His Ego And Her Stubbornness

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Kaif an arrogant businessmen. On the other hand there is Mahira who is a cardiologist and a lot stubborn, so what happens when they get married. All she said was "leave me or otherwise I will call the security" "Excuse me this is my room so I will call the security" I replied back. "Leave me otherwise it won't be good for you" she said in anger. "What can you do miss" I asked her mockingly and within a minute I was on the floor and she was on top of me. She just swept of my feet. "Now mister you were saying something" she asked while smirking. " Get off me ma'am this is my room" I said and she just told me not to fight back and I agreed. She got up from me and went somewhere and suddenly light was on and now I could see everything. When she came back I saw that it was Mahira I was holding but wasn't she outside then how come she came in. "How did you come inside" I asked her. "Thats for me to know and for you to never know" she replied with sass. "So should I kick you outside again to see how you came in" I asked her in a bored tone. "Don't try it otherwise this time you would seriously regret it" she said. "Well I would love to kick you but please safe us this trouble, at this time of night because I am seriously tired." She said and went to wardrobe again ignoring me.

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Mariyam Tahir
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Bumped Into Mr Arrogant

Mahira POV

“Aslaam O Alikum” I said in a low voice cause I knew mom and dad would be sleeping and it is said that you should salaam when ever you enter your home so I made a habit.

I went upstairs after closing the front door and went straight to washroom to freshen up and to do wudoo/ablution and prayed Dhuhr and it is like 3 now in afternoon am happy I am early home today.

I prayed and read Quran for 15 minutes and then went to have some sleep before setting alarm.

I woke up with the sound of alarm beeping and went to washroom to do ablution and prayed Asr and went downstairs to kitchen to help mom in making iftar.

Mom was making fruit salad so I also helped her in cutting fruits when everything was done I started putting everything on dining table it was like 6:50 in evening and called dad from living room.

When Azaan was heard we did our duaa and eat after eating we prayed before it was past the praying time.

After praying I cleaned everything and made green tea for everyone and went to living room.

“Mahira how was your day at hospital” dad asked

“It was great but dad uncle Yazir came today for checkup his reports were not that good he was stressed about something but he didn’t told me anything” I said in a sad voice

“It is ok beeta he must be stressed over business or some family problem he will be fine” dad said

My phone rang and it was uncle Yazir’s home I picked it instantly cause I know if uncle needed to talk he would have called from his cell.“Aslaam O Alikum” I said

“Walikum Aslaam beeta it is Mrs Yazir actually Yazir is not feeling well after iftar so could you come and check him”

“Auntie you should take him to hospital if he is not feeling well”

“There is no car available at home and the ambulance will also take time so I called you so could you please come I am getting worried his state is getting worse” she said panicking

I stood up from sofa and said ” I will try to reach their as soon as possible auntie”

“Ok I will be waiting please hurry beeta”

I quickly went upstairs to my room and got some things that could be needed if they do not have it at their home and got my car keys and went downstairs.

“Mom dad uncle Yazir is not well and their is no one to get him to hospital so I am going to their home”

“Wait I will come with you” dad said
“Ok” is all I say.

I went to their home not home more like mansion they are millionaire’s after all. The guard at the gate stopped our car not letting us get inside.

“Open the gate I need to go” I shouted from my car but he did not open the door

“Ma’am your name is not their in the list and I don’t even know who you are I can not let you inside”

“My name is Mahira Zubair now let me in. You know who I am” I said

“Sorry ma’am but you are still not allowed”

“What? I need to go inside I am Mr Yazir’s doctor and he need medical attention immediately. Let me in”

“Ma’am wait let me ask madam” he said and tried to call but no response.

“Ma’am sorry madam is not picking the phone so I can not let you in”

“What do you mean by you are not letting me in I need to go inside now” I said firmly he squirmed at my tone but did not open the gate I even tried calling Mrs Yazir but she didn’t attend the call.

Suddenly a car pulled beside our car maybe someone from their home, now I can get inside.

“What is happening here” he shouted after rolling the window down.

The guard went to talk to him and I took this time to open the gate cause I am already late and I can not be much more late.

“Hey miss stop” the man from the car shouted from behind me but I did not listen and kept going on.

Until I was pulled back by an arm
“What the hell women. Where are you going and who are you” he said firmly and glared at me. I glared at him back I was not from those people who step down.

“Did I ask you. Who you are then why are you asking me” I said in same tone as his.

“Just cut the crap women what you want”

“I do not want anything from an arrogant man like you. I just came here to check uncle Yazir he is not feeling well but the guard was not letting me in” I said now annoyed

“What? What happened to dad! So you are his doctor”

“Finally you realised that captain obvious” I said to him for which he glared at me and anger was flashed in his eyes.

“Will you leave my arm so I could get inside and check him”

“You will check him do you even have a degree I will call some other doctor. Now out” he shouted while saying now out so rudely.

“What is your problem mister. Instead of letting me go inside your telling me to get out, listen your dad need medical attention immediately so let me inside and call some other doctor for your satisfaction”

“Ok” he finally let me inside

Auntie was sitting on sofa head in her hands

“Aslaam O Alikum auntie where is uncle” I said in a rush.

“Walikum Aslaam he is in the room and his condition is getting worse”

“Auntie I am here now let me see uncle” I said in a calming voice to calm her and reassure her.

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