Becoming His

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I was late.

Bailey had football practice early that day so I had to make my own way to school, meaning I slept in. I was becoming so used to the short drive to school that it seemed I forgot how long it took me to get ready and to walk. I quickly brushed my teeth before pulling my hair into a loose bun, throwing on some leggings and a cropped hoody. I dabbed some make up on before grabbing my phone and bag, hurrying out the door when I realised the time.

'Shit, shit, shit.' I muttered as I half jogged, half walked the route to school. It seemed longer today, probably because I was in a hurry. I groaned as it started to rain, and I cursed not having my coat with me. I used my bag to cover my head, accepting the fact I was going to look like a drowned rat for most of the day. I turned the corner as a blue car slowed in front of me, causing me to stamp my feet in exasperation.

'Prick.' I muttered as I tried to walk around it, just as I heard my name being called.

'Annabelle! Do you want a ride?' I turned back in surprise to see Sam White looking at me in concern. I blinked, moving closer to the car as the heavens started to open, soaking me to the bone.

'Are you getting in, or are you just taking a shower?' He chuckled as I opened the car door, climbing in gratefully.

'I don't take rides from strangers.' I teased as I took in his dark blond hair and alarmingly green eyes. He was devastatingly attractive in a grungy kind of way, and I quickly averted my eyes in case he thought I was staring. A smile played at his lips as he pulled away from the curb, and I wound down the window to let in some air, the stench of cigarettes making me want to vomit.

'I'm not a stranger. We went to a party together. You know my name, I know yours.' He shrugged nonchalantly, his leather jacket creaking as he did. He drove with one hand on the wheel, the other rubbing his mouth as he concentrated.

'True. Thanks for stopping.'

His green eyes flickered over to me as he nodded.

'No problem. Have you and The Jock sorted it out? '

His directness took me by surprise as I felt my cheeks colour. I remembered that it was clear they didn't like each other very much, and I wondered why.

'Yeah.' I said in a small voice as he looked over at me, and I thought I saw pity flashing through his eyes.

'Wouldn't have put you with him in a million years.'

'How do you know him?' I asked, my heart racing with anticipation. He didn't answer at first, as he focused on the road. He glanced back over at me and smiled sadly.

'He was with my sister for a short while. Long enough to break her heart. Guys like him never settle down, Princess.'

There it was again, the green eyed monster. I sighed heavily as I realised if you hadn't slept with him, you knew someone that had. This was proving to be difficult, and I needed to accept it or move on.

'You never know. I'm sorry about your sister.'

'Its cool. I'm sorry for you.'

I laughed then in disbelief as he pulled up to my school, the car park now full as most students were in class. I unclipped my seat belt as I gathered my stuff, avoiding meeting his eyes.

'Thanks for the lift, Sam.'

'No problem. See you around Princess.'

I felt his eyes on me as I got out of the car, the rain having eased off somewhat. I made my way towards school, finally deciding to sneak a glance back to the car, but he had gone. I sighed, pushing the doors open as I met the empty hallway, groaning as I realised how late I now was. I checked my schedule and saw I had Spanish class, so I darted out the side door and headed towards the language building which was beside the gym. It was weird walking through school when it was empty, almost eerie. I pulled open the door to the building when I heard muffled noises coming from the janitor closet on the inside, causing me to stop. It was a girl, and she was moaning as I heard a guy groan along with her. I was frozen solid as I tried to move, my feet rooted to the spot. I knew if I moved the door would slam, alerting them to my presence. But then I could hardly sit here listening could I? I decided to move slowly, trying to make the door close as quietly as I could as the door to the closet suddenly opened, making me jump as the main door slammed shut behind me.

'Miss Aurelle. What time do you call this?' Uttered a deep voice and I realised with horror that my history teacher had been in the closet.

What the fuck?

I stammered as I looked around, trying to think of an excuse. He sighed as he straightened his tie before demanding I went to class. I turned on my heel and walked away, as I heard the main door slam, indicating his exit from the building. I stopped, hiding behind a pillar as I kept my eye on the closet. Who the hell had he been in that closet with? Another teacher? A parent? My mind was whirring with possibilities as the door finally opened, the blood rushing in my ears as my jaw dropped.

The long legs that walked out did not belong to a teacher. The freshly glossed lips did not belong to a parent. The smug smile belonged to a certain cheerleader, who was currently acing all of her tests.

Elena. She hummed as she walked out of the building as I blinked repeatedly.

Surely not.

Elena was having an affair with a teacher.

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