Becoming His

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You Can't Help Who You Fall In Love With

Ray blinked rapidly as I saw my brother open the door behind her, his eyes running over Bailey.

‘Hey, I’m Elijah.’

He leaned around Ray to shake Baileys hand who nodded respectfully.

‘I’m Bailey. Good to meet you.’

He stood back and looked at me as I stared at Ray.

‘I have to go. I’ll call you.’ She muttered as she pushed past us, racing down the stairs. I turned to Bailey and pointed in the direction of my room.

‘I’m sorry, I just want to see her.’

He nodded and he glanced over to my room. ‘I’ll wait for you.’

I ran down the stair after Ray, flinging open my door to see her hurrying away from me down the sidewalk.

‘Ray, wait!’ I called and she froze, slowly turning around to see me running towards her. I stood in front of her gasping for breath as she bit her lip.

‘I’m sorry, you weren’t meant to find out like that.’ She whispered quietly as I looked up at her.

‘No shit, was I meant to find out at all?’ I exclaimed as she cast her eyes towards the sky.

‘That’s the first time.’

‘So what, you like sleeping with older brothers of your schoolmates?’ I demanded as she crossed her arms and glared at me.

’If you weren’t so wrapped up with him you might have noticed I never actually slept with Reuben. I couldn’t do it. I’m in love with someone else.′

I blinked then, watching her carefully. She was breathing rapidly, her eyes filling with tears.

‘Ray, come back into the house.’ Came a voice from behind me, as I whirled to see Elijah standing there with his hands jammed into his pockets as he gazed past me to Ray. I stepped backwards as her eyes met his, as he walked towards her slowly, wrapping her into his arms as he kissed the top of her head.

‘We need to talk.’ He whispered to her as I turned away, not sure what to say. I made my way back to my house to see Bailey in the door way, his eyes meeting mine.

‘Are you ok?’

I allowed him to wrap his arms around me as we walked back into the house.

‘Lets just go to my room.’

I said quietly and he nodded. He seemed to always be calm when I needed him to, and I was so glad he was there. I laid on my bed and he laid beside me, facing each other as our hands intertwined. We didn’t speak for a few minutes, we just gazed at each other.

‘Did you know?’

He asked, and I filled him in on the brief conversation I had with Ray.

‘You can’t help who you fall in love with.’

He commented as he looked at me meaningfully.

‘You think she is in love with him for real?’ I gasped as I sat up.

He laughed as he laid back on my bed, his hands lacing behind his head against my flowery bedding.

‘Its obvious. Did you see how they looked at each other? I’d say he loved her too.’

I blinked as I considered his words.

‘My best friend and my brother? Great, spare wheel anyone?’

He frowned as he pointed at himself.

‘What the fuck am I then?’

I chuckled as he pulled me down next to him, my head resting on his chest as I heard his heart beating steadily.

‘Why don’t we watch a film, you choose- and order some food?’

‘Food again? We have just eaten.’

He looked at me blankly for a moment then groaned.

‘That was ages ago! I need to eat regularly.’

We made our way downstairs to find it empty as I looked through the dvds.

‘She’s All That?’ I offer and he grins.

‘Yes- a cliche movie. Let’s do it. I’m ordering pizza, did you wanna see if those two want any?’ He point upwards as I shake my head.

‘No, I bet they are busy...’

‘Ah. Ok, pizza and a movie with you, I think I can cope with that. But tomorrow night.....’ He wiggles his eyebrows at me as I groan.

‘The pj party.’

He burst out laughing as he pulled me towards him, kissing me softly.

‘God you are addictive.’ He murmured as he kissed my lips again and again. I pulled him to the couch and found myself smiling as he threw his arm around me. I let myself fall against his warm body, and before I knew it I was fast asleep.

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