The Unnoticed, Noticed

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She was the girl in the grey hoodie. He was the first person to care. Take your mind on a journey of two unique souls, sprinkle in a little friendship, a teaspoon of tears, a spoon of laughter and fun and maybe a pinch of violence and love with a hint of secrets. And while you wait for that delicious cake to bake, a good sing along won't hurt.

Romance / Adventure
M X Manuel
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Chapter One

Chapter One

I lose a piece of myself everyday

And though I hate life, I force myself to stay

And as I'm in my room, on my bed I lay

I know that I'll get through it, come what may

I hide from the world, from my feelings, from myself.

I'm the girl in the grey hoodie.

Melody sat in her pajamas on her bed. Her alarm had woken her up to the sound of Selena Gomez singing "Wolves". It was Monday morning and she was still contemplating whether or not to go to school. She had been on holiday for a whole month but was still not ready to face the mundane life of school. She should have been excited, considering it was her first day of high school but a large part of her didn't want to go. Her choice was made for her when her mum opened her door and walked in.

"Dee-Dee, it's time for your first day," she beamed.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Pamela Henderson. She was already dressed for work, her caramel skin dressed with light makeup, her eyelids a soft cream, her lips a glossy pink and her chestnut eyes framed with her long lashes that had mascara on them. She stood tall with her black high heels although she was around the same height as Melody and wore an elegant orange suit. She had a pink blouse underneath and her ever present smile on her face. Her thick black afro was hidden beneath a light blue scarf tied in a turban style, the bottom of her ears peeking out to reveal pearl earrings.

Melody fell back onto her bed, staring at the ceiling. "And what if I say I don't want to go?"

"Then I can just write a letter to the school saying we are still in Morocco and that you'll attend tomorrow."

Melody shot up and looked at her. "Really?" This sounded too good to be true.

"Child please. Does it look like I have time for that? Now get your bottom out of that bed before I drag you out of it," she said sternly.

And there she was.

"Your breakfast is ready downstairs. Now give Mummy a hug," she held out her arms.

That was Melody's mum, she could switch moods faster than she could switch shoes.

Melody stood up and walked into her mother's outspread arms. She was engulfed by the smell of her signature perfume, Alien.

Her mum sighed. "You're growing up so fast my baby. Just yesterday I was watching you call a bird a 'blerd' and now look at you, all the way in high school. I'm so proud of you," she kissed the top of her frizzy head and let her go.

"Now get ready for school. Your transport should be here in," she checked her watch. "Forty minutes." She walked out of the room.

Melody quickly walked into the bathroom and did all her daily activities. After having a shower, she walked back into her room and stood in front of her wardrobe.

"What to wear, oh what to wear?" She muttered to herself as she stared at her options. She pulled out a pair of grey jeans and a white T-shirt that had "BOSS" written in bold black letters across it. She slipped on her black Soviet sneakers and combed her unruly hair, pushing it straight back and using a headband to keep it that way. She grabbed her grey hoodie and slipped it on, not zipping it up, and wore her red rimmed glasses as went downstairs to eat her breakfast.

She found her mum in her usual spot; sitting at the kitchen counter with her regular cup of ginger tea in her hands, flipping through Instagram as she ate her oats.

"Well you look nice." She smiled at her daughter. She was always trying to boost her self-esteem.

"Thanks Mum." She sat down across from her and enjoyed her scrambled eggs and smoked beef.

"Well I have to go now. Don't forget to take your pills," she kissed her forehead and walked towards the garage door.

"Love you!" Melody shouted.

"Love you more!" She shouted back.

Melody finished her breakfast, took all her pills and got her schoolbag ready. It was grey, being that that was her favorite color. She had a new pencil case and stationary and couldn't wait to use her new books. Call her nerdy, but the girl liked school. She didn't like waking up for school, but she liked school.

A honk was heard outside of her door and she quickly grabbed her bag. She locked up the door and climbed into the little blue car that took her school everyday.


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