Becoming His

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Trust You?

‘Are you ok?’

I had walked so far away from the party I was surprised to hear anyone speaking to me, let alone Reuben bloody Fenton. He was sitting on a rock, swigging from a whiskey bottle now I noticed.

‘Oh just your brother treating me like a fucking toy. Urgh, why is he such a prick?’ I snapped as I sat down on the sand, uncaring that my shorts were now wet from the water beneath me.

‘Ah. The brother that is a better kisser than me, right?’ He teased and I groaned, my head in my hands.

‘I’m sorry. I just, liked him I guess. Stupid girl.’

I noticed him come and sit beside me, the overpowering scent of whiskey making me almost gag. He offered the bottle to me and I grimaced as I took a swig the liquid burning my throat and making me cough.

‘Christ. First time drinking? Sorry. Maybe whiskey isn’t the best introduction.’ He shrugged and I stared at the ocean, wondering how I had managed to fall for Bailey’s shit. I reached for the whiskey again and Reuben raised his eyebrows as I gulped some more, detesting the taste but wanting to feel numb.

‘Look, don’t take it personally. He is a cock with girls. I haven’t seen him that competitive over one before though.’ He smiled as he took the whiskey bottle back from me, our hands accidentally brushing. I blushed as he laughed.

‘You are very innocent, aren’t you? I can’t say I am much better than Bailey with girls, so if I were you, I would avoid both of us. We are both suckers for pretty girls.’

I couldn’t fault his honesty, so I nodded.

‘Ok, don’t kiss me again then. It makes things difficult.’

He looked at me then and I realised why he was so popular with the women, his charm oozed from every pore.

‘Alright, Annabelle. Maybe you should stop drinking whiskey with a stranger on a beach.’

‘Maybe you should speak to my friend, Ray.’ I hit back and he nodded thoughtfully.

‘Yeah, probably. I just didn’t want her falling for me or anything. I’m not the commitment type.’ I rolled my eyes as I stole more whiskey, as he shook his head in proud disbelief.

‘For what its worth.’ He began, taking the bottle from me. ‘I think he does like you.’ He pushed my shoulder with his and I giggled, aware the whiskey must be taking effect. I felt calmer and not as upset, yet I also felt quite lightheaded.

‘There you are- oh..’ I heard Ray call as she stopped, noticing Reuben. Bailey stood beside her, his eyes narrowing as he saw us.

‘Don’t kill me, little brother. I haven’t done anything. Ray, I may owe you an apology. Us Fentons can be absolute tossers.’ I began to laugh as he joined in, as Ray glanced at Bailey.

‘Don’t fucking upset her anymore. I will kill you.’ She hissed as she walked over to us, joining us by the shoreline.

‘Please can I talk to you.’ Bailey asked quietly and I felt a shoulder against mine.

‘Hear him out.’ Reuben whispered softly. I took another swig from the whiskey as he sighed. Ray stared at me in shock as I stood to face him.

‘So talk.’

Why was he so god damn delicious? I wobbled slightly as I tried to stand still, and he watched me with concern, before addressing his brother.

‘Whiskey? Really?’ He rolled his eyes as he walked towards me. ‘I was gutted when you walked away. Then Ray found me and ripped me a new one because she couldn’t find you. I began to worry something bad had happened.’ We walked further away from Ray and Reuben as I turned to face him.

’Something bad did happen, you absolute cock.′

He narrowed his eyes as he stood in front of me.

‘Yes, I’m a dick. I made a bet on a girl, and I really fucking regret it. But I told Chase it was off, I paid him so he would leave it. I didn’t want you to be a bet.’

I glared at him.

‘So when you kissed me- that was to try to get me to fall for your Fenton charms. Pick the geek, the ugly, sad girl with no life? Give her a makeover, make her look at least a tiny bit fuckable. Right?’ I was beyond angry. I stormed past him as he groaned.

‘No, I was genuinely trying to help you with the makeover shit. The kiss was real though, trust me.’

I whirled around to see him, his body glistening in the sun, his blue eyes boring into mine.

‘Trust you? Not gonna happen mate.’

‘I’m really sorry, Annabelle.’ For the first time he used my name properly, causing me to stop and look at him, searching his eyes and seeing nothing but honesty. A few girls called his name from behind us, and I turned to see two peroxide blondes dressed in skimpy bikinis.

‘Wow, looks like you are needed.’ I shook my head as he grabbed my arm.

’Stop grabbing me, Bailey! I’m not your property.′ I spat, and he held his hands up, his eyes wide.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-’

‘God. This is horrendous. Do you know I liked you? I was so naive.’ I turned and walked away before I could say anything more damaging to my self esteem. The girl ran up to Bailey and I walked away, making my way to the bar. I needed some more whiskey. I asked Aurora to get me a whiskey and she frowned, before ordering one and giving it to me.

‘Only one, I’m not having you making a scene.’ She smiled kindly as I thanked her.

‘A whiskey drinker? Neat too. You are hardcore.’ The guy beside me smiled and I smiled back as I sipped my drink. He was good looking, not in a Fenton way, but hey, maybe I could try taking my mind off Bailey. I let the guy slip his arm around me as we walked away from the bar. He told me he went to college with Aurora, and he kept telling me how pretty I was. I suddenly felt brave, and when he leaned in to kiss me, I kissed him back.

This kissing malarkey was definitely getting easier.

‘Do you want to come back to mine?’ He smiled and I froze as a voice answered for me coldly.

‘No, she doesn’t. Fuck off.’

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