Becoming His

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I had managed to convince Ray to drop me at Bailey's house after we had filled our stomachs with an alarmingly excessive amount of food. I knocked on the door, hopping from foot to foot in the cold. I should've texted him first, but it was a last minute lightbulb idea to just come directly to him. The door opened and my mouth gaped open slightly at the vision that was my boyfriend's brother, Reuben. He was wearing navy jogging bottoms and well, nothing else. His stomach was ripped, my eyes following the perfect v that led down to his-

'Annabelle. Are you going to come in or are you content standing on the doorstep?'

He gazed at me, clearly amused. My cheeks flushed as his eyes lingered on me slightly longer than necessary, as he stepped back so I could walk in. I hurried past him, averting my eyes so he didn't think I was staring at him. A smile played at his lips as he nodded at the stairs.

'You know the way to his room, right? I'm assuming you didn't come to see me?'

He winked at me as I leaned down, pulling my shoes off awkwardly. This family were excessively attractive, their very presence turned me into a gibbering wreck. I realised he was still watching me, clearly waiting for an answer. I smiled apologetically as I began to make my way up the stairs, as he grinned dejectedly and walked back towards the kitchen. I pushed open Bailey's door, the scent of him greeting me warmly. He was lying on the bed, his phone by his side as he stared at me in surprise.

'I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess you're completely naked under that coat.'

He said softly, his blue eyes lazily examining me as I closed the door behind me. I unbuttoned my coat as he sighed in mock sadness at the sight of my clothes, but he sat up and held his hands out to me.

'I'll take this though.'

As he wrapped his arms around me I suddenly felt the anxiety leave my body, as he pulled me onto his lap and his lips brushed mine I couldn't even remember what I was even thinking about prior to being here with him.


'We've come a long way from you refusing to let me come round your house.' He murmured as I arched my back in response to his soft kisses on my throat.

'I know. Sorry I didn't give you a heads up.' I whispered as he frowned, pulling his head back to search my eyes.

'Baby- you don't need to give me advance notice. Turn up here whenever you damn well like, as long as it's to see me and not my brother that is.'

He smiled knowingly as I blushed furiously. Had he heard our conversation just now?

'Don't be absurd. It was always you. Does he always answer the door half naked though?' I wrinkled my nose up as he laughed heartily.

'Oh I know, he's a fucker. He can't help but flirt with pretty girls. But you, are mine. So he can answer the door to you naked if he wants, as long as you always make your way to me.'

I stared at him quizzically, noticing the slight worry in his eyes.

'I don't want your brother.'

His face relaxed as he lifted his head up to look at me, holding onto the small of my back as he swung his legs onto the bed so I was straddling him.

'You better not. I'm not good with competition.' He smirked as I rolled my eyes, the idea of him having competition for my attention hilarious. Then I remembered Rays words about Elena, and I chewed my lip anxiously. Bailey noticed as he laced his fingers with mine, drawing my attention back to him.

'What? Are you going to tell me what's making you bite your lip like that? Or is it because you know I find it sexy as fuck and you want me to go all caveman on you?' He flipped us over easily, my head hitting the pillow in place of his.

'I think Elena is pregnant.' I blurted out as his eyes widened, all signs of any caveman he had conjured up having left at my words.

'The fuck?' He rolled off me, sitting up to face me as I pulled myself up. His face was slightly pale as I shrugged.

'I could be wrong.'

I then filled him in on what Ray had said and he shook his head in disbelief.

'Fuck. She's really got herself in the shit now. If shes pregnant, it's either some random guy or- '

'A teacher.' I finished as his eyes met mine. He sucked in a breath as he pushed a hand through his hair.

'Well fuck her. It's not our problem.'

I was silent whilst I considered it.

'You're chewing your lip again, Anna..' He warned in a low voice as I released my lip from my teeth instantly.

'I think we should tell someone. What he is doing with her is illegal.' I pointed out as he fixed me with his cool gaze.

'Baby.' He began, and I shivered with delight at the new name he was using for me, my heart pushing out of my chest with happiness. 'Again, it's not our problem. She is a vicious, nasty bitch who tried to break us up. I'm not feeling sorry for her because she got herself into this fucking mess, and I'm not having you stressing about it either.'


'No Anna, no. I don't want to to worry about her at all anymore. Before the rumours start, it's not my fucking baby either.' He swore as a nervous giggle escaped my lips, the very idea having not crossed my mind at all. 'What? I wouldn't put it past her.'

I stared at him, the feeling in my belly at the thought of him gathering anyone's children but mine sickening. I crawled towards him, my lips pressing against his as I kissed him intently, my tongue dancing with his on a way that only he commanded. We were lost in the kiss as we fell back onto the bed, his hand running up my thigh as he groaned.

'Take your jeans off.'

'What's the magic word?' I breathed as his eyes snapped up to mine.


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