Becoming His

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I walked into History, the feeling of dread in my stomach at having to watch my perverted teacher and slutty classmate making goo goo eyes at each other. I couldn't believe Elena was pregnant. I mean, you read about teen's getting pregnant young and dropping out of school, but with a teacher? I hated the knowledge, although I suppose it gave me some power, I didn't want to use it.

Ray sat beside me, frantically texting someone as she beamed at her phone, glancing over at me and catching me mid stare.

'I hope you are free Friday night.' She smiled slyly as I stopped to think.

'Yeah, I guess so. Why?'

'It's Elijah's birthday and your mom and I thought it would be nice if we all went for a meal. Eek!' She squealed excitedly, get hands clapping together. 'Bring Bailey, obviously.'

Wow, they really were super serious. Planning family meals out now, very adult of them. I pulled my one it and sent a text to Bailey.


Friday night, brothers birthday meal. Family & Ray. You don't have to come, but I'd love you to. X


Food, the hottest woman in the world and the night in bed with you? Yesssss. I'm there. X

I turned to see Ray looking at me expectantly as I nodded shyly. The door to the classroom opened and in walked a teacher I'd never seen before as she stared over her horn rimmed glasses at us curiously. Her hair was in a tight bun and she wore a floaty summer dress despite the chilly weather today. The were whiskers around the class surrounding the obvious absence of Mr Herbert, but the teacher chose to gloss over the logistics.

'Good day! I'm Penny, your substitute teacher for History! We're making it right now folks. Forget your books, that's not how I do lessons. I want each of you to tell me an event in history that you find fascinating, and why. Let's start at the back row with the sleepy young man, will someone kindly give him a nudge?'

Despite myself I let out a laugh as we all exchanged bemused looks, turning to see Eddie Green passed out on the desk. Someone nudged him carefully and he sat upright, almost standing to attention.

'Yes sir?'

The whole room erupted in laughter as the teacher smiled knowingly. Eddie blinked a few times, his hair sticking up from his desk pillow snooze.

'I have nothing against women who look like men, but I'm afraid I am a Miss.'

She chided softly as she moved to the next person, advising Eddie to try and rest at home instead of at school. I listened to my class mates as they stammered out their poorly thought out answers as I reached my brains for something I found fascinating about History. I had always been interested in World War Two, so when my turn came I managed to share a few interesting facts. Instead of grilling me further, the teacher moved on and I found the knot of anxiety in my stomach release slightly. Maybe I could cope with the whole Elena thing if Mr Herbert wasn't in school anymore. I glanced over in her direction to see a scowl on her face, her arms folded angrily as she glared at Penny. Clearly something had gone down, and I wanted to find out what.

Baileys POV

I slammed the locker door, pulling my soccer t shirt from my sweaty body. God I needed a shower. It was the end of the day so I was just gonna find my girl and hopefully convince her to shower with me. I smirked to myself as I imagined the expression on her face when I proposed such a plan. My fantasy was interrupted by Chase, who had turned into a right miserable bastard of late.

'She wont even fucking talk to me. I'm the father of that kid, and she won't talk to me.' He stared at his phone as he tapped away angrily. I was having an internal battle with this. I just wanted to tell him she'd been fucking the teacher, and was apparently in love with him, which was a joke if I'd ever heard one. I sprayed deodorant over my body before pulling my hoody on, turning to look at him.

'My advice would be to make her talk to you. Its fucking odd behaviour.'

'I've tried but she just ignores me.'

'Go to her house then. Tell her fucking parents. Call her out on being a prize bitch.'

He gazed at me, his eyes filling with mischief.

'Its not a bad idea- going to her house. Fuck telling the parents man, that's her job.'

What a guy.

I patted him on the back sympathetically as I wished him luck with the shitty task. I pushed through the doors to see a dressed down Mr. Herbert going into the office with his head down. He seemed deflated, his posture weak as he stumbled forward as though he was being dragged in against his will. I made my way over, just in time to see him entering the heads office, a police officer was present too, standing rigidly beside the desk.

Oh, fuck.

I chewed on my lip as I heard a voice beside me speaking softly.

'He's in trouble, isn't he?'

I turned to see Elena standing beside me, get eyes shining with tears. I shrugged as I walked away, as she caught my arm.

'Bailey I'm sorry. For everything.'

I fixed her with my gaze as her lip quivered, her fingers still on my arm.

'What do you want me to say? I forgive you? Because I don't. You're fucking evil.' I spat as I pulled my arm from her bony grip.

She sucked in a breath as I turned to walk away, before doing and turning back to her.

'You've already ruined his life.' I nodded in the direction of the office. 'Put Chase out of his fucking misery and tell him its not his.'

Her mouth dropped open as she blinked rapidly before staring at the floor.

'And if I don't?'

I breathed out through my nose wondering what the hell anyone saw in such a vile person. Even myself once upon a time. I felt shame as I gazed at her, her puffy eyes still glaring at me with hatred.

'Then you're even more vile than I gave you credit for.'

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