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"We can't." I say as his lips get closer to mine. "Why not?" "Because my father works for your father." We won't tell anyone. It'll be our secret." This is the second book of Passion. So if you haven't read it yet I suggest that you do before reading this book. Passion is on Amazon kindle e-books. Temptations is going to be about Josie and Drake's kids. Amelia and Andrew. Amelia is a beautiful young woman who is starting to fall for a man that she's not supposed to be with. He's the son of her father's boss. His name is Jason. At first glance Andrew knows that Jason is the kind of guy that his sister shouldn't be with. He's cocky and thinks his good looks and charms will get him in the pants of any woman. Andrew wants to protect his sister. He doesn't want her to get hurt. Jason Wolf is a handsome, rich young man. He can have any woman he wants. Although he only has eyes for one woman and that woman is Amelia.

Romance / Erotica
Mickey Myjak
5.0 3 reviews
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Chapter 1

Mia's P.O.V

I can't believe that mom and dad are making me go to this stupid charity event. I mean I know it's part of dad's job and it's for a good cause, but I really don't want to go. I hate getting all dressed up and I hate crowds. Whenever I'm around a lot of people my anxiety acts up. Thankfully mom and dad are also making Andrew go, so I'll have him to talk to. Andrew is my twin brother and he's always able to help me calm down when or if I start to have an anxiety attack. He's very protective of me and since we are twins we share a special bond. Andrew is 19, 6'1, with tan skin. He has a slightly muscular build, silver eyes and short black hair. He also has tattoos all over his body like our dad. I have a black and grey rose tattoo piece on my hip going down to my upper thigh. My skin is porcelain white, I have blueish green eyes and long black hair. I'm 5'1 and curvy. I look at myself in the mirror, wearing the black dress that mom picked out for me for tonight and sigh. I would've felt so much more comfortable in my ripped jeans and a t-shirt, but apparently that's not acceptable. This black dress is pretty but it makes my already big breasts look bigger, my hips are wide and my thick thighs rub against each other. The dress ends just below my knees and shows off my curves. I sigh wishing I had a jacket to cover myself up with. I apply some mascara and ruby red lipstick, then brush my hair.

"Mia!" My mom yells from downstairs. "Hurry up sweetie, we don't want to be late."

I roll my eyes at my reflection then go downstairs.

"Oh honey." Mom gasps. "You look so beautiful."

"Um...thanks." I say, forcing a smile since she's smiling at me like a maniac. Andrew walks into the room in a nice dark blue suit.

He sees me and laughs. "Wow sis, sometimes I forget that you're a girl. You never wear dresses, hope you don't get hit on too much tonight."

I roll my eyes at him and flip him off when mom's not looking.

"Andrew stop teasing your sister." Dad says as he joins us in the hall. "You look very nice sweetie."

"Thanks dad."

"Andrew I guess you look okay." Dad jokes, making me giggle.

"Alright everyone." Mom chirps. "Let's go."

I groan and mom frowns at me. Andrew comes up next to me, throwing his arm across my shoulders and smiles. "Come on Amelia, it's not going to be so bad."

Oh, I hope he's right.

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