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Can you leave everything that you once knew behind for a world that you know nothing about? A story that encompasses sacrifice and love on the line You always hear stories of how humans become werewolves and so and and so forth, but have you heard of a werewolf who suddenly loses everything, including her powers, starts to live a human life after being saved by one. Allison, an Omega, yet sister to an Alpha experiences life to the fullest as a werewolf and as a mere human being, but things don’t always go according to plan. She finds herself battling hunters, her own pack, a psychopath of an enemy, and live the life of a human, full of weakness, passion, school, and love. How will she find a way back to her old life where things were always happy or does she actually question it? Human or werewolf, the choice is hers.

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1

I could feel the wind creep up my neck, thrashing the fur off my face as I look upon the woods. I could sense each and every animal in our territory that spanned through lands the sun touched beyond the horizon. I love everything from the dew sagging down a blade of grass to the stumbling pebbles tossing and turning in river waters spitting out the end of a raging yet serene waterfall. The glimmer of the sun's rays glisten the curving vines and trees that give edge and design to every part of the woods, making it as elegant and refined as possible.

I call this my home.

Staring over my home I couldn't help but be content as I form back into my human form wearing nothing but a cloth tied to my left waist stretching and curving to my right thigh as a tube of fabric laced around my girlish chest covered my figure. I took the ribbon clasped around my hand as a rope to bind my black wavy unkempt hair away from my dark brown eyes as I turn my head away from the cliff.

I take a few steps into the woods when my body suddenly stopped by instinct. In every direction my head turned observing each and every movement, every sound, and every smell within twenty miles of me, hoping nothing was wrong. My eyes pulsed with anticipation making my ears sway back and forth recognizing it was a faint howl beckoning to be heard deep within the woods. I inhaled knowing it was no ordinary howl. It was a howl ordering me back to my pack, back to my family.

My eyes averted back to a bright yellow as I take a step towards the steep cliff. I crawled on both my hands and legs taking a calm and deep breath in the process to replenish my body. And at the very edge I lift my chin to glance upon the moon illuminating my face. I dug in deep within me and unleashed a howl echoing throughout the woods.

Rushing into the woods my mind was set on nothing but reaching the site the howl emerged from. I continue to run seeing a big chunk of rock ahead. I smirked below my upper lip as I run even faster purposely flinging my right foot onto the rock. In under a second I ignite into the air feeling a whole force of wind swoop pass me. My body feeling so alive twirled around absorbing the moment as gravity's pull sends me down landing on nothing but four paws with claws. Pushing them even further I run faster and faster until I see my brother, Aden standing by the entrance of our camp intimidating me from the moment I saw him.

Wearing nothing but shorts exposed his shaped muscles making him look dominant, plus with all his charm and good looks I'd say he's "Mr. Perfect", but I didn't want to admit that-- him being my brother and all--but I was somewhat proud of him.

Aden and I are very similar in many ways but the only difference between us other than the fact our genders were was that he is an Alpha while I'm just an Omega.

The Alpha and Omega's title aren't just classes or names. They define us. There are other classes not just these two. There are five classes of which we werewolves are called by. They are the Alphas, the Omegas, the Betas, the Thetas, and the Gammas.

The Alphas are pack leaders, making Aden ours. The Alphas powers are far greater than that of an Omega's. Omegas are what make up most of the packs population. They are normal werewolves that obey the Alpha's orders and biddings. Basically, we follow rules and do what we are told by the Alpha or we could either die or worse, be banished. But on the other hand Betas don't need to listen to any Alpha. Betas have no packs meaning no Alpha. You may rarely see Betas now a days knowing they stand alone against the world, but being a Beta is as good as being dead unless you're powerfully strong and no one can out match you or either be a scaredy cat who likes to hide all the time. Well first of all that's what I think. And there are the Thetas. We don't know much about them other than the fact that they are legendarily fabled pureblooded werewolves. Not much of our kind know about them except for our elders whom we have no idea where they are or how to get in touch with, but legend says they are unlike any werewolf ever made or born. And lastly the Gammas. Another word that we wolves might like to call them would be the Bittens. You see Bittens are very different from the other classes not because of what they do, but where they come from. The Alphas, Omegas, Betas, and the Thetas are purebloods and the Gammas are most certainly not. They are the lowest of the low, but now you can barely find a Bitten in the world no thanks to the hunters. I didn't want to think of Bittens that low but it is the law and nothing breaks it. Seeing Aden reminded me of that.

I scrunched my chin as I shift back into my human form. I approached Aden mustering enough strength to talk to him and as soon as he sees me he gestures his head towards the other Omegas. I huffed a big sigh heading towards them wanting nothing more than to leave, but Alpha's orders are absolute.

"What's wrong Allison? Feeling out of it?" a smirk lingered beneath Jason's lips toying with me.

He stood there looking all tall and buff as he usually does making me want to brake him, but all I could do is ignore him instead and walk away as if he was just a pesky little fly.

"Allison don't ignore me. Why don't you entertain me instead?" Tyler then bursted into laughter from what Jason had scoffed as if I was his own personal joke. I then turned my head to Tyler, Jason's best friend who was exactly like Jason except he was tanned and had long black hair with an annoyingly insane attitude. I gave him a look forcing a slight smile up my lower lip. My eyes glistened yellow making him gulp whatever was dislodged down his throat nervously. He then looked away towards Jason knowing a slight spark of fear emerged within him. I smiled knowing I had my fun teasing him as I move on glancing to the side scanning the entire area for the Omegas realizing everyone's here except for one, Kaleb.

