Becoming His

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Baileys POV

I sat outside her house for a good twenty minutes, wondering whether to bang her door down until she answered, demand she gave us a chance. But how could I do that? My friends, my fucking shithead friends had just destroyed the only thing in my life that made me happy.


I was furious. I glanced up at her house and saw her bedroom light turn on, before turning off shortly after. She must be going to bed. She wouldn’t sleep, she was too upset.

What was I going to do about it?

I drove back to the party, rage bubbling up inside of me. I parked the car, slamming the door hard as I stormed towards the house, pushing past people as I looked for them. I saw Axel’s eyes light up with recognition, his smile widening.

‘Got rid of her then? Thought you’d see sense. Chase said she is boring as fuck, what were you thinking?’

I didn’t think as my fist connected with his face, knocking him clean off his barstool he sat so cockily on.

‘You are fucking out of order. How dare you!’ Screeched the redhead as I turned my glare to her, grabbing a drink and throwing it in her face as she spluttered and coughed dramatically.

‘Anyone else?’

I roared, ready to fight. Axel sat sprawled on the floor, blood pouring from his nose as he stared at me in shock. The party had fell silent, and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

‘You need to leave, now.’ I pushed the hand away to see it was Sam White. He looked at me with worry and I knew he meant the police. I pointed at my so called friends, and walked away.

‘Fuck you all.’

I shoved past Sam and he followed me to my car.

‘Fenton, wait, calm down man. What was that about? Where is Annabelle?’

I turned to him then, my fists bunched up at my sides. I had history with him, and it was well known we didn’t get on.

‘Don’t mention her name.’ I snarled as I squared up to him, prepared to take him on too. I was beyond angry, and aggression was my new best friend. We stared at each other as he finally stepped back, nodding slowly.

‘You did that for her.’

I turned away then, back to my car. I had to go, I couldn’t stay here. My heart was hurting, and there was only one person who could stop that. I drove to my house, my hand aching from punching Axel. I stormed into my house to see Reuben glance at me in surprise.

‘What the fuck?’

I heard my mothers voice scold him for his language as I closed my eyes. I did not want to deal with her right now.

‘Bailey, get in here. Where have you been?’

I walked into the lounge, my mother sat curled up on the soft armchair with a glass of wine in her hand, her hair in waves around her shoulders. She exchanged a glance with Reuben as she cleared her throat.

‘Baby, whats wrong?’

I stood, unable to answer. I realised I had blood on my shirt and I closed my eyes.

‘I hit Axel.’ I said simply as my mother gazed at me in horror, her blue eyes mirroring mine.

‘What on earth for? Bailey you can’t go round hitting people! What if he presses charges?’ She demanded, her voice shrill.

Reuben stood then and lead me into the kitchen, asking my mother to give us a moment. He folded his arms and studied me carefully before he spoke.

‘This is to do with Annabelle isn’t it.’ It was more of a statement that a question. I paced around the kitchen like a caged animal, the fury and sadness clashing inside of me as I grunted in response.

‘Bailey. Tell me what happened.’

So I did. He sighed as poured a whiskey into a tumbler, the amber liquid splashing into the crystal glass as I watched idly. I didn’t drink, so he didn’t offer. It was three am, and I was wide awake.

‘So if he presses charges, you are off to the police station. You could’ve just come home, why did you have to go back man?’

‘You aren’t being very fucking helpful Reuben.’ I growled.

‘Do you love her?’ He asked and I turned to him. Wasn’t it obvious? I had fallen so hard for this girl it was absurd. I slumped into a chair and stared at him miserably.

‘Hey she’s got my vote, she likes whiskey and she’s a great kisser.’ He joked and I stared at him venomously. Was he being fucking serious?

He held his hands up in mock defeat as he smiled at me with his perfect teeth.

‘Tell her how you feel.’ He shrugged, sipping his whiskey.

I got up and pushed past him, suddenly not wanting to talk to him anymore. Why did he have to mention the fact he had kissed her? I had never felt jealousy until I got with her. She had no idea the effect she had on people, that sexy smile teamed with the innocence that radiated off her just killed me. I got out my phone and called her, but it rang off to answerphone. I threw my phone on my bed and wondered why I couldn’t just move on to someone else. It used to be so easy, just fuck someone else. I wondered if thats what this was, sexual frustration. I knew it wasn’t, but I was trying so hard to come up with a reason I could accept. Us being different wasn’t going to cut it, sorry Annabelle.

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