Becoming His

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'You're so demanding.' I yawned as I sent a text to Ray, asking her to tell my parents I was staying at Bailey's house. I knew she was at my house and if she said it they wouldn't be able to argue; not that they ever did, but just incase.

'Mmm? I'm demanding?' Repeated Bailey as he ran his finger down my bare back as I read Rays super quick response.

'Ordering me to take my clothes off-'

'Don't wear clothes then, problem solved.' He teased as I snuggled against him, his skin warm under my cheek.

'Yeah about that.. I kind of need to wear clothes. It's kinda socially expected.' I laughed.

'Not in here it isn't. I love seeing you like this. You're so relaxed.' He murmured seriously. 'You care too much about other people. Just think of you.'

I had a feeling we weren't taking about clothes anymore and I shifted uncomfortably, swinging my leg over his for comfort.

'I like to please people.' I admitted softly as he ran his hand through my hair.

'Need I remind you that you do incredibly well at pleasing me?'

I smiled against him as he continued.

'Seriously though. Who gives a fuck what is happening with everyone else? Just make yourself happy.'

I gazed at him as he studied me in return, pure adoration on his face as I grinned stupidly.

'When the hell did I fall in love with Bailey Fenton?'

He cocked his head as he considered my question.

'I reckon honestly it was probably the first time we met. You probably saw me across the room and thought yeah, I like his surname.'

I burst out laughing as he kissed me softly, his forehead resting against mine when he pulled away.

'I do like your surname.' I confessed with a smirk add he smiled in return.

'I think you'll suit it. Annabelle Fenton.'

Our eyes met then, the banter momentarily paused. My breath caught in my throat as he nodded.

'Yes I'll marry you. Shall we finish college and that first?'

I couldn't help but kiss him, my mind now putting him in a suit, me in a dress. It wouldn't be white, I prefer ivory. But his suit could be any colour. We could get married on the beach-

'Are you imagining our wedding?' He laughed quietly as his eyes danced with delight.

'Bailey Fenton getting married?' I mused as he moved my hair from my eyes.

'I haven't asked you yet, Annabelle.' His voice was teasing but his eyes told me otherwise.

'Life ambitions. Goals. Discuss.'

He threw me a look of disgust as he pulled me to my feet, admiring my semi naked form.

'I'm starving. Serious conversations can't take place on an empty stomach babe.'

I crawled back into bed, pulling the duvet around me for warmth as I shook my head.

'I'm full. Still. I'll probably still be full tomorrow. You go eat.'

I waved him off as he scoffed at me.

'Full? What does that even feel like? Do you want anything?' He paused at the door, tugging a t shirt on over his boxers. We heard a giggle from outside of his room and I raised my eyebrows at him in curiosity. He shrugged and went to open the door as I cleared my throat.

'Bottoms, Fenton. I don't want to share you either.' I commanded as he grinned, picking some bottoms up from his chair.

'Yet I'm demanding?'

I stuck my tongue out at him as he left, laughing to himself. I heard him greet the mystery girl before jogging down the stairs to attempt to fill his bottomless pit.

I fired a text to Ray.

'Proposals post sex- standard? Discuss.'

I allowed myself a smile as I turned to see Bailey's phone lighting up beside me to see a text.


'Elena is pregnant. What the fuck am I gonna do man, I don't wanna be a daddy!'

I gulped as I realised the rumour was true. Part of me felt bad for her despite everything. It wasn't hard to use a condom poor both control, how had she managed to sleep around and get herself in this situation? The door opened and Bailey entered, his mouth filled with cereal. Milk dripped down his chin as he spooned another mouthful in.

'A bowl of cereal won't full you up surely?'

'This is my third bowl.' He managed to say in between mouthfuls.

'Chase has sent you a message.' I nodded to his phone as he shrugged.


'So it's confirming the rumours. It flagged up on the screen, I didn't go into your phone.' I explained quickly, anxious he didn't think I was some bunny boiler girlfriend who ate his phone whenever he was out of sight. He sat on the bed, pushing the bowl away from him.

'Two, six, zero, four.' He stated as I stared at him in confusion.

'Is that a safe combination?' I giggled as he smiled softly.

'It's my phone password. Anytime you like you can look in it.'

I stared at him in disbelief, part of me itching to grab it and go through it with a toothcomb, the other part of me filling with admiration for him.

'I don't think I'd like that. It's not how you build trust, snooping. But thankyou.' I said graciously as he nodded.

'But I do want to build trust. I've never had a girlfriend before, so I didn't give much thought into my actions prior to you. Didn't think I'd fall in love with the first one I had, let alone be planning marriage with her.' He took my hands into his as my breath caught.

'That's the second time you've mentioned marriage.' I said slowly as he smiled.

'Yeah. So, life goals.' He leaned back, gazing at me as he spoke.

'I want to finish school and study sports at college. I was hoping to go to Kings, but I know that is far from here.' I nodded, realising Kings was about three hours away, maybe more. 'Then my plan was to marry you, buy a decent house close to the beach so when we have kids they have the beach as their back yard. Get rich, grow old I guess.'

My heart pounded in my chest as his fingers laced with mine as he studied me.

'Your turn.'

I sighed as I shrugged.

'Honestly I don't have any plans as such. I don't feel like I want to study anymore after school.' I dropped my eyes from his, not wanting to see the disappointment in his eyes. I found my lack of ambition embarrassing, but I just preferred seeing where life was going to take me rather than planning out every detail.

'Really? I don't suppose you'd want to just come with me and decide as you go? I know that's incredibly selfish but I can't be without you.'

'I haven't even considered tomorrow let alone when I leave school. But that's the best idea I've heard yet.'

He beamed at me as he squeezed my hand.

'It's your life. Decide as you go, I like that.'

'God I love you.'

He smirked then as he kissed me lightly, before he spoke.

'Yeah I've been called a God before.'

'Dick.' I laughed.

'That too.'

We both laughed as I jabbed him in the ribs.

'Both times by me.'

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