip as I let him get comfortable.

“Children,” I decide to correct him.

“Sorry, what?” Our faces become that much closer, close enough for his warm breath to land on my lips and give me the urge to just reach up and let all this bullshit go. I did say that I regret pushing him away before the accident, but now I’m continuing to do just that.

“We’re having twins. Two more kids. As in going from one child to three.”


“I would guess that it happened the day your mom-” Shawn lets out a laugh before his hand starts to slide from my stomach to my thigh.

“I know how I got you pregnant, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you strip down to your birthday suit and-” I throw my hand over his mouth to stop the dirty comment I know good and damn well would’ve slipped out of his mouth slicker than some of the other things he says. He licks my hand to get me to drop it.

“Geez Shawn, how old are you?” I swipe my hands on his freckled chest to which he results by groaning.

“Old enough to knock you up twice, which means I’ve got some good and mature swimmers down there.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“Hopefully your idiot for the rest of our lives.” My heart skips a beat.

How is it that he doesn’t even have all his memories of us but he can still want this with me as much as he did last month?

“Can you not be the nice guy for five minutes?” He cocks an eyebrow.

“You want me to be a dick to you?” It’s not like I don’t deserve it. “I could be an asshole, but I don’t want you to cry or anything like that. I love you far too much to watch you break over something I say.”

“You’re not going to make me cry.”

“Are you sure about that, because I’ve seen pregnant people that get overly emotional and then make you feel all uncomfortable over it.”

“Just come clean, Shawn. One. Two. Three, then go,” I do the same countdown for him that Xavier did to me a few days ago when he had to read our essays in front of the class. “I promise you that I’m not going to get mad.”

“How about we play a game instead?” he suggests while forcing his eyes away from me.

“Well that depends, what type of game do you want to play?” His arms snake around my waist slowly as a reassurance that I’m actually okay with being touched by him, and at the moment, it’s one of the only things I want.

“We’re going to play a nice game of twenty questions. I’ll ask and you answer.”


“You sure you want to play, babe? That means you’re giving full consent to every question that I ask you.” His head falls on my shoulder, those soft black curls rubbing up on my neck. Always seeking some sign of affection from me.

“How hard do you plan on going on me?” Shawn licks his lips as he slides his hand a bit further up, getting closer to my inner thigh, but I trust him enough not to try pushing that on me.

“Physically, not hard at all if that’s not what you want. I can be your tender lover.” I feel my cheeks flush out. “When it comes to the questions, well, I can’t exactly tell you how hard I’ll go because I have no idea.”

“Ask away.”

“When did you realize that your feelings for me were there?”

“I honestly can’t remember a time where I didn’t feel anything more than friendly for you.” I bring my hands to his warm cheeks; he leans into my hold. “The day I learned to accept it all came when I told you that I was a Panther. You held me in your arms that night, refusing to let go of me. That night I fell asleep in your arms dreaming of the guy I thought I couldn’t have.”

We were so young back then, but it didn’t take me long to figure out what the feeling was. From that night on he’d rock me to sleep when I’d stay the night at his house, his smile barely ever dropping when we embraced. Sometimes he’d even watch me sleep to make sure nothing could harm me throughout the night.

If I’d ask, he’d sing me a song to sleep. It didn’t take long to notice that whenever he’s around me I feel like I’m soaring.

“Could you want a future with me?”

“I already want a future with you, more than anything actually, but that doesn’t change the fact that you deserve someone better than me.”

I also have to handle the guys that placed you in the hospital so I can make sure you aren’t in trouble anymore. I don’t tell him that last part because I know he’ll only try to stop me when my mind is already made up.

“I don’t want to end up back together and then have you be miserable in the future.” I drop my hands from his face and start to look down before he pecks me on both of my cheeks, his eyes never leaving my own.

“You are so precious,” he whispers out. “If I have you, I’m not going to be miserable. I’d be overly joyed to know that there isn’t another man going to sleep holding the woman I love while I’m sleeping alone. How can’t you see that I want to be around you and Aaron every single day? Every day that I get to spend with you is a gift from God.” Those lips come closer to my own, his breath shallow and breathy.

“I wanted to seriously hurt that redhead earlier,” he discloses while moving to take a seat right beside me.

“Ace? Why? He’s so nice.” An inhuman growl comes from deep within him as he drops his arm from around my waist to instead draw my hand into his own.

“The adorkable guy likes you, he doesn’t hide it all too good either, but I already wanted to hurt him before I even got a glimpse at his face. When we were talking I might’ve possibly been watching you from inside my car,” he confesses with slight guilt spread across his features.

“Well that’s not creepy at all,” I say sarcastically.

