Becoming His

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Four Years Later

I scanned the crowd, my eyes finally falling on Ray. She was holding up a bottle of prosecco in the air, throwing her head back as she laughed. She was surrounded by so many people, including my brother who stared at her in adoration. The air was humid, but considering that it was August in Mexico that was to be expected. We were celebrating the fact that we had graduated, even me. I had finally decided to study English Literature as it was the only thing I felt passionate about. College had certainly been an experience, but that was another story.

I felt sweat dripping down my back as I adjusted my dress, hoping the sweat wasn't visible. I pushed my way to the bar, holding out my Pesos to attract the barman who made eye contact with me immediately. I went to order when someone beat me to it, pushing my hand away. I felt a fire in my belly as they stood in front of me, making me feel like a dwarf next to the broad back that was covered by thin white linen, tanned skin showing as he rested a forearm on the bar.

'A bottle of champagne, 2 glasses.' He spoke clearly and slowly, yet full of authority.

'Excuse me, but I was first.' I poked him in the back as he turned to me, a smile playing on his lips as I felt his hand slide around my waist as he pulled me close to him. My heart began to race as his mouth brushed my ear, his voice just above a whisper.

'You're always first.'

His lips met mine and I felt myself melt into his arms, the scent of him captivating me.

'Where have you been?' I scolded as we pulled away, his eyes drinking me in. My heart hammered in my chest, and I wasn't sure if it was the vodka shots Ray had made me do, or if it was the man standing in front of me.

'I'm here now, and I'm sorry.' He turned to pay the barman and slid the flute glasses between his fingers as we made our way through the crowd, his free hand laced with mine. I watched as women eyed him hungrily and I was instantly jealous. He managed to find a balcony that wasn't filled with couples, and he popped the cork on the champagne that was just about holding the bubbles in. He sipped the bottle, my eyes drawn to his lips as he did. He tipped the bottle into my glass, then his. The Spanish music played around us and I breathed in the warm air as I took my glass from him, raising it in the air as I watched him expectantly.

'What are we toasting to?'

He placed the bottle down on the floor and his glass beside it, as I waited for him to stand up. He didn't.


He was on one knee, and suddenly I felt so dizzy I had to hold on to the balcony. His blue eyes danced with amusement as he pulled out a navy velvet box, opening it to reveal a diamond ring. My hands flew to my mouth as he spoke, his voice soft.

'Annabelle Aurelle. I think I've proved it, I can be with just one woman.' He winked as I let out a nervous laugh. 'You're perfect, from the bottom of your toes to the hair on the top of your head. I love every inch of you, inside and out. I want to call you Mrs Fenton now, so if you'll do me the honor of saying yes to my next question...'

Blood roared in my ears as tears fell down my face, my whole body shaking from shock.

'Will you marry me?'

'Yes!' I cried as he slipped the ring onto my finger, smiling widely as the room broke out into applause. I threw my arms around him, burying my face in his neck as I sobbed with happiness, knowing my make up was no doubt running down my cheeks.

'Thank fuck for that.' He whispered as I laughed, wiping at my eyes to try to prevent a complete mess. He held my hand, gazing down at the ring.

'Do you know how long I've waited to see this thing on your finger?'

I stared down at it as it shone like the diamonds in my ears.

'It's breathtaking. Thankyou so much.'

He kissed me then, and it was different somehow. More tender, deeper than ever before.

'Thank you for saying yes.'

'Bailey Fenton. As if I could ever say anything else?'

He kissed me again.

'Mmm, I can't wait to call you Annabelle Fenton.'

I felt my stomach flip as he wrapped his strong arms around me and squeezed me, my lips locking with his.

'Congrats you pair. Now lets fucking party!' Yelled Ray in my ear as we broke apart, Bailey smiling at her as he sighed happily.

'I remember when you didn't use to like parties. Now look at you. Dancing around with a diamond ring on your finger in a five star hotel in Mexico.'

'And I remember when you used to place bets on girls like me now you're marrying one.'

He pulled me close to him, the room disappearing from around us as he gazed at me intently.

'There are no girls like you.' He said simply, bringing his lips down to mine, before I could protest.

I'll let him have the last word, but only tonight.

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