Becoming His

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Strawberry Clouds

I felt sick for the remainder of the day. Even Bailey couldn't lift my mood, and I promised to call him later that evening, claiming I just needed to sleep. Which was kinda true. I slumped against my door, relieved that the whole world was locked out behind me.

'Well well.' I heard a deep voice say softly, revealing Elijah in the doorway, in tartan pajama bottoms and a tight cream t shirt. He watched me sling my shoes off, sighing heavily as I stretched and yawned. He pushed his glasses up his nose and studied me.

'All this 'having a life' making you tired is it?' He grinned at me as I shot him a look that made him raise his hands in mock defeat. 'Seriously though, are you ok?'

I wasn't quite sure what it was about Elijah, but he was more of a father figure to me than my actual father was. I chewed my lip as I pushed past him, pouring a glass of juice for myself. I offered him one, and he declined with a shake of his head. We were silent as I ran my finger over the rim of my glass, paying rapt attention to it.

'Eli.' I began, my voice quiet.

He gazed at me knowingly, responding with raised eyebrows. I shifted so I was sitting on the counter, my legs swinging below me.

'If you knew something was going on between two people, and say it wasn't morally correct-'

'But is it legal?' He interrupted as I stared at the floor, my face burning.

'Say it wasn't.' My voice was too high pitched, too unnatural. This time his gaze was hard, and I swallowed.


'If you told anyone, it would cause massive problems for everyone. Enormous problems. But what if you felt like you didn't feel comfortable knowing it.'

'Are you pregnant?' He asked flatly as I gaped at him.

'What? No! Anyway that's hardly illegal.' I scoffed as I reddened. I saw a look of relief pass over his face as he let out a huge sigh.

'Christ. Is it drugs?'

My mouth dropped open again. So far he assumed it was me, and that I was either doing drugs or I was pregnant.

'You sound like a talk show host.' I snapped as he chuckled softly.

'Why don't you tell me what is going on? You don't have to give me names.'

I considered his words, nodding slowly.

'Promise me that you won't tell Ray anything, this is important. I haven't told her.' I warned as he made a show of crossing his heart with his finger.

'I swear.'

Our eyes met for a moment and the silence was brief before the words tumbled from my mouth.

'One of the students is sleeping with someone shes not meant to be sleeping with, now she's pregnant and she's also got a boyfriend but she's in love with the someone shes not meant to be sleeping with.'

Elijah stared at me, his eyes widening.

'It's not you, is it?' He whispered, darting a quick look in the direction of my stomach.

'No Eli! It's really not me!' I sighed with exasperation as he nodded.

'I'm going to hazard a guess here, but is the someone they shouldn't be sleeping with in a position of authority?'

He pursed his lips as I nodded, swallowing hard.

'Then they need to speak to an adult, not you Annabelle. Ideally their parents. This is very serious and could effect so many lives.'

'What if they don't tell anyone?'

Elijah wrinkled his nose up as he made a face.

'Then they are even stupider than I gave them credit for. But know this, it's NOT your problem. My advice is not to get involved. Honestly, you don't want to meddle in affairs of the heart. Or the law, for that matter.' He muttered, running a hand through his hair. 'Just, tell them to speak to someone they trust that's an adult.' His eyes darted to mine then as he quickly added, 'not the foolish adult they are involved with.'

That did make sense. I swung my legs thoughtfully as I finished my juice. Elena had gotten herself into this situation, how could I be worrying about getting her out?

'Annabelle.' Elijah drawled before turning to walk back out of the kitchen, his eyes on me.

'Spend the next year picking colleges, not baby names. I don't want to be an uncle just yet, capiche?' His tone was playful but his eyes serious as I waved him away.

'Eli, please.'

'I love you sis.'

My heart warmed as he smiled at me, and I knew he would always be there for me no matter what. I hugged my arms to myself as I called out that I loved him too, earning myself a thumbs up from my older brother as he walked away. I slid off the counter and poured some water into a pan, tipping a packet of noodles in. Whilst I waited for the water to boil I gazed out of the window, suddenly aware of how beautiful the sky was. It was that perfect moment where the sun shared its final rays of the day with the sky, purple and pink hues highlighting the soft white clouds that littered the sky like cotton wool. I watched the clouds moving and realised that no matter what was happening in our lives, the world kept on moving no matter what. My phone rang in my pocket, making me jump as I grabbed it, tearing my eyes away from the palette of colours in the sky.

'Hello?' I breathed into the phone, hearing a deep voice on my ear.

'This is probably too much, but I really fucking miss you.'

I felt a wide smile on my face as I turned to stir the noodles in the pan.

'Hey, me too. I'm sorry I was in a grump earlier I just feel a little stressed with everything.'

I heard him sigh and I heard voices in the background, calling his name. I frowned until he hollered back to 'shut the fuck up, I can't hear my future wife speak.' Which made me giggle.

'Fucking imbeciles I swear to God. Look I'm just out with the guys, if you want I can swing by after?'

Before I could even consider my answer my mouth responded with 'yes please.' And he had chuckled, telling me he really wouldn't be long before hanging up.

Bailey Fenton. How I love thee.

Shit, who am I, Juliet?!

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