Becoming His

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‘Why did you just say that?’ I demanded as Bailey looked at me, his mouth full of fries as he answered. I glared at him then and waited until he finished eating.

‘Try saying that again?’

‘You said, prove I can be with one girl. Prove I can go without sex and prove I won’t get bored. So, I have just done that.’

‘Bailey, you’ve just told Elena I’m your girlfriend.’ I pointed out.

‘You are.’ He said as his eyes met mine, making my stomach flip over.

‘How can I be your girlfriend? Your friends hate me, and my best friend hate you. Your ex won’t leave you alone, and is threatening me. You and me are from different worlds.’

’Do you really think that way all of the time? Don’t you ever just think about what makes you happy?′

He mused aloud as I opened my mouth to respond before closing it again.

‘I’ve never had a boyfriend.’ I admitted as he smiled broadly.

‘I know. I’ve never had a girlfriend either. Should be good, right?’

He beamed at me and I began to laugh in disbelief.

‘Elena was your girlfriend.’ I reminded him as I bit into my burger, as he grimaced.

‘No, she wasn’t. She was relentless, theres a big difference. I was so bored when I was with her.’

I felt jealousy in my stomach as I imagined them together, his hands in her hair as he kissed her deeply-

‘Whats wrong? You look pissed.’

He interrupted my living nightmare thankfully and I shook my head.

‘I can’t be dating you. This is insane.’

He moved around the booth so he was sitting beside me, as he pulled me close to him.

‘Do you feel happy when you are with me?’

I blushed as I nodded.

‘Do you miss me when you aren’t near me?’

I groaned as he laughed, kissing me with his salty lips.

’That’s a yes. Final question. Do you want anyone like you want me?′

His hand ran up and down my leg as he spoke and I nodded again.

‘What about you? Its totally different for me. You on the other hand, you’re a whore.’

He tutted then, throwing his fries at me.

‘I am not a whore. I’ve been searching for you.’ He kissed me then and tried to pull me onto his lap which I resisted.

‘Oh come on, we’ve got to kiss....’ He grumbled as I slid back from him, grabbing my burger.

‘Yeah, we don’t need to be dry humping though.’ I pointed out and he shrugged as he grinned at me.

‘I like it though.’

‘You’re a perv, thats why.’

‘You are sexy as hell in that outfit.’

I shook my head in embarrassment as he peered at me.

‘Look at me. You. Are. Sexy. As. Hell.’

I swatted his arm and he grabbed my hand, pulling it to his lips as he kissed it softly.

‘Why can’t you take compliments?’

He whispered to me as I shrugged. I hated compliments, and didn’t want to hear them. His eyes searched mine as he rested his forehead on mine.

‘You need to get used to hearing them, Annabelle. I’ve got so many in here for you.’ He tapped his head and for the first time, I leaned forward and kissed him softly on the mouth. He groaned as he kissed me back before I pulled away.

‘We need to go back to school.’

‘Mmm. I liked you kissing me. Do it again.’ He demanded, and I leaned forward to kiss his lips again, but this time he managed to pull me onto his lap.

‘Bailey!’ I scolded as he held me in place.

‘Yes I know. School. Can I drive you home after?’ He looked at me hopefully and I nodded happily.

‘You’re falling aren’t you.’ He winked as I stuck my tongue out at him.

‘You wish.’

‘Damn straight I do.’

‘I need to get off you.’ I looked down at my legs that were straddling him.

‘No I like this position very much.’ I could feel how much he liked the position through his jeans, and I nearly jumped onto the table in fright. It was huge!

‘Right, lets go.’ I commanded, my eyes telling him to behave as I got up slowly. I reached into my bag to pay for the lunch and he stopped me, throwing some notes onto the table.

‘This lunch was totally my pleasure. You can pay for the wedding or something.’

‘Thank you. Wait, what?!’ I panicked and he burst out laughing as he kissed my lips again.

‘God, I’ve never liked kissing someone this much.’ He growled into my ear as we walked away, my feet feeling like I was walking on a cloud.

‘Yeah, even from a novice, I can tell you its good.’

‘You aren’t a novice, beautiful.’

Beautiful. How was this happening?

‘So tomorrow night there’s a party.’ He said slowly, his eyes on mine as we reached his car.

Oh god, no.

‘I want you to come with me, but no whiskey this time.’ He smirked as I looked at him in horror.

‘Bailey, no way, I don’t do parties. Can’t you go without me?’ I begged and he frowned.

‘I don’t want to go without you.’ He said simply, and we stared at each other over the roof of the car.

‘Who’s party is it?’ I sighed as he looked away.


Axel Vass, another footballer. Great.


He opened the car door and got in and I did the same as he began to drive in silence.

‘He’s my friend, and its his birthday. It would mean alot to me if you came.’ He said quietly as he stared at the road.

‘This is what I meant by different worlds Bailey.’ I said softly.

‘Just because we are different doesn’t mean it won’t work.’ He argued.

‘I hate parties. Everyone you know hates me.’

He threw me a look then, and I fell silent.

‘No, they don’t know you.’

‘I’m not doing the whole ugly duckling to swan thing, I will come in my pjs.’ I threatened, and he nodded.

‘Fine. Make it the sort that cover you head to toe, like a onesie. I don’t want every guy there checking out my girl anyway.’

Oh God. My girl.

He looked at me hopefully and I groaned.

‘You owe me so big.’ I muttered as he pulled up to my house, cutting the engine.

‘Can I come in?’ He asked as he gazed at my house over my shoulder.

I looked at him in horror.

‘My family are weird.’

He rolled his eyes as he looked at me.

‘Everyone thinks their family is weird. I don’t care. I wanna see your bedroom.’ He grinned wickedly and I quickly tried to scan my memory for the state of it, desperately trying to remember if there was anything embarrassing in it. I sighed as he continued to gaze at me, making me squirm.

‘Fine, but I have warned you.’

He pulled the keys out and we made our way up to my house, pushing open the door. Thankfully the house was silent, and I closed the door behind us, feeling incredibly self conscious. I saw the house through his eyes and noticed how much smaller than his it was, and I quickly scanned the rooms to see where my family were. I turned to face him as he stood in the doorway, watching me with intrigue.

‘You are nervous.’ He stated.

‘Of course I am.’

‘Don’t be. Where’s your room then?’ He asked softly, and his eyes met mine.

‘Lets just get one thing straight-’ I began and he held his finger to my lips.

‘No sex, no funny business. I know. That’s not what I meant. I want to see your room because its yours.’

I smiled as I pushed past him, making my way up the stairs as he followed behind me. We reached the top just as Elijahs door opened, and out walked a familiar figure. My mouth fell open in shock, as my eyes darted to Bailey who raised his eyebrows in surprise.


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