Becoming His

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'Black, blue, fucking yellow. You look shit hot baby.'

'You've just described a bruise, B.' I giggled as I sighed, looking at the dresses in front of me.

He shrugged, tapping on his phone as I stole a glance at him. He wore a crisp white shirt that showed off his muscular build to perfection, my stomach flipping when he lifted his blue eyes to meet mine.

'See something you like?' He leered, trailing his finger down my stomach as I shivered. I moved backwards as I swotted his hand away, before deciding on the black dress. He whistled appreciatively as I slid it on, his eyes watching me hungrily as I turned my back to him.

'Zip me up please.'

'Do I have to?'


He was honestly like a machine. He would probably rather spend the entire evening in bed and he would still be demanding more. His fingers pulled on the zip as he kissed the top of my neck softly, causing me to shiver as I stepped into my black heels. I smoothed down my dress in the mirror and turned to him nervously.

'Does this look ok?'

His eyes darkened as he stared at me.

'No. Take it off. '

I laughed as he shook his head slowly. He stood and made his way over to me brushing my hair behind my ears.

'There's something missing.' He mused as he studied me, his cologne making me feel weak with lust. He snapped his fingers, making me jump.

'Hang on, I've got it.' He beamed at me as I smiled at his boyish charm. He pulled his duffel bag onto the bed as he searched through it, before he turned to look at me with his hands behind his back.

'Close your eyes.' He ordered, as my breath caught in my chest. What was he doing?! I closed my eyes as he said softly, 'Ok, open your eyes.'

I opened my eyes to see him brandishing a small velvet box in his fingers, his eyes watching me carefully as I stared at him in astonishment.

'Bailey, what is this?'

He opened it, revealing a pair of diamond earrings that shone under the light, sparkling as he moved the box towards me.

'Deserved.' He murmured as I gasped, unsure what to even say to such a gift.

'Baby, they're beautiful. Thank you.'

I felt a lump in my throat as he tilted my chin up to his face, his lips brushing against mine softly.

'I want to make you smile like that alot more.'

I blinked at him, realising I had tears of disbelief in my eyes.

'You don't have to buy me anything to make me smile, I just don't get gifts very often. They are so special to me.'

He nodded proudly as he unclipped one out of its hole, sliding it into my ear effortlessly as he pushed the back on. He repeated this with the other, before turning me around to the mirror. I couldn't believe how much they gleamed! I had read about real diamonds and how they shone, but I had never seen one in reality, let alone wore one. Now I had two!

'You enhance their beauty.'

I flung my arms around him as he laughed, spinning me around.

'Let's go then, we don't want Ray barking at us.' I smiled as I pulled him behind me down the stairs.

My mom and dad were sat in the lounge, mom looking classically beautiful in a deep red dress, floor length of course. She was in deep conversation with my dad who stood by the fireplace in his trusty black trouser suit, his eyes running over me appraisingly before he nodded at Bailey.

'You look lovely honey. You look dashing too, Bailey.' My mom exclaimed as she stood by my dad, who stood stock still, ever awkward in social situations. Sound familiar?

'You look stunning, Karen. If you don't mind me saying so, Mr Aurelle.' Bailey stated easily, my father giving a small smile as he lifted the wine glass to his lips.

The door opened and we heard Elijah yawning as he walked in, when we heard Ray telling him to go into the lounge. He did as she asked, his face staring at us all in surprise as he took in our outfits.

'Happy Birthday darling!' Called mum as she swept towards him in a flurry of red.

'Ah.' He said softly as he turned his gaze to Ray, who stood beaming at him as he smiled. 'That explains the dress.' He chuckled as he loosened his tie, as Ray smirked. She was breathtaking in her gym clothes, so with her excruciatingly perfect body poured into her emerald green cocktail dress, her tanned skin glittering with gold shimmer it was hard not to feel inadequate. We stood awkwardly as I felt Bailey squeeze my hand as though to say, its alright. I didn't look at him but squeezed it back as my father spoke.

'Shall we go?'

