Becoming His

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'Are you that desperate to be with someone, anyone, that you will tolerate them fucking people behind your back?'

I froze, as I turned to see the bitch from hell staring daggers at me. I was through with her shit, and before I could control myself a tirade of words fell out of my mouth.

'Speaking of fucking people behind people's backs, Elena, does Chase know about you and your extra history tuition?'

I smiled gleefully as I saw the shock in her eyes as she steadied herself on the locker beside her. She visibly paled as she swallowed, before she shook her head in denial.

'I don't know what rumours you are trying to start, bitch-'

I stepped closer to her as she shoved me in the shoulder, her bony fingers plunging into my flesh.

'Hey! Back up out of my personal space you fucking weirdo.' She hissed as I pushed against her hand, moving closer to her. She frowned as she pulled her hand back, her eyes darting around us as I leaned in close to her.

'I know, and I'm not the only one that knows. So keep out of my life, and leave my boyfriend alone. Or else.'

I wanted to stand and watch her quiver in fear, but that wasn't my style. I pushed past her as she gaped after me, my heart racing at my first attempt at confronting Elena. After all the years of being terrified of her, it felt like such a release to finally put the girl in her place. I hurried to the gym, praying I wasn't late as I knew I would be made to run extra laps. I quickly changed, my heart still pounding from the Elena fiasco as I realised the changing rooms were empty.

I groaned as I laced my trainers up, hanging my bag on a random peg. I pushed through the double doors, sunlight beaming onto my face as I squinted to see my class standing in a row whilst the football team watched idly, clearly waiting for their coach. My eyes fell onto Bailey immediately, his eyes focused on my class, a frown on his beautiful face. I knew he was looking for me, and my heart soared when he saw me skip to the end of the line, a bemused smile on his lips.

'AURELLE!' Barked the teacher, her beady eyes boring into mine. I shifted uncomfortably as the entire class turned to stare at me.

'I'm sorry-'

'You are. Three extra laps, starting now. Go!' She roared as I saw Bailey sending me a pitiful look as I began to jog to the track. As I began my first lap I became aware of someone joining me, the intoxicating scent making me whirl my head to him. He smirked as he jogged beside me effortlessly.

'What are you doing?' I hissed as I turned to see my class stretching under the teachers watchful eye. Bailey shrugged nonchalantly, his smile making me weak at the knees. Which isn't ideal when you are running..

'Exercising. Why were you late?' He drawled as we neared the second lap.

I didn't answer right away and he turned to study me, a strange expression on his face.

'Why do I get the impression there is more drama on the horizon?' He sighed as we began the third lap, my breath coming out in gasps as he looked at me with concern. 'Are you alright?' He bit back a smile as I held my chest, annoyed he was so fit.

'I'm- not-an-athlete.' I managed as I slowed my pace down to a fast walk, praying it went unnoticed.

'No shit.'

'FENTON! get your ass over here!'

Bailey shrugged at me apologetically as he jogged over to where his coach stood, hands on his hips as he glared at him.

I finished my lap and half crawled, half walked back to my class to see they were in the midst of doing starjumps into squats as I closed my eyes in defeat.

This teacher was definately trying to murder me.

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