“I wasn’t doing it to be creepy, I did it because I was planning on going to class and needed to wait for everyone to be inside before coming in, but then Xavier spotted me.” I nod while listening to his explanation behind his actions.

“Why do you always get so heated when you see other guys having contact with me?”

“The same reason that you get so heated when girls are all over me. Other guys aren’t allowed to check you out in the ways that I do. I won’t let them.” A smoldering look etches its way onto his face that makes my stomach slightly twist. Why couldn’t he just be ugly?

“What are you gonna do, fight every guy that looks?”

“Yes! That’s an incredible idea, I can do that, that way guys won’t be fantasizing about having their way with my girl.” I love how he emphasizes the my, and damn, jealousy is a strangely hot look on him.

“Who says I’m your girl?”

“Whether you choose to deny it or not, you’re my girl,” he says matter-of-factly with a golden smile.

“What would you do if someone were to walk up to me, right in front of you, and then ask me out.” That smile dissipates before being replaced by a grimace instead.

“I’d pull your body flush against mine,” he mutters out while lifting me so I’m sitting in his lap. God, I can feel every aspect of him. “Then I’d…” Shawn trails off as he places his lips on my own, his lower region gyrating. The moment I gasp his tongue slips into my mouth and he’s not small with it either, he wants this to be heated.

This damn guy is too much for me. He pulls away, leaving me wanting more which probably was his plan all along.

“I’d make you want me enough that you wouldn’t care if others see us, or if they hear us.” He brings my head to rest on his forehead. “You should give into me soon, baby girl. Call it my Christmas present if you want.”

“You really want that and only that for Christmas?”

Shawn shakes his head. “Don’t say it like that. Having you for Christmas wouldn’t be an only, it’d be everything. I also want Mommy to kiss Santa Claus,” he motions between us with his hands as he says that last part. “If I’m Mr. Bear, I want you to be my Mrs. Bear, babe.”

I bite down on my lip as flashes of a few months ago hit me like a train.

“Hey Amaya?” he says my name sweetly.

“Hmm,” is my only response. I look him in the eyes with a smile as he squeezes my hand.

“If I’m Mr. Bear than that would make you Mrs. Bear because nobody else is ever gonna get you.” I smile even wider at him before licking my lips and staring him in the eyes as he waits for my response.

“That would make us married, Shawn, you are aware?” His cheeks become a deep crimson as I laugh at him.

“I mean- you, we could, not right now but-” Shawn just shakes his head before staring down at his hands. “One day we will be, and I can personally promise that if someone tries taking you away from me I’ll kick their ass to the point that they’ll be sleeping with one eye opened looking for me.” I laugh before pecking his lips once again.

“I already told you, you don’t need to worry about that, plus, I can handle myself.”

“I never said you couldn’t, now did I? I know you can, hell, you’ve kicked my ass before, which was way hotter than I’d like to admit but I’d want to be the one to kick their ass. You belong with me and anyone that thinks otherwise can get my foot shoved up their ass. You’re all mine,” he says the last part in my ear.

“Babe… you’re so possessive,” I say. Shawn quickly shakes his head.

“No, I’m not, I’m simply claiming what’s rightfully mine.”

“Shawn, I’m not an object so you can’t just simply claim me, being a person doesn’t work that way,” I try explaining.

“If you can claim me why can’t I claim you, it seems fair that way around.”

“Stay for Christmas,” Shawn’s request makes me blink twice.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Stay. For. Christmas. Stay tonight. Stay tomorrow. On Christmas, after we’ve done everything that we plan on doing, you can leave. If you want to. Please. Stay.” I fight the urge to look him in the eye, but there’s no point in it, not when he already knows he’s got me. He always knows.

“Fine, I’ll stay.”

“Great,” I can hear the clear excitement.

“Now answer me this, how did you know about the new editions?”

“Whenever I come into contact with you, the first thing that I do is check you out in a non-perverted way of course.” I mhm in response to that. “I thought about it for a bit and then confirmed it when we were touching earlier. I felt the baby bump when we were on the couch together.” A triumphant smile spreads across his face.

When did he become so observative?

“I’m always observative when it comes to you, and I’m always going to be.”

Damn, I didn’t realize I was thinking aloud.

“You want to watch Marvel’s Runaways?”

“Sure, just make sure Aaron doesn’t find out,” I joke before his small dimples make an appearance. God, I love him so much.

“It can be our secret,” he says before grabbing his laptop and laying back on his bed. Why is he hot enough to be a Calvin Klein model? “Get comfortable, we’re gonna be here a while.”

I lay back in his arms, basking in the way he holds me with so much love and adoration. “I already am.”

He smiles before starting the show from season one episode one.

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