Becoming His

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Post Delight

'Tea post sex is highly recommended.'

I smiled at him shyly as I tucked my hair behind my ear, taking the steaming cup from his hands. He sat in front of me on the bed as he studied me, a smug smile on his face.

'Stop being so smug, its ruining your good looks.' I swatted his arm as he gazed at me, his blue eyes twinkling. My skin felt like it had been set on fire, my ears were ringing and I felt incredibly sore down below.

'Can I help it? I have just made love to the most beautiful girl I've ever met.'

My heart fluttered as he spoke and I felt a blush on my cheeks.

'Did anyone hear us...' I mumbled as I sipped my tea, not sure I wanted to hear the answer.

'Shall I just say no?'

I looked at him with horror as I imagined his family sitting downstairs trying to watch the tv or something whilst all they could hear was us in his room. He burst out laughing as he rubbed my leg with his free hand.

'Relax, only Reuben was in. I didn't let you get too loud anyway.' He smirked as I remembered his hand over my mouth, as I cringed.

'Don't be embarrassed, thats a good thing. You may want a bath or something, you can use mine if you want to.' He indicated a door that I hadn't noticed that must have led to an en suite. 'If you want, I can join you.' He smirked again and I felt myself smile as I bit my lip.

'Now I'm definitely joining you.' he growled as he placed the cups on the table as he lifted me up, fireman style and carried me into the bathroom.


A/N Short but sweet, what are you thinking to our lovely little couple?! <3

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