Becoming His

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‘Whats up with you? You seem distracted.’ quizzed Ray as she eyed me suspiciously. I sipped my caramel latte as I shook my head dismissively.

‘I’m tired, thats all.’

She shot me a look that told me she could guess why I was so tired as I laughed.

’Don’t look at me like that. It’s not all we do.′ I squirmed under her knowing gaze as she nodded.

‘Sure, thats not what all young horny teenagers do at the beginning of their relationships.’ She snorted.

I sucked on my straw as the double doors to the canteen opened, revealing our glorious football team. In particular one blue eyed boy. I felt my heart race as I watched him walk towards me, a smile playing on his full lips. He stopped at our table, kissing me on the head with his sweaty mouth as I made a face, despite knowing I would happily lick his face, sweat and all.

‘Don’t you shower after practice?’

He sat next to me, stealing a bite of my sandwich as he winked at Ray in acknowledgement. He turned back to me, his blue eyes holding me in his gaze as he frowned.

‘I prefer showering with you.’ He shrugged as he pointed at my sandwich. ‘You gonna eat that?’

I shook my head as I bit back laughter at Ray’s reaction.

’Erm, guys. I don’t want to think of you showering together, I am trying to eat here.′ Suddenly the seat next to Ray was filled by another sweaty footballer, Grant Hayes.

‘Sup ladies. I need soul food. I’m going to the Burger Shack down town. Wanna come Fenton?’

‘No dude. Would you leave this?’ He indicated me as my face burned. Grant chuckled.

‘I’d leave Angelina Jolie for a steak burger right now.’ said as he stood, stretching.

‘Crack on mate. I need to shower anyway apparently.’ He cocked his eyebrows at me as I grinned.

‘Enjoy.’ I said as he jumped up, kissing me on the mouth.

‘You can come with me if you want, theres plenty of room.’

He winked and Ray groaned in disgust as I shook my head as I watched him walk away, like most of the girls in the room.

‘So I think I might start driving lessons.’ I declared, as I finished off my latte.

‘Excellent idea!’ said Ray enthusiastically, her eyes bright. We stood up, emptying our litter into the bins before walking towards the exit. I was super tired all of a sudden, and I realised I probably needed an early night after all of these late ones with my blue eyed boy. Ray promised to text me the details of her driving instructor she had used as we headed for gym class. I tossed my bag onto the side as I began to change into the shorts and vest required, and laced up my trainers. My hair had escaped from its bun so I loosened it, telling Ray I would catch up with her shortly. I made my way to the mirrors and began to tie it up, wishing I had silky straight hair rather than the thick coarse hair I was blessed with. Finally I managed to tame it, albeit only for a short while, before jogging out to meet the others who were already running a lap around the field. My legs protested as I began to run, and I yearned for my bed. My eyelids felt heavy despite the fresh air, and I yawned.

‘Getting unfit now too? He won’t stay with you for long if you get fat.’ Hissed a voice in my ear as Elena ran by me effortlessly, her long legs toned and muscly as she shot me a nasty look.

Fuck you, teacher fucker.

I slowed down as I realised I had something on Elena that could cause her serious damage in the wrong hands. I would probably need evidence though, but I guessed that wasn’t their first rendezvous in the closet. I began to smile as I ran, picking up speed as I neared the start of my second lap. I scowled as Elena got praise for being the fastest, as usual. The rest of the class passed in a blur as I began daydreaming, lost in the world of Bailey and me. I noticed some of the girls staring over my shoulder longingly as I turned to see a couple of guys leaning on the school fence, blatantly watching us. I squinted in the sun and held my hand over my eyes as I saw a familiar leather jacket, and I realised it was Sam White. He must’ve recognised me as he held his hand up, and I sent him a short wave back before turning back.

Why wasn’t he in school?

‘Ladies, please refrain from giving those gentleman anything to look at, and do two more laps.’ barked our teacher as she eyed them suspiciously. We all groaned simultaneously as she raised her eyebrows, blasting the whistle in her mouth twice in a sharp succession. I didn’t mind running, but doing it under the scrutiny of two guys who were purposefully watching us made me uneasy. I tried to avoid looking in their direction, and luckily when I did glance up, they had gone. Class ended and I changed, wishing I had time for a shower before my final class of the day, History. I gulped when I realised I would have to see Mr Herbert and Elena in the same room, and I felt violently sick. I mean, the girl was seventeen, so not only was she underage, but she was his student, and he was her teacher- thats illegal surely? I couldn’t actually prove anything had happened between them either- I know what I heard, and what it looked like, and I wasn’t that naive to imagine they were locked in a closet role playing. I shuddered as I replayed the memory in my mind as I pushed the door open, to see Mr Herbert grin at me.