Thinking about Kaleb was one thing I didn't want to think about. Kaleb was very arrogant and boastful. He was the kind of Omega to face danger with a smile. I'm not saying that he is the only werewolf that actually does it. I mean I do it too, it's just Kaleb is different. He loves seeing death in a person and no one usually does.

He challenged Aden to be Alpha once, when we first encountered him in the woods as a passer-by, but he showed no match for my brother yet something in Aden made him keep Kaleb in our pack. Most likely it's because Kaleb's just strong for a regular Omega, but somehow I knew that it wasn't the whole reason he let Kaleb stay.

I shook my head knowing that Kaleb being the strongest Omega in our pack ticked me off more than anything. Just because I'm a girl werewolf doesn't mean I can't handle myself to fight as strong as Kaleb. I'm strong too you know.

I feel my eyes widen as i gnaw my teeth in abhorrence. I take in deep numerous amounts of breaths trying to die my rage down. Clenching my fists tight my nails then suddenly pierce my rugged skin. I bit the right side of my lip due to the stinging pain emerging from my palm, but I knew this pain wouldn't affect me in the least. It would perhaps help me keep calm as multiple drops of blood scatter upon the dirt tainting my path behind me as my eyes then wandered side to side hoping something could distract me and something did.

I glanced at a fair, tall, muscular man named Dylan. His features were attractively charming, yet intriguing. I don't know him for very long seeing as he just joined our pack about six months ago, but I don't keep track of him that much.

The thought of him being handsome and kind made my expression soften and my fists loosen to the very tips. I sighed through my nose knowing I had finally calmed down until his lips urged a smile tweaking its way in my direction. I didn't want to look around wondering who the smile was directed at knowing it might have been for me. My cheeks plush red at the thought making me avoid his gaze and redirect my position to the opposite of him. I couldn't make contact with him for a while knowing I just shouldn't. Anyway it's not like there is anything going on between us, plus Omega's are never to fall in love with each other. It's a wolf rule you could say, but the falling in love with other Omegas is something like a forbidden act. It's not like you can control who you love. I guess you could say it just happens. And for it, either of the two Omegas can get banished from the pack. It was a simple rule yet hard to obey.

I snapped the idea of Dylan and the whole not falling in love with an Omega rule out of my mind making my head sway side to side feeling the air wisp my hair to and fro. I continue on my path to a log resting its body on the ground. I stood close to it ready to hear what Aden has summoned us for in the first place.

Watching Aden stand in front made us all gather around him and once all of us were silent he began.

"Listen. I know some of you, if not most, would not like my proposal, but as Alpha I must do what's best for the pack," he paused changing his body position, putting more of his body weight on his right leg. He continued to stare at everyone knowing he has grabbed their attention, including mine. "There have been sightings of hunters meddling in our territory. We don't want any problem to arise especially during this season." No one spoke. No one moved. Especially since everyone knew it was hunting season and by hunting season I don't mean for us but rather for the humans.

I continued to stand up straight aware of what my brother might do or say, but he's my brother. I'll always have to stick by his side even if it might mean the cost of my own life.

"You know what you have to do. Conceal your tracks, don't be foolish, and this time we hunt as a group." And by this hunting it means our game. So now my brother's basically telling us no one can hunt unless everyone is present amongst the pack.

I shrugged in my stance knowing it might have to be like this for a while and I knew no one wants to be tagged on a leash for a couple of months especially us wolves. I glanced up seeing Aden's eyes on me as they swiftly zoom from one person to the next. He turned to us for approval. He turned to me for approval.

I finally nodded saying, "I agree." My brown eyes grew to a faint yellow color flashing themselves into the night as I feel them widen, persisting them to remain attached to Aden's movements, but he was more concerned with his mate, Amanda.

Aden studied Amanda making her nod in response to his promulgation. His face finally lifting ever so slightly with a slight smile knowing his mate had agreed, but I don't blame him. Obviously he'd be worried about what she thinks especially since your mate is your whole world. It’s like their basically the reason why you’re still being pulled to this earth and not gravity itself, if your know what I mean. Plus she’s pregnant with their first child. A smile then slowly creeps within my lips knowing he is doing the best he can do for the pack and his family that's why I believe I should stand by his side and do what I can do for him. Returning to the matter at hand I continued to watch Aden glance towards Tyler and Jason seeking for their approval.

Jason standing tall and strong in his place gave Aden a slight nod reassuring him he was on board. While Tyler slumped leaning against a tree with his head down, fully aware that Aden had been glaring at him for confirmation. But Tyler being who he is, looked up. A smirk formed by his lips almost implied that what Aden had been discussing was some simple joke.

I looked over to Aden witnessing his eyes gleam a gory red, staring Tyler down. He finally jerked his head backwards nodding like he had no other choice, which he didn't.

"And what if I refuse?" a voice echoed around us from the shadows. I sighed slightly tilting my head to the side realizing I didn't need to look back to know who it was, because I knew him all too well and it disgusted me to the depths of my stomach.

It was Kaleb.

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