Becoming His

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'I'm so fucking glad that's over. High school is gone, the rest of our life awaits.'

Bailey stretched out beside me on the beach, his tanned body easily absorbing the rays. I smiled, still stunned I manage to get amazing grades, meaning I could study whatever I wanted. Bailey had found a house for us to rent, and I had agreed to apply to Kings college, but for what I wasn't sure just yet. I just wanted to keep my options open.

'Urgh but now the hard work starts. Argh!' Groaned Ray as my brother slid his arms around her, kissing her throat as I quickly looked away.

'You'll be fine.' He murmured as I smiled secretly. I loved how much those two adored each other. Ray had been accepted to study law at Arc, and was moving there with my brother who had found work locally in a town nearby. I was sad we wouldn't be so close to each other anymore, but that's just how life is.

'Heads up!' I heard a shout as Grant and Chase came running over, not before a ball hit me square on the back.

'What the fuck?' Yelled Bailey as the guys exchanged a look.

'Sorry Annabelle, are you ok?' Chase called and I smiled up at him, reassuring him I was fine.

'I'll kick a ball at your fucking head.' Muttered Bailey as he laid back down, satisfied I wasn't hurt. I noticed my brother smirking as he looked at me, and it was like he was accepting there was someone who quite possibly loved me as much as he did, if not more.

Chase and Grant stood awkwardly as I glanced up at them, shielding the sun from my eyes.

'You wanna sit with us?' I asked, indicating the sand surrounding us.

'Nah, we're good. Have a good summer guys.' Chase said quickly, grabbing the ball with his hands and jogging off, Grant waving before he followed suit.

'Well that was awkward.' Sighed Ray as Elijah wrinkled his nose up, staring down at the boys as they played football by the shore.

'At least he knows he isn't the father of that girls baby.' He shrugged, and I turned to see Chase grinning at Grant as he spotted some girls nearby and was splashing water at them as they sunbathed.

'I wonder what going on with her.' I mused as Ray snorted.

'She's a fucking mess. Mr Herbert had to quit teaching as she told everyone that was his baby. He said he will see the baby but wants nothing else to do with her. I mean come on, she lied about being on the pill.'

I heard Bailey groan as he sat up.

'Can we not talk about Elena and her fucking sex life. Thank you please.'

We all laughed then as we heard a voice greet us.

'Alright? I brought beers, and whiskey for my future sister in law. Hey dude, I don't think we've met. I'm Reuben. This is my sister Connie.'

Reuben and Connie certainly commanded attention, as they stood like Gods on the beach. Elijah nodded, clearly aware that Ray had once liked Reuben. Elijah was strangely confident though and didn't act up at all.

'Little brother. Beer?'

Reuben held out a beer as Bailey sighed, lowering his sunglasses to look at me.

'Whens your driving test again?'

'Argh don't. Six weeks.'

Bailey rolled his head to the side and gazed at his brother.

'I'm the designated driver. But no fucking whiskey. Can't believe you brought her whiskey you turd.'

I heard Elijah and Ray giggle as Reuben tipped beer over Bailey who stood up, outraged.

'What the fuck?!'

He dived for Reuben who ducked under his arm, dancing away from him mockingly. Bailey chased after him whilst Connie dropped to my towel, her beautiful lips kissing my cheek lightly. I noticed Elijah look at her slightly longer than he should have, but it was to be expected. She was breathtaking. Ray bristled and Elijah turned her face to his, his lips meeting hers as he kissed her reassuringly.

'I asked you if you were getting that makeover to sleep with my brother.' She chided as Elijah began to cough beside me.

'Erm, too much information.' He grimaces as Ray laughed.

'She didn't though, I swear.'

I shook my head as I smiled at Bailey and Reuben in the distance as they fell into the water, wrestling.

'No I didn't. Connie, this is Elijah, my brother. This is Ray, my best friend.'

Connie smiled warmly at them both as Ray gazed at her before speaking softly.

'And his girlfriend.' she nodded to Elijah who grinned, clearly flattered by the jealous streak Ray was displaying.

'Great. So it's just me and Reuben that need to get coupled up!' She giggled as she turned her gaze to the many bodies around us.

'Shes kind of hot. Maybe Reuben would like her.' I shrugged as a beach blonde babe wandered past us, her deep brown skin glistening from the water as she smiled shyly at Connie.

'Yes she is but she doesn't bat for that team, if you get me.' Smiled Connie coyly.

I blinked and gazed at the girl. She was stunning, and I felt sorry for all the guys that were watching her walk with their tongues hanging out.

'And on that note, I will go and speak to her.' she stood up, brushing the sand from her legs as she stretched, grinning at us as she walked away. 'Wish me luck.'

I turned, dumbfounded to Ray and Elijah who shrugged. Ray seemed to find it hilarious and jabbed Elijah in the ribs.

'She'd prefer me to you then, hotness.'

Bailey jogged back over, his hair now dark and slicked back as he wrapped his wet body around me, littering me with kisses.

'Argh! Don't I'm getting wet!' I shrieked as he growled in my ear.

'I have barely touched you yet.'

My heart began to thud in my chest as he kissed me, as I wondered if he knew Connie was gay. It didn't matter, of course, but it had certainly surprised me.

'Did you know that Connie is, erm...'

He gave me a dazzling smile.

'Into girls? Yup. Her and Reuben have competitions.'

I felt my mouth drop open as he leaned forward, lifting it back up with his finger.

'Still so innocent, and all mine.'

I smiled at him as I felt a knot in my stomach.

'Will it stay that way in college? You're going to get so much attention.' I stuck my lip out as he frowned at me.

'What when I've got you? I'm gonna be living with you babe. No one compares to you, ever. You really need to start seeing yourself through my eyes.' He brushed my hair out of my eyes as I tilted my head so it was resting in his hand.

'Sam White agreed. So did Chase. Oh baby, you've no idea how incredible you really are, do you?' He murmured as he cupped my face into both hands, kissing the tip of my nose as I smirked.


He grinned then, pulling me close to him.

'Now that's the right fucking answer. Who indeed.'

I was his, and no one elses. I just hoped he would remain mine.


Wellllllllllll that brings us to the end of their journey! What did you all think to Becoming His?

I am aiming to write an epilogue next, just so you know how they got on at college, because I know you will all love to know.

If you want another spin off from them, or any other characters in the book, let me know. I'm always open to ideas and suggestions.

I am going to add some bonus chapters from different perspectives ie Elijah, Ray, Elena, Chase, Sam etc. Not sure who yet but I am going to do Baileys POV for the first time he met her and how he fell for her I think. He owes us that much, right?!

Is anyone intrigued by Sam White? I know I am ;)

Thank you to all of you for voting and commenting on my story, and my many others! It inspires me to keep writing. Especially when you all feel for the characters the way I do, they are so real to me that at the end of the book I genuinely have to go and eat chocolate and grieve for them!!

Love you all. Xxx

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