Becoming His

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Bailey's POV

I stared at her in disbelief, desperately trying not to laugh. Her crystal green eyes narrowed at me and I managed to bite my lip.

'Are you laughing?' She demanded, her hands on her hips as she glared at me.

'It's a joke, right?' I choked out, a laugh escaping my lips.

Her mouth did the cute thing she did when she was confused, opening and closing like a fish. I laughed as I raised her hands to my lips, kissing the soft skin.

'Baby. Elena is incapable of loving anyone but herself. There no way she's in love with Mr fucking Herbert.'

'Bailey. I could see it in her eyes. She meant it. She wants that baby. She told him she was on birth control.'

I shuddered as I realised what a lucky escape I had had with the vicious bitch. I refused to ever sleep with anyone without a condom, so in my honest opinion, Mr Herbert was a fucking loser.

'So you know whose problem it is babe? Theirs. Not ours.'

She bit her plump bottom lip as I felt the blood rush to my cock, making me instantly hard.

'If you want a serious conversation with me, stop biting your lip.' I said hoarsely. She lifted her eyes to mine as she slowly released the lip, indentations left where her teeth had sank into the soft flesh. She was looking up at me, her hands sliding into mine as she pressed her body against me. Her sweet perfume filled my nostrils, the swell of her small breasts against my chest distracting me completely. I pressed my lips against hers as she let out a tiny groan, my tongue entering her mouth urgently.

This girl drove me fucking insane.

I walked her backwards, holding her steadily in my arms until she fell onto her bed, her legs wrapping around my waist naturally. She kissed like she wanted to fuck, every damn time. Her hot mouth moved urgently against mine as her hands instantly moved the waist band of my bottoms, her hand seeking my solid cock. I groaned as she wrapped her hand around it, beginning to pump it slowly. I swear to God, it took everything I had not to bend her over the bed and fuck her until she screamed the house down, but seeing as her family were in, I'd have to show a bit of restraint.

'Anna baby, don't make me lose control here.' I whispered as she slid my bottoms down, exposing me.

'But I want you inside of me.'

She grabbed my hand, placing it on the waistband of her shorts as she began to wriggle out of them.


I pulled them down in one movement, before I reached for my wallet. My fingers located the foil wrapper, tearing it open with my teeth. I slid it onto my cock as she gave me a wicked smile, her eyes locking with mine.

'You're going to have to be so quiet.' She whispered as she guided me into her, gasping as I entered her slowly. She was so fucking tight.

'I'll be quiet.' I whispered hoarsely, feeling her legs wrap around me, allowing me deeper access. I began to thrust against her, slowly at first, one hand on the headboard and the other gripping her hips as she moaned into my neck. I could see the swell of her breasts beneath her thin vest, the nipples hard and erect as she pulled me closer to her, her nails dragging down my back as I gritted my teeth silently.

'Fuck me harder baby. Please. ' She whispered into my ear, making me smile. Her wish was my command. I pushed her legs down before flipping her over onto her front, her ass exposed to me. Fuck she was beautiful. I entered her again, causing her to moan. As I thrust into her I began to feel her body begin to tremble; a sign I knew she was almost there. I couldn't hold back much longer either, especially as she slammed her hips back against me, our bodies making a slapping sound as they met. She began to moan and I slid my hand around her mouth to dull out her cries as she came, her hands clenching into fists as I exploded, biting my lip so hard I tasted blood. I slowed, allowing our bodies to still as I slid out of her, pulling tissue from the bedside table so she could clean herself up. I removed the condom and tied a knot in the end, and wrapped it in tissue before tossing it in the bin. Annabelle was gazing at me as she slid her underwear back on, her lips swollen from the kissing and my hand against her mouth no doubt. I smirked at her as I pulled my joggers back up and joined her on the bed. She pulled her shorts on and straddled me, her lips meeting mine, the kiss much softer now.

'That was-' She broke off as she searched for the right word. I watched her, my heart pounding against my chest as her eyes brightened. 'Fucking insane, to quote you.'

I grinned. 'I thought we were having a serious conversation Miss Aurelle?'

She giggled as I kissed her again, my arms wrapping around her waist. This girl drove me insane. I was absolutely, irrevocably in love with her. I ran my fingers through her hair as she gazed at me in adoration, a smile playing on her lips.

'I wanna marry you one day.' She whispered as I felt my heart skip a beat.

'You wanna marry me?' I echoed as she blushed, nodding happily. I knew she meant it, the look in her eyes mirroring the feelings I had deep inside. I studied her, as I moved her hair out of her face, admiring the tiny sprinkle of freckles over the bridge of her nose.

'I better get saving for a ring then.' I said softly as our mouths met again.

'Would you really marry me?' She asked, her eyes searching my face as if she were the lucky one.

'Would I allow myself the eternal happiness of being your husband? Of course I fucking would.' I muttered as I pulled her close, kissing her deeply. I fucking adored her.

'Is that a proposal?' She teased as I laughed.

'Nah babe. That will be more memorable than post fuck, I promise you.' I winked at her as her face flushed a deeper red. 'I fucking love you, Annabelle Aurelle.'


wow, it's steamy in here!

This is not the end, more to come I promise xx

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