Becoming His

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Bailey's POV

White. Meet me tomorrow, anytime, any place. This shit stops here. Bailey

This isn't a western, I assume we are gonna talk like adults? Meet me at six at my dad's garage. Sam

The following day...

He was a handsome bastard, but he was still a bastard. He smiled as he saw me approach, flicking his cigarette away carelessly.

'Let me guess, you are here to warn me off your current girlfriend, right?'

He leaned on the bonnet of his car as I stared at him with hatred. How fucking dare he be so calm about it?

'Just friends, Fenton. Hannah was different. I'm not out to steal your girlfriend.'

At the mention of Hannah I felt the familiar jealousy stir in my stomach as I remembered him fucking her whilst she was with me.

'Yeah sorry that shit didn't work out for you.' I snapped sarcastically as he nodded slowly as he studied me. I stood in front of him, my arms folded as I decided to just say what I wanted to say and get the fuck out of there.

'Don't. Don't even think about her. Nothing. Delete her number or I'll get her a new one. Stop turning up wherever she is. Keep. The. Fuck. Away. From. Her. I'm not gonna ask again.'

Sam sucked his breath in as he stood to his full height, which matched my own perfectly.

'Did you not hear me? I'm not interested in her that way.' He said softly, his eyes narrowing at me.


'You really like her don't you? I can see why, she's stunning. She has this aura about her doesn't she? I think she's amazing. But it just so happens she's with you. Of all people.' He chuckled as he leaned back on the car, pulling his knees up to his waist as he gazed at me.

'This vendetta you've got against me has to stop, White.'

I could feel my anger bubbling up as he frowned at me in confusion.

'No, that's over with. Long gone.' He waved his hand dismissively as he met my gaze.

'She's just a nice girl, that I could see myself being good friends with. That's all it is. You gonna stop her having friends now? Surely you're not that possessive?'

I stepped towards him as he watched me, unflinching as I pointed in his face.

'Keep the fuck away from her. Or I'll fucking bury you.'

I turned away, confident he had the message loud and clear. Then he spoke, making me stop in my tracks.

'Seriously Fenton. I'm not a dick. I know we've got history but I connected with her before I even knew she was with you. It's not what you think. But I get it. I'm not out to cause you problems, we're just friends.'

He sounded sincere enough, but given the history between us I wasn't about to give him an inch.

'No, you're not. You're an opportunist and I'll make damn sure there's no opportunity for you. Consider yourself warned.'

'Or what, you'll break my nose too?'

I glared at him as I laughed softly, his eyes narrowing as he watched me.

'It has been a long time coming.'

Sam sighed then and stood, walking around to the drivers side of his car before giving me one last look.

'She's in love with you. I don't have an agenda. That's all I can tell you.'

He got in the car and turned the engine on, as I watched him pull away slowly, nodding at me as he left. I watched until the taillights disappeared in the distance as he turned a corner, and I felt a heaviness in my chest I'd not felt in a while.

I didn't want history to repeat itself. I had loved Hannah, but it wasn't a patch on how I felt for Annabelle. I thought back to Hannah, even though I didn't want to. I had been seeing Charlotte White, purely to entertain me as I was bored. Then I met Hannah at a party, and I was floored. I was fifteen at the time and she was the first girl I slept with. We never made it official, but everyone knew we were together, including Sam fucking White. We had been on and off for a year when she told me she loved me, and I told her I felt the same. I can still remember seeing her leaving his house, kissing him in a way that you only kiss someone you've just fucked. I confronted them both, and of course she accused me of stalking her, of all things. I never spoke to her again, and it quickly became public knowledge that Sam and I didn't like each other at all.

Now this.

I couldn't put it out of my mind as I opened the car door, the keys in my hands as I watched them idly. I had learned long ago that people would make decisions regardless of what you wanted them to do, and things would happen whether you dug your heels in screaming or just sat back and watched.

I sat in my car, looking at the empty space beside me where she usually sat and my heart ached with a longing that told me either way I was fucked.

I had no option. I would have to trust her.

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