Becoming His

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Baileys POV

Out of everything that could’ve happened, I really didn’t anticipate this.

The waitress.

It was absolutely fucking beyond my understanding why anyone would want to fuck me over that badly by taking photographs of me with some girl. I watched Annabelle walk away, her head down, her posture totally deflated. I knew she would be crying, and I was absolutely infuritated.

With myself, and whoever had played James Bond.

I didn’t expect to feel as strongly as I did for Annabelle, I really didn’t. I kissed her that night as a genuine favour to help the girl out- then boom. I nearly dropped to my knees and asked her to marry me. It terrified me. So when I dropped her home, I called the waitress. She was nothing special, except I knew she would drop her panties for me so easily I thought I could fuck the attraction I felt to Annabelle out of my system, but boy was I proved wrong.

‘Hey handsome.’

I stiffened at the scratchy voice I had once known too intimately. Her fingers touched the back of my neck as I moved away instinctively, turning to stare at her with distaste. Elena and I had hooked up many times, as it was easy, and I suppose it made sense. Hot cheerleader, footballer, you know the drill. She had always irritated me with her neediness, but I had managed to just keep her at arms length, justifying my lack of commitment by the fact that I just didn’t do that.

Then Annabelle came along, and it all changed.

‘Everything ok with you guys?’

Elena looked at me with wide innocent eyes as she looked in the direction of Annabelle. ‘She just seemed upset.’ She frowned in mock confusion as I gazed at her in disbelief.

‘Like you give a shit.’ I spat angrily.

She opened her mouth as she tilted her head to the side, her stare hardening as she stepped closer to me, her sickly sweet perfume invading my oxygen.

‘No, you’re right. I really don’t. It just doesn’t seem to be working out well though, does it? You made a bet on her, then you fucked someone else...’ She trailed off as her mouth twisted in a wicked grin. ‘I’m sure she will forgive you Bailey. It’s not like she’s got any better offers.’ Her eyes trailed down my chest, her eyes drinking me in greedily.

I stared at her with anger as I stepped closer to her as her eyes darted around the silent corridor. I leaned in close and I heard her breath catch as I whispered into her ear.

’If I find out you have had anything to do with this, I will be the one ruining you.′

I moved away slowly, satisfied with the fear in her eyes as I walked towards my class.

She was going to fucking pay.

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