Becoming His

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‘What is your problem?’ I hissed as Bailey glared at the guy beside me.

‘I didn’t know she had a boyfriend dude.’ The guy snapped at Bailey and I giggled, the thought of Bailey being my boyfriend totally hilarious. Bailey moved his eyes to mine then and swore under his breath.

‘Bailey isn’t my-’

‘Did I stutter?’ Bailey demanded of the guy who looked at me apologetically.

‘I don’t want any shit, sorry babe.’ He shrugged as he moved away, leaving me standing glaring at Bailey.

‘You’re drunk. I will take you home. You don’t want to stay here in this state.’

I bit my lip as he nodded towards the cars behind the beach.

‘I know you hate me, but don’t throw yourself at these guys. Would you do it sober?’

How dare he be so right?

‘Wheres your college girls gone?’ I slurred as he sighed.

‘I am taking you home.’

‘Promises promises.’ I laughed as his eyes widened as he watched me try to dance to the music that was still playing, falling against him.

‘Fucks sake. Are your parents in? You can’t go home like this. Come back to mine and drink some coffee. I will take you home when you sober up.’ He commanded as I followed him to his car, staring at his toned back as he walked, wondering what it would feel like to run my fingers down it.

Wait. No, he was a dick.

I tried to conjure up my anger but the alcohol had soothed my senses, which I suppose I was grateful for. I sank into the car beside him as I closed my eyes, the engine purring to life. He drove smoothly to his house as I dozed, jumping when he touched my arm softly.

‘You ok?’

‘You’re such a dick.’ I snapped and he smiled softly.

‘Indeed I am. Come on, coffee.’ He walked to my side of the car and waited whilst I tried to climb out elegantly, failing miserably. He pretended not to look as I fell back into the car, swearing. I managed to get out, slamming the car door defiantly. He winced as he sighed, walking past me up the door. I followed him into the house, sitting at the kitchen table as he made coffee.

’I hate you.’I said simply.

‘No, you don’t. You want to.’ He smirked at me then, and I felt anger prickling at my senses.

‘You are such an egotistical prick.’

‘I’m also having quite the effect on you.’ He pointed out as he slid the coffee in front of me. ‘Drink that.’ I peered into the cup.

‘Where’s the milk? Some host you are.’ I grimaced as I took a sip.

‘Urgh, I prefer the whiskey.’

He laughed loudly then. ‘Black coffee to sober you up. Haven’t you ever read that in any books of yours? Maybe you should read something more educating.’ He was teasing me, his arms resting on the chair beside mine. I refused to look at those damn eyes of his as I sipped the coffee, wanting to be home in bed already.

‘I saw you kiss him you know.’

I sighed as he sat on the chair beside me, forcing me to make eye contact with him.

‘Saw me kiss who, your brother or the college guy?’ I smirked, as his face darkened.

‘It’s not fucking funny.’

‘I’m not laughing. But then why do you even care who I kiss. Why did you stop me from going home with the college guy?’ I demanded as he leaned forward, his face dangerously close to mine.

‘What was his name, this college guy?’

I shrugged at him.

‘How am I meant to know. I didn’t get a chance to ask.’ I snapped at him as he frowned.

‘So you didn’t even know his name, but you were contemplating going home with him, right?’


I sucked in my breath as I realised what he was getting at.

‘That’s not you is it, the girl who had her first kiss two nights ago after her first real date. That’s why I stopped you.’

I turned to look at him then, and I spoke softly.

’It wasn’t real though was it Bailey? The date, the kiss. It was a bet.′ I stared down at the floor as he tilted my head back up to see tears in my eyes.

‘Yes it was. When do I do that, really? I don’t do dates. How could that kiss not be real?’

His mouth was so close to mine now, and I tried to fight the urge to kiss him, I really did. He moved closer to me before pulling away in frustration.

‘What? What was that? God Bailey, you are infuriating.’ I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see a text from Ray asking where I was. I replied that I was home and slid my phone away. Bailey watched me carefully before he spoke.

‘Are you sober yet?’

‘Why? Want to get rid of me already?’ I snapped angrily as I sipped more coffee.

‘No, because I don’t want to take advantage of a drunk girl. I’m not that guy.’

’Take advantage? Like I want to do anything with you.′ I resisted the urge to roll my eyes as he moved closer to me, my heart racing.

‘I’ve been a dick. I should have told you about the bet. But I have watched you kiss two guys today, watched you get drunk and heard you call me more names than I care to repeat. All I want to do is kiss you, and for you to know I want to, so much. But not when you are angry and drunk.’

