Becoming His

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The sun streamed through the glass, warming my bare skin as I stretched lazily, still in my slumber. I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud, the pillow soft under my head, the mattress allowing my body to sink into it as it moulded around me.

I blinked slowly, my eyes coming to rest on a solid oak table filled with books I knew weren't mine. My eyes widened as I remembered the previous night, and I turned to see the space in the bed beside me empty.

Where was he?

I sat up, realising I was wearing one of his football jerseys and I smiled wryly to myself.

What a cliche. The nerd had slept with the jock after all.

I reached for my phone to see a text from Ray, who had stayed over at mine last night. It was so weird to think of her at my house without me, but I was happy for them.

So how was your night with Bailey? ;)

I grinned to myself as I replied, finding our friendship so much better now she knew how I felt about him. I knew that if she got to know the Bailey I knew, she would like him. I jumped as the door opened to reveal Bailey carrying a tray of food which he laid down on the bed in front of me.

'Morning you.'

He grinned at me as I took in the contents of the tray. There were rashers of bacon, eggs, tomatoes and buttered toast all pulled high onto two plates, complete with mugs of coffee. He handed me a plate and some cutlery as I took it gratefully.

'Wow, thankyou.'

He walked over to the window with his food as I watched him, my eyes drinking him in hungrily. I noticed his back had deep scratch marks on and I closed my eyes in horror, realising they were from me.

'I'm so sorry about your back.'

He turned to me, his brow furrowed with confusion.

'My back?' He stated blankly as I held up my nails.

'Ha. Don't worry about it, I liked it.'

Our eyes met then and my heart swelled with love for him, as he made his way over to me. I nodded at the books on his bedside table.

'So you do read.'

He looked at me from under his thick dark lashes as he rubbed the barely there stubble on his chin.

'Indeed I do.'

I indicated the food on my plate which I had almost finished, my stomach feeling warm and content.

'And you cook.'

The air between us seemed to sizzle with electricity as he gazed at me, his eyes raking over my face.

I'm a man of many talents.'

'I can cook you know.' I told him as I pushed the plate back onto the tray, licking my buttery fingers. He watched me with a dangerous look in his eyes as he moved closer to me, allowing me to move his hair away from his eyes.

'Yeah? Maybe you can cook for me one time. '

Our fingers laced together as he kissed my forehead, his lips soft and warm.

'Oh my god, we've got school!' I panicked as he grinned in amusement.

'It's barely seven thirty. You've got time to dress. Slowly. ' he leaned forward as he touched the fabric of the jersey I was wearing as he looked at me with desire.

'This looks so much better on you than it does on me. But maybe you should take it off, just to make sure.'

I had a feeling we were going to be late for school...

An hour later I skipped out of my house, freshly dressed but fully interrogated by my mother who wanted to know who I had spent the night with, seeing as my only friend had spent the night at ours. I had to tell her Bailey would be coming for dinner that evening, whether he had plans or not. I was almost eighteen, and my parents were clearly happy to see me happy for once.

'My mum invited you for dinner. Tonight.' I sighed as I climbed into the car next to him.

'Ooh.' He grinned at me as he pulled away into the traffic that was beginning to fill my road. 'I'm not sure you should wear that though, I'll struggle to concentrate. '

I glanced down at my black mini skirt worn over tights, a black polo neck covering my entire upper body.

'It's not exactly revealing, Bailey. ' I pointed out as he glanced over at me.

'Yeah but I know what's underneath it. That makes it incredibly sexy.'

I blushed as he drove, his hand on mine occasionally as I stole glances at his handsome profile.

'Why do you keep looking at me that way?' He drawled lazily as we neared school.

'Your stupid genes I guess.'

'Can't you just say you find me hot?'

''Absolutely not. Your head is big enough.'

'That's not the only thing that's big. ' he grinned as I groaned, rolling my eyes.

'No comment.'

He pulled into a parking space and we got out, his arm around me as we walked towards school. Already the whispers began, girls elbowing each other as they nodded in our direction, whilst he leaned in towards me.

'Quite the scandal aren't we, Miss Aurelle.'

Elena and Chase were leaning against the wall as we walked towards the double doors, and I felt the familar feeling of dread fill my stomach. Bailey squeezed my shoulder as he held me closer, his eyes challenging them to say anything. Elena threw me a dirty look and turned her back to us as Chase nodded in acknowledgement to Bailey, before fixing his eyes on Elena.

'See, they make sense as a couple.' I whisper as we stand at my locker, my fingers fumbling with the combination. He leaned against the lockers and sighed.

'Just forget about everyone else. It's not like we have long left at school anyway.'

Finally my locker opened as an plain envelope slid to the ground, my name printed neatly on the front.

Bailey's eyes narrowed as I ripped it open, my fingers touching glossy paper. I tugged them out and saw it was photos of Bailey, with a woman. He frowned as he looked at them, and I noticed his eyes widen as he tried to grab them from me. I moved them away, my eyes searching his before I looked back at the photos.

He was kissing her on most of them, on what looked like the beach near the restaurant we had gone to. I frowned as I realised I knew who the woman was, my eyes slowly meeting his.

'The fucking waitress?'

He didn't say anything right away, he just stared at the floor as he swore under his breath.

'We weren't together.'

I blinked at him as I pushed the photos back into the envelope and into his hands.

'No? So after our first kiss, you fucked the waitress from the restaurant?' I was shaking, the glow of the night before fading away rapidly.

He gazed at me then, grabbing me by the hands.

'Listen to me. Someone has gone to extreme lengths for you to see that. We weren't together, I get that it's not fucking nice to see, but we weren't together.' He repeated the last sentence through gritted teeth as I stared at him in disbelief.

'No we weren't. But that's all a really shitty thing to do, Bailey. She gave you her number on our date didn't she?'

He didn't need to answer, his eyes meeting mine as he sighed with irritation.

'Yes, but-'

'God. I didn't think to ask you if we are even exclusive, I just kind of assumed we are.' I stammered as he held my chin with his fingers, his eyes wild as he spoke.

'We are. Now.'

'When did you and her-' I couldn't even finish the sentence, the jealousy tearing through me as I stared at him angrily.

'Why does it fucking matter, Annabelle?" He snapped, as fury grew in my belly.

'It matters to me.' I said quietly.

The bell rang and the other students poured in through the doors, oblivious to our argument. He stared at me before he spoke, sighing deeply.

'The night before the beach party. After that I knew I had feelings for you, and I swear to you there has been no one since.'

The hallway started to empty as people headed for their classes, my eyes stinging with the threat of jealous tears.

' I'm telling you the truth. Please Annabelle, you can trust me.'

'I need to go to class Bailey.' I whispered as I pulled my hand from his, turning away so he wouldn't see me cry.

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