Becoming His

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Pardon My French

Baileys POV.

'What do you mean you saw him in the office?' Her eyes searched mine as I traced her chin with my finger, still stunned by how beautiful she was. I tried to refocus, but was distracted by her licking her lips nervously. I laid back on the bed, closing my eyes so I could concentrate on the conversation at hand, not bending her over again.

'What are you smirking about? Are you listening to me?' She demanded and I sat up on my elbows, chuckling in disbelief. She always managed to see straight through me.

'Of course babe. I was just distracted, that's all. So yeah, he was in the office, dressed in layman's clothes.' She bit her lip then, worry etched on her flawless face as I felt my dick harden despite my best intentions. 'Please, stop biting and licking your lips or I will have to fuck you.' I growled as she released her lip, blushing deeply.

'We just did! How can you go again?!' She laughed, swatting my arm playfully.

'Because you are fucking delicious and frankly, I can't get enough of you.'

She leaned forward then, her lips brushing mine as she smiled at me.

'I love you.'

There it was, the heart thudding, breath taking sensation I got whenever she said that to me. It was like no one existed prior to her, she simply captivated me.

'I love you more.'

'Are we that couple now? Are we going to have nicknames for each other and all that jazz?' She pouted and I pulled her on top of me as she shrieked, pushing against me as she tried to get away.

'Pointless exercise. All you're doing is making me harder.' I slid my hands under her thin t shirt, her skin warm to the touch.

'Stop! I'm too distracted now. I need you to tell me everything again. Don't miss anything out.'

'After.' I growled, pulling her closer to me and pushing my lips into hers. She responded urgently, or hands testing at our clothes as we became breathless with need. She pulled her tshirt over her head and revealed her lacy white bra, which I snapped off easily with one hand. She pushed me down, her eyes suddenly darkening as she bit her lip. I could feel her grinding against my cock as I groaned, my fingers brushing straight my bedside table as I felt for the familiar packet that allowed me to have the most fun a guy could have without signing up to becoming a daddy. I rolled it onto my cock, trying to push Annabelle onto the bed but she resisted, making me frown in confusion.

'What?' I mumbled as she smiled wickedly, her fingers digging into my chest as she pushed me down so I was laying flat on the bed, watching as she stood up, peeling her jeans and underwear off so she was totally naked.

'It's my turn.' She murmured, straddling me as I felt a smile spread over my face. What the fuck was she trying to do to me? I watched as she guided me to her entrance which was still wet from our recent session, so it slid in easily. She threw her head back so her breasts pushed out, my fingers brushing over them as she rocked against me slowly, making me swear.

'Fuck baby..'

She had her eyes closed as she began to pick up speed, her silky hair spilling over her shoulders as her hands laced with mine which I pushed against her for leverage. She began bouncing on my cock, the bed creaking beneath us and the headboard banging against the wall. I didn't care. All I could feel was her tightening against me, her breath panting as I used my hands to slam her body down on mine, the force of both of us working together to reach the highest point of passion that existed was insane. I felt it building up within me, as I tried to tell her I was going to come and not to stop when she began to moan against me, her fingers slipping down to rub her clit furiously as I exploded inside of her, gritting my teeth as I did, a soft roar escaping my lips as she gazed at me, her hands still working on her clit. I flipped her over with ease, pulling myself from her abruptly as I tugged the condom up before throwing it in the general direction of the bin.

'You don't need to do it yourself with me baby. 'I growled as I pulled her legs around my neck, plunging my face into her wet mound. She tasted deliciously sweet as I plunged my tongue deep inside of her, before replacing it with my fingers. I moved my mouth to suck on her swollen clit as she moaned, get body arching as I pulled her down, licking and sucking on her excitedly as she began to shudder, and I knew she was going to explode against my smug mouth.

'Oh my God, Bailey, oh my...'

She came then, her hands tugging at my hair roughly as she bucked against me, her other hand balling the duvet into a fist beside her. She relaxed then as I rose to my knees, wiping my mouth before grinning at her as she gazed at me in wonder.

'Now, what did you want to talk about?'

She laughed, shaking her head at me as she sat up looking slightly dazed.

'What the fuck was that?'

I grabbed her clothes for her as she began to dress much to my dismay.

'Oral?' I deadpanned as she shot me a look. She was flustered, her cheeks burning red as she pulled her clothes on.

'It felt amazing. I can't believe it feels like that.'

In all honesty, I was still smug as fuck that all of her firsts were with me. There were more to come, but we had plenty of time for that. I pulled her close to me as she snuggled into the crook of my arm, my eyes closing contentedly.

'You're welcome. You rode me like a pro.' I complimented her as she leaned up on her elbow, her chin resting on my chest as she locked eyes with me.

'Ever had sex that good before?'

I moved her hair out of her eyes, considering how to answer her honestly. When I'd had sex before, that's all it had been. A quick fuck then leave. With her I never wanted to be away from her, and I could never get enough. I could fuck her all day and night she was so fucking intoxicating.

'I can't compare anything to you, in any capacity. I swear, you are going to be my wife one day.'

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