Becoming His

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Just, Wow.

I was in Baileys car, with Bailey.

Breathe Annabelle. Breathe. The streets whizzed by as he weaved in and out of traffic easily, cars moving out of his way as if by magic.

‘Where are we going?’ I asked meekly.

‘My house.’

WHAT. I couldn’t go to his house!

He must’ve seen the panic on my face as he smiled gently.

‘Look, its only a house. You need to see my sister.’

I gulped as I realised what he had in store for me, and I felt embarrassment coming over me in waves. He pulled into a driveway suddenly, and cut the engine. In fairness, his house wasn’t as grand as I had imagined on the drive over, and I felt slightly less anxious. We got out of the car and I followed him into the house as he turned towards me, winking again.

‘Connie!’ He yelled, making me jump. I stared daggers at him as I chewed on my hair, glancing around for the girl that would be tasked with the impossible.

‘What?’ Came the irritated reply as a beautiful girl poked her head around the top of the stairs. She had the same chestnut hair, but hers was highlighted with honey and caramel blonde. Her eyes narrowed at me as she stared at her brother in disbelief.

‘Who is that?’ She demanded.

‘This, is Anna. She needs your help in the ugly duck to pretty swan department.’ He declared grandly, smiling at me lazily as he leaned on the banister.

She blinked as she stared at him.

‘Did you really just call her an ugly duck?’ She rolled her eyes as she walked towards us, and I stared at her in awe. I thought Bailey was hot, but his sister was something else entirely. She wore ripped jeans and a faded white levi top, her face made up to perfection. ‘I have to apologise for my brother, he is a vile boy. He used to be nice.’ She smiled at me warmly as she stood in front of me, making me feel instantly comfortable.

‘Bailey, what is going on? Why would I do anything for you?’ She asked sweetly, turning to her brother. He looked at her innocently.

‘If not, I shall be telling mum and dad where you keep your stash.’ He shrugged nonchalantly, and her eyes flashed at him dangerously.

‘God you are a prick. So you want me to what, give this girl a makeover?’ She turned to me, smiling. ‘What’s your name honey?’

‘Annabelle.’ I mumbled, unable to maintain eye contact with such a creature. Were these siblings even human? I had never seen such beauty before. Bailey raised his eyebrows at my name and I smiled secretly. Finally he knew my name.

‘We have a deal. She is going to help me, and I am going to help her. Starting with a makeover from you.’ He folded his arms as they both stared at me.

So this wasn’t too awkward, two of the most beautiful creatures on this Earth analysing me.

‘I’m wondering why she needs a makeover?’ Came a voice from behind them, and my head snapped up in surprise. I noticed Connie smile broadly as Bailey rolled his eyes.

‘Reuben.’ He grunted as an older guy appeared at his elbow, swigging from a bottle of beer. I tried not to stare, but this was beyond my control. Unlike the other two, this one had jet black hair and sea green eyes, which were currently running up and down my awkward self. He wore tight jeans and a crisp white shirt which had the sleeves roughly pushed up, revealing tanned forearms. He must have been about twenty, similar age to Connie. Wait-

‘Twins, clearly not identical.’ Connie grinned as Reubens eyes met hers. ‘But we do think the same way. I don’t feel you need a makeover either.’

Bailey narrowed his eyes at her before turning to me.

‘But you would like one, right Anna?’

‘Is it Anna, or Annabelle?’ Came the soft voice from behind Bailey. I noticed Bailey tense with irritation as I blushed wildly.

‘Annabelle.’ I smiled shyly as he nodded.

‘I prefer Annabelle. Use her name, Bailey, need I teach you all of your manners?’ He rolled his eyes at him before smiling at me. ‘Nice to meet you Annabelle.’ I watched him walk back into the room he had come from, my eyes desperately wanting just one more glance of those insane forearms.

‘Well, Annabelle?’ Connie smiled and tilted her head to the side. ‘Fancy a makeover? It will be fun, I promise.’

I nodded before following her up the stairs, as Bailey called up that he would be watching the game with Reuben. Connies room smelt amazing, and I loved the decor. She had a huge mirror that had lightbulbs hanging from it, and vanity cases stuffed to the brim with make up. Everywhere I looked there were feathers, tiaras and glitter. This girl was such a girl.

‘I love projects.’ She gushed as she pushed me down onto a stool. ‘You are now my project. So I am going to ask you one thing before we start. Its an important question. Are you doing this to sleep with my brother?’

