Becoming His

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‘So you heard about the bet. I’m sorry I was such a cock. I’m a shitty loser.’

I slammed my locker to see Chase grinning at me.

‘You are right, you are a loser.’ I snapped as I walked away.

‘Hey, I said I was sorry.’ He called after me as I swore under my breath.

‘Oh look, its The Bet.’ cackled a voice that I knew could only belong to Elena. I ignored her as I walked past, hearing them laugh. ’Apparently Bailey had to kiss her, can you even imagine?′

I felt sadness coursing through my veins as I saw him at the end of the hall, his eyes lighting up when he saw me.

‘Bailey! Hey, how was kissing the mess that is Annabelle Aurelle? Did you have to brush your teeth a thousand times?’ They broke out into laughter as I shook my head in embarrassment.

‘Actually, it was the best kiss I have ever had. But then she went and kissed my brother. But hey, we all kiss the wrong people at times.’ He shrugged as he winked at me, before I smiled secretly to myself.

‘Fuck you Bailey.’ Elena spat and he held his chest as though she had shot him.

‘You wish.’ He shot back as I grabbed his hand.

‘Bailey. Stop it.’ I hissed.

‘If I do, will you keep holding my hand in public?’

I immediately dropped his hand and he laughed. I bit my lip as he rested his hand on the locker beside my head, his hair falling instantly into his eyes as he gazed at me. I reached up and moved it and he looked at me with surprise.

‘It annoys you.’ I shrugged.

‘Not being able to kiss you annoys me.’

‘Could still be a bet.’ I smirked and he sighed in frustration.

‘Its really fucking not. What is this outfit, seriously.’ He shook his head as he looked down at me and I tried to hide my smile.

‘Its just shorts and a t shirt, get a grip Fenton.’

I had worn my denim shorts and wedge heels to make my legs look long, another tip I had picked up from youtube. I wore a simple grey t shirt to make the outfit more casual, and clearly it had worked.

‘Ha. What are you doing tonight?’ He demanded, his eyes staring into mine with desire.

‘Maybe a long bath and a book. Why? I’m not seeing you.’

He smiled then as he gazed down the hall, his eyes narrowing as he saw Chase.

‘Has he spoke to you?’ He nodded at Chase and I filled him in on earlier.

‘Dick. Come out with me tonight.’

I ducked under his arm as I walked away, causing him to call down the hall.


I turned back to see him standing there, my heart aching because I wanted him so much.

‘You don’t do dates. You’re the jock remember.’

He laughed as he watched me walk away. I turned the corner and leaned against the wall, my heart racing. I was terrified this was still a bet, and I didn’t want to fall for him anymore than I already had. I couldn’t believe what he had just said to Elena, especially the part about his brother. I really liked Reuben, but as a friend. I made my way to class, wondering how I was going to avoid seeing Bailey that night.

‘Annabelle.’ I heard a voice call from behind me and I froze, noticing the hallway was empty aside from me and-



’I need you to stay away from Bailey. I’m not sure what you’ve got on him to make him be with you, but I have much more. If you don’t step away, I will ruin him. That includes making sure he never plays football again. You can have Reuben, we have all been there.′ She flipped her hair over her shoulder and smiled at me coldly. ‘Understood?’

She pushed past me as I stood frozen to the spot.

Ruin him?

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