Becoming His

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Don't Stop


If I thought he drove fast the last time I was with him, this was record breaking. My heart was in my mouth when he pulled up to his house as we got out of the car wordlessly, his hand pulling me along behind him as we walked in. I stopped to take my shoes off when he looked at me, shaking his head as he walked up the stairs, my body following him like he was a beacon in the night. His room was at the end of a longer hallway, and as we walked in I looked around in awe. The window was floor to ceiling, over looking his large garden. The windows were draped in grey material which was hand tied at either end, the floor was solid wood beneath my feet. My eyes fell onto the bed that dominated the room, and I decided it was by far the biggest I had ever laid eyes on in my life. It had deep grey sheets and white throw cushions and his clothes were thrown casually on it. The scent in the room was him and I never wanted to leave.

'Wow.' I breathed as he pulled his hoody over his head, revealing nothing but his toned body as I gulped. He walked over to me and pulled me over to the bed slowly, him sitting on it so I was straddling him as he kissed me deeply. His chest was hard under my fingers as I ran them up and down his body, my fingers shaking with the lack of experience I had in this area. I pulled away and he looked at me with a look of adoration as he moved my hair out of my eyes.

'We don't have to do anything you aren't comfortable with, Annabelle.'

I found myself kissing his throat then, the feeling in my stomach commanding me to touch him in any capacity, and I knew then that there was no going back. He expertly flipped me so that I was beneath him as he slowly peeled off my thin t shirt, revealing my black lace bra as he groaned.

'God you are beautiful.' He trailed kisses down my throat as he slid my bra down, revealing my nipples which were hard from his touch. He sucked on them slowly as his other hand loosened the buttons on my jeans. I wriggled against him, trying to get my jeans to move down but it was pointless. He smiled as he whispered in my ear.

'Be patient. If I wanted it all off, it fucking would be.'

Our mouths met then and I felt myself begin to relax as he kissed me slowly, his thumb circling my nipple softly before I groaned and started to loosen the buttons on his shorts. He raised his eyebrows as he went onto his knees, pulling my jeans off in one swift movement, leaving me exposed in my underwear. My breathing was so heavy as I sat up on my elbows, my eyes wide as he removed his shorts, revealing he wasn't wearing anything underneath them.

Oh my fucking God. That will never fit inside of me. Ever.

He must've seen the fear in my eyes as he pulled me into his arms, kissing me softly, my body arching against him with extreme desire. He didn't seem to be in a rush at all as he moved my panties to the side, dipping his finger into my wetness as I moaned loudly. He slowly moved his finger in and out of me as we kissed, which hurt a little at first, but soon turned to extreme pleasure as his thumb pressed against my clit making me gasp against his open mouth.

'Oh my god Bailey, I can't cope anymore.'

He regarded me for a moment as he took my hand, placing it on his hard cock.

'See what you do to me?'

I moved it towards my entrance, the need for him to fill me taking over every fibre of my being. He pulled away, reaching over me to the drawer beside his bed, and pulled out a foil packet that I knew was a condom. He opened it with his teeth as he slid it onto his cock, his eyes on me as he laid back down over me.

'Are you absolutely sure?' He whispered as I wriggled against him impatiently.

'Yes, please, just do it, now.'

I was absolutely terrified, but the feeling of lust and desire completely outweighed any fear I had.

'You say the word, and I will stop, okay? It will hurt a little, but it gets better I promise. Are you 100% sure?' He checked again as I felt him pressing against me. I nodded as I pulled him towards me, desperate to have him inside of me now.

'Yes, for fucks sake, yes.' I groaned as he entered me slowly, his eyes on mine as he held me. I dug my nails into his back as I gasped, the pain almost unbearable as he continued to move slowly, watching me the entire time.

'Are you ok..' He murmured as he closed his eyes, burying his face in my neck as he began to pick up speed, and suddenly the pain subsided slightly and I began to feel the most intense sensation deep within my stomach as he fucked me slowly, as he swore.

'I fucking love it, don't stop.' I gasped against him as he picked up the pace, slamming himself into me now.

'I can't deal with how good you feel.'

'Oh my god, Bailey...'

I began to cry out and felt his hand clamp over my mouth as he thrust in and out of me quickly before he exploded into the condom, letting out a guttural roar close to my ear as we held each other tightly, sweat dripping from his body onto mine as he gazed at me, kissing me softly on the lips.

'Are you alright?' He checked, concern in his eyes.

'I'm a damn sight more than alright, what the fuck was that.' I whispered as he began to laugh. He slid himself out of me and remove the condom which was filled with white liquid, as he tied it and tossed it into a bin near his bed. I tried not to notice how expertly he did everything, as the feeling of utter jealousy made me feel sick. No wonder women obsessed over him, he was a God in the bedroom, even my lack of experience told me that was not a regular sex session.

God help me.

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