I let out a high pitched laugh and she blinked, taken aback.

‘Absolutely not. He has a bet-’ She put her hand up and shook her head.

‘No need for details. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t being forced into something you didn’t want to do. All girls are beautiful, except for the ones that are ugly inside.’

She pulled my hair into a pony as she began to rub a sweet smelling lotion into my skin that felt heavenly.

‘So I am going to give you a basic look, you don’t need to wear tonnes of make up to enhance your features. So, always moisturise, ok?’

I couldn’t believe I was sat in Baileys house getting a make over by his stunning sister. Ray had tried to do my make up once, but as she was so blessed naturally she didn’t have a clue what she was doing. When we went out, someone asked if I were a clown. I hadn’t bothered with it since then. I felt something being dabbed under my eyes and blended in with a slender fingertips as Connie whispered the secrets of minimal make up to me. She showed me how to apply mascara, which was actually much easier than it looked, I applied a few layers, then she rubbed a berry coloured balm over my dry lips.

‘You can’t really wear lipstick until they are moisturised.’ She advised as she dusted my cheekbones with some sort of powder she called bronzer.

‘Your hair could do with a cut honey. I know someone amazing who doesn’t charge the earth, shall I make you an appointment? We can go together if you feel nervous.’ She said kindly as she ran a brush through my knotted hair. I felt myself nodding, this girl could get me to agree to anything. She told me in the meantime to go to bed with my hair in plaits, and take them out the next morning so they ‘cascaded around my shoulders’. She curled the ends with curling tongs, and sprayed about a bottle of hairspray on to keep it in place.

‘Its not just your hair and make up, its what you wear, how you carry yourself. You deserve to look and feel amazing, simply because you are.’

I honestly couldn’t believe how nice this girl was. She was like the sister I had wanted all of my life.

‘Ok, do you want to change your clothes? I have some you can have if you want. Take them home and try them on on your own. We look like we are the same size!’ She squealed happily as she pulled open the largest closet I had ever seen. I just stood staring when she handed me to huge bag of clothes.

‘Oh, honestly I have clothes- I don’t need yours.’ I was beginning to feel like a charity case and it wasn’t a nice feeling. My family had money, not too much, but enough. Connies eyes widened.

‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to cause any offence. I’m sure you have enough! I just wanted to offer you some different styles to try.’

I felt bad then, and took the bag from her.

‘Thank you, I will give them a whirl.’

She beamed at me and I felt better. ‘Ok, have a look at the slightly improved you.’ She declared dramatically, pulling me in front of the mirror.

I stood staring at myself in awe. I was still me, but I had curls, and lips. I mean, I had always had lips, but these looked amazing. I almost had a pout. My eyes looked wider and brighter and I glanced at Connie who was holding the door open.

‘Lets go and show his highness.’ She joked, and I felt a nervous laugh escape me. I followed her down the stairs and into the room Reuben had disappeared into. Both boys were sat on a couch each, watching the football game on a large tv screen that dominated the room.

‘Ahem.’ Connie cleared her throat, causing both guys to look over.

‘That looks better.’ Smiled Bailey smugly as he ran his eyes down my clothes. ‘But we’ve got to do something about the way you dress, no offence-’ He was cut off by a deep voice.

‘Wow.’ Reuben said slowly as his eyes met mine. I gulped, trying furiously not to blush under his gaze. Bailey stared at him quizzically, before standing up.

‘Nice one Con, your stash remains a secret.’ He winked at her and she ignored him, turning to me.

‘I will be in touch when I have that appointment made, ok?’ She smiled as she danced her way back upstairs, and I stood awkwardly clutching the bag of clothes.

‘Lets go.’ Bailey said as my eyes met Reubens once more.

‘You can stay and watch the game if you’d like.’ Reuben offered softly, and I shook my head as Bailey glared at him.

‘I’m tired, and probably should get to bed soon.’

‘Lucky bed.’ He commented and I nearly passed out. I felt Bailey turn me around and practically march me to the door, pulling it shut behind us.

‘Sorry. He would literally screw anything.’ He muttered as he walked over to the car, leaving me staring after him in disbelief.

’Are you getting in, Annabelle?′ He mimicked his brother as I walked over, slamming the door behind me. He gritted his teeth in annoyance but started the car, his hand on the back of my seat as he reversed from the drive, pelting off down the road in the direction of my house.

He was such a prick.

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