Becoming His

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I poked at my tuna sandwich with zero interest as Ray studied me quietly. The canteen was surprisingly empty, most of the students choosing to eat at the diner Bailey had took me to not long ago.


My heart hurt even thinking of his name, as I let out a deep sigh.

‘So it was definitely him?’ Ray asked, her voice sad. I nodded slowly as I tried not to remember the photos of him with his arms around her slender waist, her mouth on his as she kissed him greedily. I remembered how she had gazed at him with animalistic desire when we sat at the table, and I also noticed how he totally ignored her, paying attention only to me.

How had I been so stupid?

‘You have literally just got back together, Anna....Why don’t you just hear him out.’

I gawped at her as she shrugged nonchalantly.

‘What? Why aren’t you telling me to ditch him? Hasn’t he just proved you right?’

Her warm brown eyes met mine as she sighed, resting her head in her hands.

‘He’s always been that way, we knew that. But then he did break Axel’s nose for insulting you.’ She smirked and I rolled my eyes, knowing how much she had loved that story.

‘Then he fucked the waitress from our first date.’ I pointed out bitterly as she groaned.

’Yes but it wasn’t a real date. You didn’t really know each other. Look, its really bad what he has done, but I have never seen you as happy as you are with him. Someone wants you apart, for whatever reason, and I have never liked bowing down to cowards, regardless.′ She sipped her milkshake as she licked her lips, wiping her mouth after. I noticed a familiar tan bracelet on her arm as I nodded at it with interest.

‘Is that Elijah’s?’

She blushed then, her fingers touching the bracelet.

‘Yeah, it is. I loved it and he wanted me to have it. I miss him.’

I smiled softly, happy that my brother and my best friend were working out so well.

‘Could I talk to you for a minute?’ Came a deep voice by my side as Ray instantly stood up. I didn’t need to look up, his scent arrived before he did. I could feel the heat from his body as he stood close to me, waiting for Ray to leave. He slumped into the chair in front of me, rubbing his hand over his chin as he gazed at me through tired eyes.

‘First of all, I’m sorry. Again. I feel like all I do is apologise to you.’ His voice made my chest tighten as I stared at the table, avoiding his intense blue gaze. He sighed and leaned forward, his hands suddenly on mine. ’I fucked up, Annabelle. I’m not proud of myself. I just want you to know I would never hurt you intentionally. If I had known how I would feel about you I would never have-′

‘Fucked the waitress from our date?’ I finished for him, my voice cold. I realised I was shaking as he studied me carefully.

‘That sounds fucking awful.’ He said quietly as I nodded.

’It is fucking awful Bailey. Do you have any idea how hard it is being your girlfriend?′

He bit his lip then as he looked at me, his eyes locking onto mine.

‘So what you’re saying is you’re still my girlfriend.’ He quipped as I lifted an eyebrow in his direction, causing him to apologise immediately. ‘Sorry. Carry on.’

‘You made the bet-’

’Oh come on. Don’t bring that up now, please.′ He interrupted with exasperation in his voice.

‘You were my first kiss. My first-’

He smiled then as I stopped, closing my eyes against the memory of his body against mine.

‘I have given you so much, and what have you done for me? I just don’t think you really care about me. Do you?’

‘Do I care about you? Seriously?’ He asked, his eyes suddenly dark. ’I drive you home after your date with Chase falls apart, so that you don’t walk home alone. I watch you kiss my brother in front of the entire beach, then hunt you down and take you home to sober up when you get too drunk and almost go home with a random college guy. Then when you are insulted at a party I break my best friends nose. I would do it all again, Annabelle. But don’t for one second think I don’t care about you.′

He pushed the chair back angrily as I swallowed.

’So whats it gonna be, Annabelle? I’m sorry- I can’t change what I did, but we weren’t together, in my shitty defence- it’s all I’ve got. I’ve spent the past few weeks living like a hobo because I didn’t have you. I fucking love you, even though sometimes I wish I didn’t, I do.′ I watched him as he spoke, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he leaned on the table, his blue eyes boring into mine. ‘Well?’

’If you ever do that to me again-′

He silenced me with his lips on mine, kissing me so hard I worried there would be bruises on my face. I felt the stress leave my body as he kissed me, his arms wrapped around me. I breathed him in, the intoxicating scent filling my nostrils. Even when I was kissing him it didn’t feel like I was close enough, it was borderline obsession.

’You’re mine, Annabelle Aurelle. Fuck everyone else, their thoughts and opinions mean fuck all. Just you, and me.′

I nodded as he kissed me again, and I knew then he was right again.

I was his.


This is NOT the end! I will update again soon :)

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