He hadn't even wished Elijah a happy birthday, and I doubt he had complimented my mother. Ray met my eyes and we exchanged a look, one where I told her this was a bad idea, and she told me I was probably right. She had good intentions though, but my father was an odd man. I didn't relish the thought of sitting with him all evening, and hoped to make a swift exit as soon as we could. As we filed out of the door I saw my father do a double take at Bailey's car, before rearranging his features to that of disinterest as he marched to his own deep blue trusty pick up truck. Ray & Elijah followed us and us girls climbed into the back, the guys riding up front.

'God your dad is hard work.' Grumbled Ray as she clipped her seat belt on, her face troubled.

'This is a really nice idea babe, I'm sorry he's not overly social.' Murmured Elijah, turning to gaze at her from the passenger seat.

'It's ok. Hey, did you guys hear about Mr Herbert?' Ray said excitedly, turning her gaze to mine.

I swallowed as my eyes met Bailey's in the rearview mirror, before I shrugged.

'No, what?'

'He's been sacked and arrested for sleeping with a student.'

I inhaled sharply as Bailey interrupted us, clearing his throat.

'Where am I going, Ray?'

She frowned, then said the name of the restaurant Bailey & I had our first date.

Surely not.

His eyes met mine and I turned away, my cheeks burning with hurt and jealousy. Maybe she wouldn't be there. My stomach twisted at the thought of seeing that damn waitress again.

'It's so gorgeous, they have fairy lights and it's so romantic. The food is to die for and the staff are so attentive.' Ray gushed as I let out a snort, Baileys eyes narrowing at me in the mirror.

'So I've heard.' I snapped sarcastically my good mood evaporating rapidly.

Ray gave me an odd look as she continued talking, oblivious to my discomfort.

'Who do got think has been sleeping with Mr Herbert? I mean, he's definitely hot, but he's a teacher! You just wouldn't, would you.' She shuddered as she gazed out if the window.

'It's Elena.' I said simply, no longer caring who knew. 'She's pregnant with his child. Apparently she's in love with him.'

Bailey began to cough, shaking his head as he wound down his window for air.

'What?' Ray gasped, her eyes wide as she stared at me in horror. 'Elena is pregnant with Mr Herbert's baby?'

Bailey turned into the parking lot, turning off the engine as we waited for my folks to arrive.

'How do you know this?' Ray whispered hoarsely.

I looked at Bailey who shrugged at me, and I turned to Ray.

'I heard them. Then saw them in the act. Then Elena told me is his baby and that she's in love with him.'

'What a fucking school.' Elijah swore under his breath, surprising us all. 'The sooner you leave there, the better.'

'It's hardly the school is it? He's been arrested and sacked what more could they do?' I snapped with irritation.

Bailey opened the car door then, walking around to my side and opening the door, holding his hand out for me to take. I ignored it, climbing out awkwardly in my heels.

'Stop this.' He said darkly, gripping my wrist tightly. 'I know this isn't ideal but don't lose your shit over history. Ancient fucking history.'

I fold my arms stubbornly as I threw a look at the restaurant, my stomach churning.

'Was it this beach you fucked her on?' I hissed as he leaned in close to me.

'If it makes you feel better, I'll fuck you on it. Then I'll fuck you on the table in front of her. Whatever makes you feel better sweetheart.'

We glared at each other as my parents pulled up, and he took my hand in his roughly.

'I fucking love you. Remember that. Tonight is for your brother. Now kiss me.' He demanded, pulling me into his arms as he pressed his lips against mine.

'Oh, young love.' I heard my mom sigh as she waited for us at the end of the car.

'Are we going in or not?' Barked my father as he strode towards the restaurant, pulling open the door open without holding it open for my mother.

Men are such cunts, I thought. Until Bailey opened the door for me, his blue eyes twinkling as he whispered into my ear.

'You are even hotter when you are jealous.' He smirked as I jabbed him in the ribs.

'I hate being a player's girlfriend.' I retorted as he responded without missing a beat.

'I left the game for you baby, no one else.' He tapped my ass as I turned around to scold him, his arms circling my waist before I could. 'Sshh. Behave.'

He was such a smooth bastard.

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