I watched him as he spoke and I blinked away the tears. ‘I don’t want you to kiss me anyway.’ I shrugged as he smiled.


Even his voice made me feel weak, and I cursed the whiskey for making me even be in his presence.

‘Your brother kisses better than you.’

He laughed again and shook his head.

‘Does he.’ He bit his lip as he watched me darkly.


I didnt know where this confidence had come from, but I quite liked it. I went to sip my coffee when my chair was pulled towards his, my breath caught in my throat as he held my head, his mouth close to mine.

‘But does he make you feel like this?’ He whispered, his lips brushing mine softly as I groaned.

‘God, fuck off.’ I begged as he began to slowly kiss my neck, trailing kisses up my neck.

‘Are you sure you don’t want me to kiss you?’ He murmured into my ear, my hands suddenly around his neck as our mouths met, kissing urgently. He pulled me onto his lap from my chair as the front door opened causing me to freeze. I pulled away from him quickly, sitting on my chair as he gazed at me in confusion. Reuben walked in to the room, followed by Ray who stared at me in shock, looking Bailey to me as understanding swept over her face.

‘No way.’

I refused to meet her stare as I pointed at the coffee.

‘I’m trying to sober up. Sorry I lied. I just didn’t know how you would react.’

Bailey watched me as he stood up.

‘I’m just gonna get changed then I’ll drive you home.’ His voice was cold and I felt guilt sweep over me. Ray smiled as Reuben walked back in with another bottle of whiskey.

‘If you want to sack off the coffee, there’s more whiskey in there.’ He nodded to the pantry and I laughed as Ray blushed deeply when I looked at her knowingly.

‘Have fun. Bailey will take me home, I’ll be fine.’ I reassured her as she looked at me with worry all over her face.

‘Bailey is a dick.’

‘He will take me home. He’s a dick though, yes.’ We laughed a little and she hugged me.

‘You smell of him.’ She said, her eyes widening.

‘I was in his car.’ I shrugged as I drank the rest of the coffee. She watched me carefully as Bailey walked back into the room, his football hoody on over his shorts. His hair fell into his eyes as he leaned against the doorway.

‘Ready? Happy fucking, Ray.’ He smirked as Ray glared at him.

‘Just take her home, if you could just manage that.’ She ordered, casting one more look in my direction as she pushed past him, following Reuben to his room. I knew she wasn’t a virgin, but I was still stunned to see her going upstairs with Reuben. I had a gnawing feeling in my gut and I realised I was jealous. Bailey watched me as I stood in front of him, looking at him blankly.


‘You know what. Why did you move earlier?’

He hooked his finger through my belt loop of my shorts as he pulled me close to him, his hands resting on my waist as his lips met mine again, my hands immediately running through his hair as I kissed him hungrily. He moved me around so my back was against the wall as he lifted me up easily, my legs wrapped around him as we kissed. I suddenly remembered my anger and pushed him away as he growled in frustration.

‘I can’t forget what you did. The fact that you kiss me like that- it doesn’t change things. Any girl in the world would fall for you. I’m no different.’

’But you are. So different Annabelle.′

I closed my eyes so I didn’t have to see those eyes, those lips or his tanned skin. But I couldn’t close my nose to his intoxicating scent, or shut down my senses as his fingers laced with mine.

‘Bailey, I need to go home.’ I whispered, aware that I was totally out of my depth.

‘Need or want? You could just come to my room with me.’

My eyes snapped open as I pushed him.

’Are you really still trying to win your bet?′

He frowned in confusion as he held my hands tightly.

‘No, no I am absolutely not. I paid him. The bet ended, I told you. No one was winning that, you are far too special. I genuinely couldn’t think of anything better than fucking you, if I am truly honest.’ I felt like I couldn’t breathe as he continued. ′ But kissing you is more than enough, I swear I have never felt this way from just kissing someone.′

‘But you still did it.’

He sighed, running his hand through his hair.

‘Cliche yeah?’ He muttered with a sad smile.

I nodded sadly.

‘You’re a cliche, Bailey.’

He looked at me then.

‘So in stories, I would be the mindless jock who made a bet on the hot geek. Don’t they always end up together?’ He grinned at me as he placed a hand either side of my head, making my heart rate rise rapidly.

‘The geek usually doesn’t find out until she has fell in love with him.’ I mumbled as I gazed into his eyes.

‘Damn.’ He murmured as he leaned closer to me. ‘I take it you haven’t fell in love with me yet.’

I laughed at his audacity.

‘I’m not in love with you, no.’

‘Yet.’ He said before kissing me softly, more tenderly than he had before.

Oh, but how I was falling.

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