‘Ah. thank you for gracing us with your presence Miss Aurelle. Please, take your seat.’ I realised I was unable to look at him, my skin crawling with the thought of his eyes on me as I walked quickly towards my seat, to hear Elena breezing in behind me as she apologised breathlessly. I slumped in my seat as Mr Herbert frowned at her.

‘This is not acceptable, Miss Simmonds. Please stay behind after class.’ He ordered sternly, writing something in his book.

‘Yes Sir.’ She said quietly as she pouted at her friends who shot her sympathetic looks.

No way.

‘Busted!’ Called Chase with a playful laugh as she stuck her tongue out at him.


I will wait for you after baby. How long will she be here Sir?′ Chase asked innocently, as Mr Herberts eyes met his, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

‘As long as I want her here, Mr Dallas. Do I need your consent?’

The air was thick with tension and I held my breath when Chase frowned at the teachers reaction.

‘No..’ He drawled, raising his eyebrows at Elena who shrugged, a smile playing at her lips.

‘Good. Right, today we are going to be learning about moments in History that changed the world.’ He tapped at his laptop and the screen behind him came to life as I stared out of the window. I felt an enormous weight on my shoulders, the knowledge that Mr Herbert was clearly taking advantage of Elena and her slutty ways weighing me down heavily. I really disliked the girl, but I always followed rules and regulations- they were there for a reason after all.

The rest of the class passed without any further drama, and my body ached in relief when the final bell rang. I tried to avoid making eye contact with Elena who was sitting in her seat, eyes wide and innocent as she played with her pen idly, whilst Mr Herbert watched us all leave. I pushed through the door as I groaned, jumping when a hand grabbed mine, tugging me to the wall.

‘God I’ve missed you.’ I felt relief wash over me when my eyes met those of Bailey, as he pulled me close to him.

‘You too.’

He peered at me then, a look of concern in his eyes.

‘What’s wrong?’ He demanded, the softness gone from his voice. I hesitated and he noticed, dipping his head closer to mine. ‘Annabelle, whats wrong?’ He repeated as I bit my lip.

‘I need to tell you something, but we need to go somewhere quiet.’

He nodded briskly, pulling me into the boys toilets.

‘Bailey!’ I shrieked as I tried to cover my eyes just incase someone had eaten too many jalepenos and was becoming one with the toilet. He dragged me into a cubical and locked the door, his eyes on mine.

‘Everyone has gone home. Tell me.’ He said simply, his eyes boring into mine. I glanced around the cubical with curiosity as he sighed, folding his arms over his chest. ‘When you have finished admiring the decor in here, of course.’

‘I was late to had practice...’

Bailey watched me, confusion on his face.

‘You were late this morning? How did you get in? I should’ve drove you, I’m sorry.’

I gulped then, wondering whether I was going to lie to him for the first time, when I decided not to acknowledge it.

‘So when I got to class, I heard someone in the closet, in the languages building.’ My voice dropped and he continued to listen, not moving at all. ‘So then Mr Herbert came out.’ For the first time his eyes widened.


‘Yeah..and I heard noises. Before he came out.’

He raised his eyebrows as he tilted his head to the side.

‘What sort of noises? For fucks sake, will you just spit this out? I’m on edge.’

‘It was Elena.’ I whispered as he moved his head back, his mouth opening in shock.


‘Stop saying what.’

‘The fuck?’ He blinked as he ran his hand through his hair, worry in his eyes. I felt a stab of jealousy as I wondered if he was concerned for her, despite me knowing that was entirely appropriate.

‘Are you sure- thats a really serious allegation to make babe.’ He said softly, his voice low.

‘He’s kept her behind tonight. After History, for being late.’ I informed him, as he stood upright, unlocking the door swiftly, pulling me out behind him.

‘Bailey!’ I hissed, trying to pull my hand away from his to no avail. He headed out of the building, pulling me down beneath the windows. He held his fingers to his lips as he pointed upwards, towards the classroom window. My eyes bulged as he slid his phone out, unlocking the screen quickly before turning it to video mode.

‘Bailey, oh my god you can’t.’ I begged as my eyes tore around the courtyard, terrified someone would catch us, videoing any kind of sexual act. I’m not going to prison for being a peeping tom for fucks sake.

Baileys grimaced as he stretched his arms as high as they would go, the camera aimed in the window. I daren’t breathe as his eyes met mine, before he glanced back up to the window. He must’ve videoed for two to three minutes, my hands gripping his arm, my nails digging into his flesh.

‘Ouch, can you get your nails out of my arm? Save it for the bedroom.’ He muttered as he pulled the phone back to him, his fingers swiping at the screen until he found what he wanted, pulling the screen closer, peering at it intently.

‘Holy fucking shit.’

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