Becoming His

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My mother approved.

I’m not quite sure how he did it, but he charmed my mother with an ease that was borderline unnatural, yet again making me wonder if he held some sort of super power. I watched my mothers eyes dance with romance as she laughed at something he was saying, as she glanced down at our entwined hands. Normally I would have retracted my hand and crawled under the table in embarrassment but it would be an insult to this man beside me, his smile wide as his eyes met mine. He ran his thumb around mine absentmindedly and I found my body shiver with delight in response as I reached for my glass. My eyes found his again and we shared a secret smile, which made my mother clear her throat as she stood.

‘Thank you for dinner, Mrs Aurelle. It was delicious.’

My mother blushed as she pushed her glasses up her nose, strands of hair falling in front of her face as she waved at him dismissively.

‘You should try our take on Japanese food. Its actually-’

‘No, absolutely not.’ I interrupted as she burst out in laughter, her eyes crinkling in amusement.

‘Or we could just eat out, do you like Japanese food Bailey?’ She collected the dishes as we stood, helping her clear the table. As we walked into the kitchen I heard them talking about their favourite dishes as I smiled, loading the dishwasher with the dirty plates. Suddenly I felt his arms around my waist as he murmured in my ear,

‘I’m still hungry.’

I turned in his arms, my back against the sink as I looked at him quizzically.

‘Seriously? You just ate a mountain of pasta-’

‘Not for food.’ He said bluntly as my eyes widened. I realised I was biting my lip and my eyes flew to his as he used his thumb to push my bottom lip away from my teeth, his eyes dark with lust.

‘You don’t actually want me to fuck you right here in the kitchen do you?’ He whispered into my ear as I tried to wriggle away, the heat from his body making my heart pound hard against my chest as his lips met mine, our tongues meeting in a slow dance as we explored each others mouths. He slid his hands up my t shirt, the skin on skin contact causing goosebumps as he traced my back with his fingers. My hands were lost in his hair as I tugged on it slightly, causing him to growl against me.

‘Annabelle, you should come with a warning.’ He muttered as he moved away from me, breathing heavily as he gazed at me. I laced my fingers with his as I stood on tiptoes to kiss him, his hands sliding straight down to my ass.

‘You are a pervert, Bailey Fenton. Can’t a girl just kiss you without you having your mind in the gutter?’ I teased quietly as he smirked.

‘A girl can. But not you. You are something else.’

He raised my hand to his lips, his eyes on mine as he kissed my skin. I was overwhelmed by a sudden jealousy, the mere mention of a girl being able to kiss him invoking a rage I didn’t know I had. It was then that I realised I wanted to know.

‘How many girls have you slept with?’ I blurted out, as his his smile dropped from his face, quickly replaced by a frown. I wished I could retract the words, my ears trying to close themselves up to avoid hearing the truth.

‘I don’t know, thats the honest answer. I haven’t exactly kept count.’

It was like he had punched me in the stomach as I nodded blankly. This wasn’t news to me, but suddenly it mattered. His eyes ran over my face with concern as he lifted my head up to meet his.

‘Hey. I really don’t want you to get hung up on that, its my past and thats where it will stay. No one matters but you.’

I forced a smile as he studied me carefully, his eyes suddenly glinting with mischief.

‘How many guys have you slept with?’

His smile was contagious as I rolled my eyes.

‘I don’t know. I don’t keep count.’ I quipped as he grabbed me, pulling me close to him.

‘Let’s count together shall we? One....’

He began to tickle me then and I squealed with laughter as I tried to get away, his arms holding me in place as he smirked.


I began to gasp for breath as I laughed, trying to speak.

‘One! One, stop, please!’

He released me then and moved my hair away from my face as he held it in a makeshift ponytail, before looking back down at me, a serious expression shadowing his beautiful features.

‘One, the end. No more.’

He tugged on my hair softly as he moved my head back, exposing my bare neck to his mouth as he trailed kisses softly on my skin, fireworks exploding within my veins at his touch.

‘One.’ I gasped as my mouth met his as he lifted me onto the counter, his arms wrapped around me as he pulled away slightly.

‘I fucking love you, Annabelle. But please can we go to your room, I’m starving here.’

‘But my mom-’

‘Won’t hear a thing, I promise.’

I could’ve said no if it wasn’t for the extreme pussy gallops I was experiencing as he gazed at me with those come-to-bed-right-fucking-now eyes. I slid off the counter top, my breast grazing against his chest making my nipples hard as he narrowed his eyes at me.

‘Follow me.’

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