Becoming His

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'What time is Bailey picking you up?'

Elijah asked, looking at me over the rim of his glasses as I crunched away on my cereal. I swallowed quickly before gulping some apple juice to clear my mouth.

'The usual time, to get to school for first period.'

'Ray said you fell out again. What did he do this time?'

His voice was quiet as he put down his phone, his full attention on me. I cursed Ray inwardly- I know she is just looking out for me- but my business is just that, mine.

'He didn't do anything Eli. He was cross that I got into a car with someone he doesn't like.'

I shrugged as I pushed another spoonful of cereal in my mouth, happy that it meant I didn't have go talk anymore.

'Now I'm intrigued. Who did you get into a car with?'


'Just a guy from the other school. You won't know him.'

'You got into a car with a guy your boyfriend doesn't like?' He raised his eyebrows at me in surprise and I shot him a look.

'Well he's always been just fine to me.'

'Who is it?' His normally quiet tone had raised slightly and I could hear the worry in his voice. I resisted rolling my eyes as I answered him.

'Sam White.'

I watched him carefully for a reaction, but was pleased when there was none. He picked his phone back up, his interest lost as he began reading the news again. I finished my cereal and washed the bowl, before making my way to my room to get ready. My mind was now full of thoughts of Sam White. It was intriguing, that was all. I wanted to know why they disliked each other so much, but wasn't sure who to ask to get the right answer. I know Sam mentioned his sister- but I laid out the facts in my mind as I brushed my teeth. Both boys were incredibly good looking, maybe it was more than just Bailey breaking Sams sister's heart- maybe it involved another girl. My stomach twisted with envy as I imagined both boys being interested in the same girl as I jammed my toothbrush back into the holder. I did my make up and pulled on a white vest and jeans, adding a red checked shirt which tied around my waist. I quickly checked my reflection before grabbing my bag and skipping down the stairs.

'Bye!' I called out to no one in particular as I left to see Bailey had arrived early. He smiled as he saw me, his beautiful features lighting up. My fingers grasped the door handle as I pulled it open, the delicious scent of Bailey greeting me. He wore a long sleeved blue t shirt that matched his eyes, his hair still wet from his shower. I felt my stomach leap when I remembered that this fine specimen here was my boyfriend.

'You are a sight for sore eyes.'

I smiled as I pulled my seat belt on before turning to kiss him.

'Mmm, good morning to you too.' Even his voice was ridiculous, deep and gravely. He should be banned from several states, I decided. He pressed a button on his phone and Greenday began to play in the car as I happily sang along. He glanced at me, his blue eyes dancing with amusement.

'You're so cute it kills me.'

I pouted then.

'I don't want to be cute!' I protested as his eyes ran down my body briefly before turning back to the road.

'You're also hot as fuck.'

My heart began to pound in my chest at his words, and I wondered if I would ever tire of hearing him speak like that to me. I studied him as he turned, catching me unaware.

'Why do you always stare at me when I'm driving?'

Heart flushed my cheeks as his hand rested on my thigh as he squeezed it softly.

'Because you're my favourite thing to look at. ' I said simply as he grinned at me.

'One day you'll say you find me hot. Maybe I'll make you say it the next time I'm ball deep in you.'

I opened my mouth in shock at his words, this man knew no filter.

'Bailey, really? Ball deep?' I mimicked and he burst out laughing as he pulled into the school car park.

'My favourite thing to be.'

I shook my head in disbelief as we got out of the car, meeting at the front of it as he pulled me towards him. He rested on the warm bonnet of the car as he slid his hands around my waist, his eyes on mine as I stared at his lips.

'Say it.' He whispered as he rubbed his thumb on my bottom lip, my tongue flickering against it momentarily. 'I want to hear what you think of me in layman's terms.'

'You are divine, is that better?'

'Mmm, much.' His lips met mine then and all I could taste was his minty breath, mixed with the heavenly scent of his cologne.

'Get a room.' I heard a voice say as we reluctantly fell apart. His hands remained on my hips as he turned his ice blue gaze on Ray who was grinning at us stupidly.

'I still can't quite believe you two are together.'

'You wait, Ray. Soon we'll be married with kids.' He quipped, my eyes widening.

'Can I just finish high school?'

'Maybe. I'll let you know.'

I felt my heart flutter in my chest at the thought of ever being his wife, then chastised myself for getting carried away. We were yet to make it through a month without someone trying to split us up or cause mayhem. He kissed the top of my head as he slid his arm around my shoulders, turning his gaze to Ray.

'So how's it going with Elijah?'

We walked to school, the three of us deep in conversation when we saw Chase and Elena having a heated discussion. Bailey and I exchanged a look whilst Ray smiled at them sweetly.

'Trouble in paradise?'

'Fuck off.' Snapped Chase, his eyes focused on Elena who was staring him down. I looked up at Bailey who shrugged, clearly disinterested.

'I hate that we aren't in many classes together. Roll on exams. Roll on college.' Bailey moaned as we paused outside my class.

'Oh god, you'll see her at lunch. I don't see Elijah until its dark, how do you think I feel?' whined Ray as she hooked her arm through mine.

'It's still too long.'He murmured as he took me into his arms, his lips meeting mine briefly before Ray tugged me away.

'Come on Juliet. You'll see Romeo later. Bye Bailey.'

Our hands were still intertwined as we parted, his handsome face smiling softly as he watched me leave.

'Yo, Fenton. Wait up.' I heard Chase call as I saw Bailey narrow his eyes at him.

'Have you called that driving instructor?' Ray asked as we slid into our seats, pulling out our books.

'No, but I will.' I confessed as she tutted.

'You're too busy with Mr Fenton that's why.'

I stuck my tongue out at her as I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I glanced around before checking it, noticing it was a text from Bailey.

Chase thinks Elena is screwing around... video anyone?

Don't! X

Ha. They both deserve it. I miss your sweet mouth.. X

Behave Fenton..X

Never. X

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