Becoming His

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When I left school that day I silently cheered. I missed the days where I could be invisible, managing to avoid drama and attention, the highlight of my day listening to Rays exploits. I was looking forward to tonight, a girls night with no boys allowed. I spotted her car as I saw her waving at me impatiently from the drivers seat as I rolled my eyes, skipping down the steps.

Suddenly an arm slipped around my waist making me squeal with fright.

'Just a quickie before you jet off on your girls night.' He murmured into my ear as I giggled, turning to stare into his delicious blue eyes. I heard the horn beep as his lips met mine, kissing me urgently as I groaned, pulling away reluctantly. He folded his arms as I walked away, glancing back at him longingly as he smiled knowingly.

'Call me when you're home?' He said, more of a command than a question, as I nodded. I slipped into the car next to Ray as she glared at me with disbelief.

'One night with me, and he's stalking you at the school gates. That boy has it bad.' She tutted as she shifted the car into drive, waving at Bailey as he watched us leave, our eyes meeting briefly as I passed him. Ray insisted we went into town tonight, to a chicken restaurant we adored. We always ordered the same thing- spicy chicken, rice and chilli nuts. My stomach growled as I imagined the food, and I decided to add fries on the side too.

'So have you thought about which college you want to go to? I'm definately going to go for Arc.' Ray said as she joined the busy main road, filled with commuters trying to get home from the city. Arc was a prestigious college that excelled in Law- a passion of Rays. I hadn't given to much thought to it as I just wanted to see what grades I got. I didn't want to pressure myself unnecessarily.

'I'm not entirely sure yet.' I confessed as Ray nodded solemnly, her hands tapping on the steering wheel as she weaved in and out of traffic, trying to get us closer to the turn off we needed.

'Annabelle, you know you need to apply regardless of where you are going. You don't want to not have a place.'

I chewed on my fingernail as I nodded glumly. I was kind of hoping not to study any longer than I had to- all my family had done it and I knew it was expected of me, but I just didn't feel at all attracted to it. My eyes lit up as Ray slid the car into a vacant spot, the delicious smell of flame grilled chicken making my mouth water as I almost ran to the restaurant. It was quite busy, but we managed to grab a little table for two at the back. We settled in and placed our orders immediately- much to our waiters surprise, and Ray fixed me with a look.

'Why are you giving me that look?' I demanded as she blushed, glancing down at the table before meeting my eyes again.

'You and Eli are so alike its scary sometimes.' She confessed as I rolled my eyes playfully.

'Do you ever stop thinking about him?' I chided as she threw a napkin at me.

'No.' She giggled and I laughed, unsure how we had gotten where we were today, both in serious relationships and not spending anywhere near as much time together as we used to.

'Do you love him?' I found myself asking as I watched her with intrigue. Her pupils dilated and her mouth opened slightly, a faint flush on her cheeks as she shrugged.

'A little bit.'

'Remember when you thought he couldn't stand you?'

'Oh don't. I really thought he hated me.' She said sadly, her dark eyes full of worry.

'Clearly not.' I winked at her as she grinned broadly.

'If we get married-' She began as I pretended to choke, much to her amusement. 'If, I said, if. You will be my sister in law. Eek!'

We giggled as we chatted about this and that, but I was aching to tell her about Elena. I didn't keep anything from Ray, but I knew this was a serious secret, and not mine to tell. So imagine my surprise when she dropped a little bombshell on me.

'Rumour has it that Elena is pregnant.'

I stared at her as she shook her head.

'Dumb girl isn't even on birth control even though she fucks anything and everything. If its true, I wonder who the babies daddy is?' She snorted then, her eyes meeting mine. 'No, it's not funny is it. I really hope its just a rumour. No-one deserves her for a mother.'

I blinked as our food arrived, my appetite suddenly dampened.

Was Elena pregnant by a teacher?

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