Becoming His

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Bailey held his hands out behind him and I held on in a monkey grip style as he guided me through the throngs of students that were literally just standing in the corridor gossiping. Some were been playing basketball. In the hall.

'You didn't even reply to my text.' I pouted at Ray as she groaned.

'I was with your brother. I tried to hide the text before he spotted it!'she glared at me as I grimaced.

'The cons of dating my brother.'

'Practically the only one.' She cocked her eyebrow at me as I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. She nodded at Bailey then pointed to her ring finger, her eyes wide. I shook my head furiously at her as she shook her head in amusement. Bailey pulled me towards his warm body as he pushed me up slightly against the locker. Ray moved past us heading for hers, trying to avoid the PDA that Bailey seemed to do regularly.

'I'm so fucking into you.' He murmured as I laced my fingers around his neck, allowing his lips to press hard on mine. His tongue demanded access and I opened my mouth happily, until I heard a voice interrupting us.

'Dude, we need to talk.'

Bailey sighed as he turned to see Chase standing with a look of worry on his usually relaxed face.

'Can't you see I'm a little busy right now?' He retorted angrily, as I squeezed his shoulders.

'I'm sorry, but this is important.'

For once there were no snide remarks, no insults. I knew Bailey and Chase had lost their intense friendship level when they'd made the bet about me, but they were still friends.

'How far is she?' Bailey asked bluntly, as Chase glanced at me. Reading his expression, Bailey sighed. 'She knows.'

Chase nodded, swallowing hard as he leaned in.

'She's missed one period. So I dunno? Not far?'

'Did she tell you it was yours?' Bailey asked calmly, as Chase stared at him.

'Well who else would it be? Neither of us have fucked around since each other so-' His voice trailed off as he watched Elena walking down the hallway, all eyes on her as she stared at the floor. She looked pale despite the excessive make up she was wearing, her eyes red rimmed.

'Elena, we need to talk.' Chase said as she shook her head at him, her eyes taking in Bailey and I anxiously. She licked her lips as she spoke.

'I can't talk to you right now. I'm sorry.' Her voice was hoarse as she scurried past us, Chase watching her with an unreadable expression on his face. Ray joined us as she sighed.

'Well well well. Gotta love the drama.'

Chase turned to get, a look of disgust on his face. Before he could retort, Bailey clapped him on the back.

'Let's go talk, what are we doing, gym?'

Chase nodded gratefully as Bailey turned back to me.

'Counting down the minutes, and I don't even care how that sounds. Love you.'

I realised I had a stupid grin on my face as he walked away, deep in conversion with Chase.

'Do I look like that around your brother?'

I sighed happily as I turned to her.

'Yes. I can't believe we are both in love. What the hell.'

'Indeed. The nerd and the jock.' She grinned as I studied her for a moment.

'The nerd and the princess.'

She frowned at me as I waited patiently for the penny to drop.

'Me and Elijah? Girl. He is the hottest nerd I've ever seen. But you're right, I am a princess.' We laughed as we made our way to class. I was suddenly aware of nails sinking into my arm a a hand grabbed me, making me call out in surprise.

'Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Can I talk to you?'

I stared as Elena walked back into the toilets behind her, sending me a pleading look. Was she being serious right now?

'Tell her to fuck off immediately.' Spat Ray angrily as I breathed out slowly.

'She's pregnant Ray, and probably terrified. I'll catch up with you in class.'

'But she's a vile bitch-'

'RAY!' I exclaimed as she pursed her lips.

'Urgh. You're too kind for your own good.'

I pushed open the door to the toilets, the smell of ammonia and cheap perfume filling my nostrils.


I heard a sniffle as she stepped out of a cubicle, her eyes streaming.

'I know you hate me. I've been such a bitch to you. I'm sorry. I really am.'

I waited, her apology meaning nothing to me. I couldn't ever forgive her. She breathed in, dabbing under her eyes with tissue. Miraculously her make up had remained in tact.

'We both know who the potential father could be. Chase and I- we haven't really had sex that much. Once or twice maybe.' She pulled the tissue apart anxiously as the silence between us spoke volumes. I waited, not wanting to interrupt her.

'But I can't get rid of it, Annabelle.'

I stared at her, her eyes shining with love as she spoke, caressing her stomach softly.

'Chase and I always used condoms. But me and- well we didn't. I told him I was on birth control.'

I blinked, trying to slot the pieces of this crazy jigsaw together.

'You lied to Mr- I mean- him? Why?'

She smiled half heartedly as her eyes met mine.

'Because I'm in love with him.'

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